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Pete the Cat Classroom Decorations that Kids Will Love

James Dean was born in Fort Payne, Alabama, and is a self-taught artist. James’ love of drawing began at a young age, and as a child, you could see him doodling Snoopy and Yogi Bear, among other figures. James graduated from Auburn University with a degree in electrical engineering and went on to work for Georgia Power for several years. He was eventually called to devote his life to his painting full-time, and he began selling his work at art festivals throughout the Southeast. During this time, he began painting and drawing portraits of his cat, Pete. Around 1999, James introduced the small blue cat as a character in his artwork, and he’s been there ever since. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, the first Pete the Cat children’s book, was published in 2008 by James and Eric Litwin.

James has now contributed to the creation of over 70 Pete the Cat books, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. The prosperity that this stylish blue cat has given James humbles him every day. He believes that favorably impacting children’s lives is his first concern and that he is pleased to work for such a wonderful community. Since Pete the cat is really famous among children, Pete the cat classroom décor is also very popular. Having Pete the cat roams around your classroom can do wonders for the mental well-being of your students.

So, we have put together the top 10 best Pete the cat classroom decorations available on amazon.

1. Edupress EP63939 Pete the Cat Name Tags

Edupress EP63939 Pete the Cat Name Tags

This is a set of name tags and labels that can be used by students in your classroom. All of these name tags feature Pete the cat peeking out of the paper. Name tags are really important in classrooms. Kids can be really reckless. Misplacing stuff is a common occurrence in almost every classroom. This is why having name tags is a great idea. As long as no one peels them off, they will help your students to keep track of their stuff with Pete the cat watching over them all the time. These labels are colorful and will brighten up every child’s face. They just cost 8 dollars and will be one of the best things you will buy your students. They will be able to keep track of their stuff while also showing off their Pete the cat name tags to their friends and classmates.

2. Edupress Pete the Cat Keeping it Cool In Bulletin Board Set

Edupress Pete the Cat Keeping it Cool In Bulletin Board Set

Bulletin boards are another important aspect of every classroom. They are used to propagate important announcements and also to remind the students of different concepts or mathematical equations. What is the one thing a bulletin board should be? Yes, they should be attention-grabbing and colorful. This bulletin board décor featuring everyone’s favorite cat Pete is sure to grab the attention of all your students. The bulletin board décor has a shiny coating or laminating on the surface that will help protect it from various elements and the rough handling of the students. The poster is colorful and features the usual calm and composed face of Pete the Cat. The product is made in China and has dimensions of 60.96 H x 0.254 L x 45.72 W (centimeters). This product will definitely help you to draw the attention of your students to the bulletin board whenever necessary and will also help to brighten up the classroom.

3. Edupress Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Accents

Edupress Pete The Cat Groovy Buttons Accents

Pete the Cat is one of the most popular cartoon characters for a reason. He is calm, he is composed and he is also funny. All qualities that everyone wishes to have. These Pete the cat stylish button accents will help you to make your classroom look as pretty as it can be. They are made of durable card stock. Any décor to be used in classrooms should be made of durable material as children are usually very rough in handling things like that. You can be sure that these accents are going to last you a long long time even with the hardcore treatment they are going to get from your students.  With just 9 USD, these are a bargain and they also come in a wide variety of colors. Get these to make Pete the cat help brighten up the mood of your students.

4. Educational Insights Pete the Cat I Love My Buttons Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Educational Insights Pete the Cat I Love My Buttons Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Every classroom should have at least a couple of good games that the students love to play. No student will be able to take continuous learning for hours. They will need to have some fun from time to time to recharge their batteries and come back to focussing again. This Pete the cat-themed buttons game is perfect for primary classrooms. As they use the Pete the Cat squeezer to retrieve his misplaced buttons in various shapes, players will learn shapes, colors, and pairing while also developing fine motor skills. To pick up the corresponding button, spin the spinner and utilize the Pete the Cat squeezer. After you’ve placed the button on your game board, the following player will spin the wheel.

