Ray Bradbury Award for Science Fiction & Fantasy 

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Ray Bradbury Award for Science Fiction & Fantasy 

Ray Bradbury Foundation has come up with excellent scholarship programs! Ray Bradbury Foundation is always motivated to help students. This time, the fountain is expecting applications for their Ray Bradbury Award for Science Fiction & Fantasy. This program is for the United States or Canadian students enrolled in grades 7 to 12 at the age of 13 or above. Students whose writing uses supernatural, scientific, magical, technological, futuristic themes are vital elements of the narrative.

This scholarship is designed to help them in their educational costs and motivate them to improve their academic and artistic work. It encourages the students to do research and learn new things in the respective files through a write-up assignment. The scholarship criteria have been kept pure by the foundation to reach and benefit the maximum number of students. The foundation believes that yond minds are the future of the nation, and giving them the right shape will enhance the country’s development.

The Ray Bradbury Foundation is committed to honoring the legendary science fiction writers to contribute to the literary landscape and our collective imagination. Ray Bradbury is one of the most well-known writers of the time. He is a master storyteller, space-age visionary, champion of creative freedom, guardian of the human heart, and embraced by millions across many generations and all walks of life. He has shown remarkable growth success and is known all around the world for his work.

Who May Be Eligible?

Check the eligibility requirements given below before applying for the grant

  • All students in the U.S or Canada enrolled in grades seven to 12 are eligible to participate
  • Students should be of age 13 or above

How to Apply

Eligible students should apply by submitting their written work based on the available categories. Candidate needs to sign up to get access to the form and send all the details about themselves and their work. All the supporting materials should be based on the instructions and should be submitted before the deadline. Late or incomplete submission is not considered.

Supporting Documents

  • Students should submit the work on any of the eligible categories using supernatural, magical, scientific, technology, futuristic, magical themes as a vital emmet of the narrative
  • Students need to submit a personal statement of 50 words or more on the following questions:

Why do you think your work falls into science fiction, fantasy, or speculative writing?

Why are you specifically interested in using science fiction or fantasy themes, compared to more realistic ones?


This program offers $1000 funds for up to six students for the students whose works impress the authority. Funds are exclusively used to help students pay their educational debt like tuition, fees, and others. It can also be used to help them grow in the fields of science fiction. This scholarship motivates students to do well in the areas of science fiction.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the scholarship is 1 December 2020.

Apply Now

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