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Puerto Rican Bar Association Scholarship Program

The Puerto Rican Bar Association is introducing its tremendous Scholarship Program to help out outstanding students in their higher education journey. The program is available for Puerto Rican and Latino law students who are attending ABA-accredited law schools within New York State.

The Scholarship fund is designed to promote diversity within the legal profession by providing an adequate amount of money to students they needed to accomplish their degrees. The selected scholar will be getting an opportunity to pay for his/her educational expenses without any financial barriers.

The Puerto Rican Bar Association (PRBA) was founded in New York in 1957, is one of the oldest Latino bar associations in the United States. Today, the PRBA continues its tradition of breaking down barriers to the legal profession with active members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Who May Be Eligible?

To apply the applicant must demonstrate one of the following connections to NY:

  • Students must be a resident of the New York State.
  • Must be enrolled in an ABA Accredited New York State Law School.
  • Must be Puerto Rican and Latino students permanently residing in New York State, attending law school in New York State
  • Confirmed commitment to work in New York State after completing their law school education.
  • Established commitment to continued involvement with the Puerto Rican Bar Association.

How to Apply

All applications, essays, and required materials must be submitted in PDF format to Stephanie Correa, Esq. at corresponding-secretary-at-prbany.com. The students must send their five hard copies of 5 USB drives or CDs to the following address Carmen A. Pacheco, Esq., President, George Santana, Esq., Chair, Puerto Rican Bar Association Scholarship Fund, Inc., c/o Pacheco & Lugo, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, 340 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Supporting Documents

  • Resume
  • Most recent transcript (note: students entering their 1L year must submit transcripts from their undergraduate institution or most recent post-graduate institution)
  • Class registration or other proof of enrollment for the 2020-2021 academic years
  • Essay: Applicants must submit a legal commentary from one of the following four topics (3,000 words): Your selected article must cite case law, statute, the rule of law, or ordinance you reasonably believe supports your legal commentary
  • Should federal agents be allowed to arrest and deport an undocumented person when the individual has appeared in any court for any reason?
  • Should the discovery of an individual’s social media accounts and social media posts, including third-party subpoenas to social media companies, be permissible in any civil litigation?
  • Does a reasonable expectation of privacy exist in an individual’s social media accounts and social media posts requiring a search warrant in a criminal case?
  • Problems often endure for lack of comprehensive solutions. Present your detailed and well thought out solution to the United States of America’s immigration system. Include any change you propose to make to existing immigration.


The PRBA awards individual scholarships up to $6,500 each based on the funds raised by the PRBA to applicants who demonstrate Academic Excellence, Community Involvement, and dedication to the advancement of minorities through the legal process. The recipients will be able to accomplish their college or university courses and their expenses.

Application Deadline

The complete application packet must be submitted by September 30, 2020.

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