Prospects for a Student with a Computer Science Degree

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Prospects for a Student with a Computer Science Degree

In today’s world, technology has evolved at the highest pace. You wake up in the morning, and all you see everything around you starts with technology. If you choose to be a computer science student in such a world, you follow a remarkable way.

A computer science degree opens viable options. In addition, computer science (CS) degree students are the backbone of modern technology. Computer science opens your door for working in different fields- online games, web development, technical or academic research, medical sciences. This point suggests how computer science is not merely the study of computer and science but holds an interdisciplinary mode of study.

A CS degree can also lead to a career in journalism, management, or teaching. A career in computer science is an excellent choice for anyone who loves computers, technology, and unraveling issues associated with technology, art, humanities, and whatnot.

Career Prospects for CS Degree Students

First of all, as we have already mentioned computer science degree opens the door for all branches of work. For example, you can apply your knowledge to design and create websites in an entry-level position. You can also work on business applications. In addition, a bachelor’s degree can open the door to software development or database administration. The opportunities for advancement are nearly limitless.

A computer science degree is an excellent preparation for a career in technology. Most big companies prefer candidates with computer science degrees, and your skills and education are transferable. While many computer science jobs are concentrated in a few major cities, there are also many other opportunities, such as the government. As a result, you’ll be well-positioned to find a job that meets your skill set. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of new computer and information technology jobs in the US will grow 11% between now and 2029.

The computer science industry has many pros. As of 2019, computer jobs are expected to grow by 11%. In addition, you can work in any location in the country if you’re skilled enough. The best job opportunities are concentrated in Silicon Valley, but you can also find them in other parts of the country. However, the competition for jobs in the computer science industry is fierce and will become more competitive as you get older. Therefore, any CS student needs to get into the right place after graduation and higher studies.

There are numerous options for CS students. Let’s have a look at the options below

1. Application Analyst

Application analysts are accountable for administering, monitoring, and handling software structures and applications.

Being an applicant analyst, a CS degree holder will lead techniques and procedures to provide integrity, security, and availability of all information and applications as a domain of an institution’s data strategies. Moreover, you can assure that the methods required for any business to work are running smoothly without any lag or technical issues. Being an application analyst, you will provide a company with its best sources derived from an application mode.

Most highly-inclined companies look for someone with a good grade in CS to look after their application and solve application-related issues requiring immediate solutions. Therefore, being a computer science student, you hold a high prospect in application analysts.

Salary Range 

Freshers: £29,000 to £32,000
Experience: £45,000 to £48,000

 2. Cyber Security Analyst

The cyber security field is trending in the market these days in the range of opportunities for CS students. A very crucial qualification asked by any company for being a cyber-security analyst is having sound knowledge of computer science.

As a cyber-security analyst, you will save IT models (including webs, hardware, and software). The threat of illegal individuals hacking any web is persistent today. Moreover, the more the technology has advanced, the more the hackers have been intellectualized. Therefore, big techs and firms hire cyber security analysts to scan webs and approaches, witness security hazards (‘possibilities’), investigate and set warnings, and register on dangers, intrusion shots, and faulty warnings, fixing them or escalating them on the stringency.

Salary Range

Freshers: £25,000 and £35,000.
Experience: excess of £70,000.

3. Data Analyst

The career in data analyst is also highly demanding. To have a significant career in this field, you should be well-versed in mathematical skills and technology. Usually, data analysts get great chances in career fields like finance, conferring, manufacturing, medicines, administration, and teaching. In addition, data analysts need to understand the data and deliver understanding and research through particular graphic, registered, and verbal communication.

Salary Range

Freshers: £23,000 and £25,000. 
Experience: £60,000 or more.

4. Database Administrator 

Another effective option for data administrators is to use special software to organize and handle a proper encrypted database. Being a database administrator, you have to be well-versed in problem-solving and analytical aptitudes. A database administrator (DBA) will plan out the database and develop the base so that any troubleshooting can be handled in minutes. These services will provide a better end for users and clients.

It is always great to gather some basic knowledge before applying for the position of a DBA. Therefore, CS students can familiarize themselves with operating systems, databases methods as much as possible through internships or freelance jobs. Most DBA jobs demand sound knowledge in structured tech language, UNIX, and related areas.

Salary Range

Freshers: £22,000 to £25,000 a year
Experience: £60,000

5. Forensic Computer Analyst

 This field of career options is highly recommended for science students. Also, this post of being a forensic computer science analyst is prominent for CS students. As a forensic computer analyst, you’ll utilize specialized software and additional strategies to connect, recover and interpret data connected to different criminal movements.

