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Population Education Video Contest High and Middle School Students

The World of 7 Billion has designed a student video contest based on Global issues and challenges arising due to Population Growth. Our World is facing challenges due to unsustainable population growth, which impacts the human community, food, and water supply, elasticity and led to climate change, and increased development of slums and informal settlements, etc. The global challenges topics for this video contest are agriculture, food, urbanization, and ocean health. Middle and high school students have to think about these issues seriously and find a solution out of it and share their thoughts through this video contest.

The participants have to make videos on any topic of their choice or videos on each topic, as each will be judged individually. But it is suggested that one make videos on a single topic so they’ll be more focused and informative. There will be a total of six awards worth $300-$1200, including high school and middle school winners and also 50 cash prizes for best in state and six cash prizes for best in international in world region, and the best ones will get feedback as well. This will also help students learn more about population growth and its impacts.

Population Education has created the World of 7 Billion websites to spread awareness among people to think about serious issues caused by population growth. The program was established in 1975 and has created a different age-appropriate curriculum to educate about the impacts of population growth on natural, environmental and human resources.

Brief Description

Check out the below information table to know about the contest quickly:

OrganizationPopulation Education
Education LevelHigh school and middle school
Access ModeOnline
Number of Awards62
Contest DeadlineFebruary 22, 2022
Application FeesNot required

Who is Eligible?

  • Middle school (6th-8th)
  • High school (9th-12th)

How to Apply?

The interested participants who want to participate in this contest should get themselves registered on the entry form provided on the link; one should make sure they have filled the entry form. Students can take a topic of their choice, collect the information about the issues, causes which impact the particular issue and find how it affects population growth, then think about how this issue can be resolved and find an appropriate solution; after that, create a video listing all issues and their solutions and then upload it on the given link.

Entry Form

Students can take help regarding all stages of creating a video through the Video Project Organizer. The link is provided below.

Video Project Organizer

The above points should be considered for the strongest video rather than containing entire global challenges issues:

  1. Agriculture and Food: High water use/irrigation; Chemical runoff; Changing diets; Soil health (erosion, desertification, etc.); Impacts of climate change (drought, decrease in agricultural productivity, etc.); Habitat loss; Food insecurity; Fossil fuel use
  2. Urbanization: Sprawl; Urban poverty and access to services; Overburdened infrastructure (transportation, sanitation, etc.); Water and air quality; Housing/affordability; Access to green space; Rural-to-urban migration
  3.  Overfishing; Aquaculture; Loss of ocean biodiversity; Impacts of climate change (sea-level rise, ocean acidity, etc.); Mangrove destruction; Dying coral reefs; Aquatic pollution


  • The maximum video length is 60 seconds
  • Videos must be in English, if in another language, including English subtitles
  • For more details, check out the rules and guidelines.

For any queries, kindly contact the team below email:

 worldof7billion@populationconnection.org or call 800-767-1956.


Participants with the best videos will get selected for winning awards and prizes. Around six winners, including 1st 2nd from both grades, and two honorable mention winners for high school, will be selected. Fifty cash prizes for best video in U.S. state and six cash prizes in the international region will also be given. The amount is stated from $300 to $1200. Also, the best videos will get feedback from organizers. Students will also get to learn about the severity of the subject.

Application Deadline

Students can submit their entries with their videos no later than February 22, 2022. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered and automatically declined. So, one should submit it before the date.

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