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Research Poster Competition 2019

Research Poster Competition is sponsored by The American University in Cairo. In this contest, the university invites Graduate students or undergraduate students who have completed more than 45 credit hours.

The program will award a total $22,500 to top three winning candidates as first place $10,000, second place $7,500 and third place $5,000.

Who May Eligible:

Graduate students or undergraduate students who have completed more than 45 credit hours apply for this contest.

How to Apply & Competition Rules

To participate, the applicants must submit an online application form through the given link:


Poster Guidelines (use as appropriate)


  • A well-articulated research question that addresses a complex issue
  • Key background literature that contextualizes the research
  • Clear methodological process
  • Persuasive, logically-organized research argument
  • An appropriate representation of research results
  • Clear conclusion that offers insight or meaningful contribution to the field
  • Citation of sources and graphics/photos, both in-text and in the list of references


  • Research question
  • Key studies in the literature (three-four points summary)
  • Method/approach
  • Results or main points of argument
  • Conclusion and implications
  • References
  • Acknowledgments


  • Utilizes the white space well so that it is not overcrowded or underutilized
  • Employs both text and graphics (figures, pictures, graphs, and photos) to present the message in a balanced and visually-appealing manner
  • Uses large enough font-size to be read easily at a distance
  • Presents the information concisely, selecting only the key pieces of information


  • Demonstrates preparedness and knowledge of the material
  • Responds to questions with clarity and persuasion
  • Articulates clearly and demonstrates confidence


  • First prize: EGP 10,000
  • Second prize: EGP 7,500
  • Third prize: EGP 5,000

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is February 10, 2019.

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