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Pulse of Perseverance Monthly $1000 Scholarship

Perseverance is one of the best human traits. Having perseverance enables us to keep trying until we get what we want. Despite many hurdles, one who has perseverance never gives up on one’s goals and remains stick to them. People who show perseverance in the face of adversities always win. It is believed that perseverance is the mantra of success in life. Pulse of perseverance rewards and recognizes those students who show perseverance in every step of their learning journey, regardless of the challenges they face, through its scholarship program. And this year, it has presented a wonderful funding scheme called “Pulse of Perseverance Monthly Scholarship” to support students. This program is offered every month to qualified candidates. High school and college students can qualify for this opportunity.

This scholarship is valued at $1,000. The aspirants, who apply for this program, are notified on the 15th of every month regarding their application status via Pulse of Perseverance’s website and social media outlets. The award amount will be mailed to successful candidates in a certified check sent through the U.S. Postal Service. The winning amount can be used only for education-related expenses such as tuition, fees, school supplies, uniforms, etc. The online portal of this program is open every month in order to accept applications from interested students. The application of candidates, who don’t win this fund, can be taken into consideration each month until they succeed. Only the students who have won the fund are not allowed to resend the application for this program.

Pulse of Perseverance is an organization that intends to motivate the youth through mentorship, exposure and financial support. The mission of this organization is to inspire and empower the black youth to work toward their goals by giving them a blueprint and resources for success. Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship is one organization’s ways to support those black students who show the desire to break stereotypes and succeed.

Brief Description

Refer to the table below for further details:

OrganizationPulse of Perseverance
Educational LevelHigh school and college students
Access modeOnline
Number of Awards1
Application DeadlineOpen
Application feesN/A
RequirementsA 250-word essay, provide proof of current enrollment and a short video

Who is Eligible?

Check out the following criteria:

  • High school students will be assisted with education-related expenses such as school fees, school supplies, uniforms, college application fees.
  • College students will be assisted with education-related expenses such as books, fees, advanced degree applications.

How to Apply?

Follow these three steps to be a participant in this program :

  • To start the application process, first of all, applicants will have to read the book “Pulse of Perseverance: Three Black Doctors on Their Journey to Success” and after that, they will have to write down a 250 words essay describing how they are currently making a difference in their community and why they believe they have the #pulseofperseverance.
  • They are required to provide proof of current enrollment such as transcripts, letter of good standing, proof of registration, college acceptance letters, etc. which should be emailed with their name in the subject line to: pulsescholarships@gmail.com
  • All applicants must submit a short video on why they possess the #pulseofperseverance and what the scholarship will mean.  Video clips must be no longer than 60 seconds.  Videos become the property of Pulse of Perseverance and may be posted on our social websites. Videos should be emailed with your name in the subject line to: pulsescholarships@gmail.com


This scholarship is awarded every month, and the total value of this program is $1,000. The award amount will prove a great help for students in covering education-related expenses such as school fees, school supplies, uniforms, college application fees.

Application Deadline

This funding opportunity is offered every month throughout every year, so applications are always remain open. No deadline.

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