As a forensic computer analyst, you will explore a spectrum of offenses where the computer can either be the entity of the criminality. For instance, you can detect the activities of a criminal using hacking or spamming methods to play tricks with individuals.

There are various open doors in working areas for a forensic computer analyst. You can apply for the chance of working with the CBI, police, enforcement agencies, or any other big firms that deal with such matters.

Salary Range

Freshers: £21,000 to £25,000 a year
Experience: £80,000 in more senior roles

6. Game Designer

Any CS student can try out for this profession. Nowadays, well-known firms provide gaming applications for youths, and those companies require a game designer who can construct their applications. You can also choose to become your independent game designer. Furthermore, you can start your own business after taking the degree of CS. 

Besides being a CS student and choosing a career as a Game Designer, you will have to create new concepts, make prototypes and innovate interactive speech to develop any game which will be yours. Furthermore, being a game designer, you will have to design methods that are easy to use and not complicated. 

As a game designer, you’ll bring ideas, build prototypes, create interactive narration and develop the game’s mechanics. In addition, you’ll design systems that are easily maintainable, expandable, and comfortable to use while injecting fun into the user experience.

Salary Range

Freshers: £17,000 to £18,000
Experienced: £20,000 to £35,000

7. Game Developer

Now, game developers are slightly different from game designers. A game developer requires a passion for games and be efficiently well-equipped with technical skills. Operating in games growth, you will have to design and create games for individual systems, games consoles, social/online plays, arcade fun, notepads, portable devices, including additional handheld machines.

However, working for a big company, the difference between game developers and designers is most often removed. As a result, companies often hire people to deal with programming and design structures to develop and design a client game. Creating a play from conception to concluded development can take years and apply to groups of specialists. Several steps contain building and creating a game’s glance and how it recreates, animating characters and things, making audio, programming, editing, and assembling.

Salary Range 

Freshers: £19,000 to £25,000.
Experienced: £35,000 to £50,000

8. Information Systems Manager

This role is one of the most straightforward yet highly in-demand roles to follow for CS graduate students. As an information systems manager, an individual should handle computer systems for a company. One needs to gain experience in a domain and area such as technical support or backend operation management. This experience will gradually provide you with all the requirements for becoming an information systems manager.

The manager’s role also involves handling teams and solving their queries related to computer systems and technical aspects. You can choose to work in any institution in the enterprise and service domain and control a team of machinists, programmers, and database executives.

Salary Range

Freshers: Slightly different from experienced candidates
Experienced: £40,000 to £65,000

9. IT Consultant 

Information technology is one of the most studied branches by students worldwide. You being a CS graduate, can take up this role as well. An IT consultant is responsible for collaborating with customers, informing clients on how to utilize data technology to fulfill their company purposes or crush issues. In addition, you can perform to enhance the design and efficiency of IT techniques in different alliances.

Being a consultant, you are all there for help. You can guide your clients with IT infrastructures and let them continue their major firms easily. Usually, IT consultants are called to propose suggestions and guidance for technical issues and select the right strategies. Being an IT consultant, you can also provide training and feedback for big companies dealing with tech.

Salary Range

Freshers: £20,000 to £30,000.
Experienced: £40,000 to £80,000

10. Web Designer and Developer

Handling a website in today’s world is significant because people know you and your work through your website. Major companies hire web designers and developers for creating and designing your website so that users can efficiently use it for information. 

Being a web designer, you will plan designs, methods, and information that will enhance the website you will be designing. You have to be responsible for designing web pages, utilizing technical and creative skills

Your primary focus will be developing trustworthy and sound-performing web-based applications and assistance as a web developer. In addition, you will be focused on software development and databases that will bring the easy form for front-end users for using your website.

Salary Range 

Freshers: £19,000 to £25,000.
Experienced: £35,000 and £60,000

Apart from all these major career options for a CS graduate, there are options like being a UX designer, Software engineer, Systems analyst, etc., for students to follow. In addition, a student with a CS degree can also easily choose to become an educator for students who want to gain knowledge in the study.

You being a student of CS or seeking to get a degree in CS; we are sure you have found some of the significant prospects for this degree. Besides applying for a degree in this field, you can participate in various internships, volunteer work, and work placements. In addition, networking with colleagues within the industry will help you find new positions and network with the right employers. Finally, as a graduate, you’ll also need to look for internships, shadowing opportunities, and work placements in the industry.

If none of these career options suits you, you make individual outcomes. Taking a CS degree will help you enhance your computer knowledge, and you can deliberately use it when required.


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