The player who fills their shirt game board first wins. When children use the Pete the Cat squeezer to pick up the buttons, they develop fine motor skills. A fantastic approach to improve pre-handwriting abilities and prepare ready for school. The package will contain 4 shirt boards with shaped button spaces, 20 shaped buttons, 1 Pete the Cat squeezer, game spinner, and guide are included in the box. It’s a fun exercise for students to do outside of the classroom to keep them involved, entertained, and learning. We are committed to offering materials that allow your children to learn while having fun at home.

5. Pete the Cat Alphabet Balloons Sensory Path

Pete The Cat Alphabet Balloons Sensory Path

This game is a fun approach for kids to practice motor skills like hand-eye coordination, situational awareness, and balance. Your pupils and their parents will be grateful to you for bringing this product to their attention. This game is particularly good for activating and enhancing the five senses, as well as providing excellent “brain breaks” for learners to let off steam. To assist prevent the transmission of germs, the smooth, sturdy surface is easy to wash off or spray with disinfectant. This is critical because students will play the game after touching numerous surfaces or even visiting the lavatory, perhaps resulting in a flu outbreak among the kids. The product offers a detachable and reusable write-on/wipe-off surface that will save you a deal of time and resources. The powder also adheres strongly to smooth, untextured floors such as vinyl, tile, gym floors, and other similar surfaces.

6. Pete the Cat Groovy Birthday Slap Bracelets

Pete the Cat Groovy Birthday Slap Bracelets

Are you planning a party with your students in your classroom? Or is it someone’s birthday? Or do you just want the students to have a sense of unity in the classroom? Whatever it is, these bracelets are going to help. The bracelets are made of metal and paper and they curl up as soon as you slap them onto your bracelets. It’s so much fun that even grown-ups will love it! These bracelets can be used for kids in primary classrooms right after they enter their classrooms. Because Pete the cat is a very popular character, the students will be thrilled to wear these bracelets. They just cost 6 dollars for a set of five so they will not be hard on your wallet too.

7. Teacher Created Resources Pete The Cat Positive Poster Pack

Teacher Created Resources Pete The Cat Positive Poster Pack

Posters can help brighten up any dull-looking room. Pete the Cat is also one of the most popular cartoon characters ever. Combine them together and you get the best results ever. This set of posters feature Pete the cat and him promoting reading and learning. These posters will help make your classroom look a lot more colorful and vibrant. They are also laminated so that they are protected from elements and accidents.

8. YouRan,Vinyl Pete The Cat Background for Birthday Party

YouRan,Vinyl Pete The Cat Background for Birthday Party

This is a colorful background that you can use in your classroom for special occasions or just to make your classroom pop and give out a friendly vibe to the students. The background is 7x5ft,84x60inches (210x150cm horizontally), and can be customized in terms of size and text. The backdrop is likewise constructed of Vinyl Material, which is light and thin and can be rolled easily for transport. This can be used as a Baby Shower Backdrop, Happy Birthday Background, One-Year-Old Birthday, Kids Picture Photoshoot, Professional for Photo Studio Newborn Baby Photocall, and so on. Clean packaging and prompt shipping are also provided by the company.

9. Educational Insights The Original Pete the Cat Decorative Light Filters 3-Pack

Educational Insights The Original Pete the Cat Decorative Light Filters 3-Pack

With Pete the Cat-themed light filters, you’ll be able to produce a tranquil and calming ambiance in your classroom by reducing glare and flickering from ceiling fluorescent lights. Eye strain, headaches, and even anxiety can be caused by harsh brightness and flashing lights. This product can assist you in reducing this. With robust, sewn-in magnets, the three panels fit over conventional ceiling fluorescent light fittings, creating a relaxing working atmosphere. Three 2′ x 4′ heat-resistant Fluorescent Light Filter panels are included in the package, as well as a flame retardancy Certificate of Conformance.

10. Pete the Cat My Groovy Punch Cards

This package consists of 60 units each measuring 5-3/4″ x 3″. Your students will absolutely love these Pete the Cat-themed punch cards. They also have a UV coating that will help them last longer and withstand normal wear and tear. You will be able to use these punch cards to motivate and reward your students for completing tasks on time.

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