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Mini Tool Kits for College Students

The idea of having a mini tool kit for every college-going student is a must-have. The need for it may arise at any time. The situations may vary from a sudden need during the handling of small projects to any handy use at college. This might not come to mind in the first place, but is surely something that is a necessity. There are few basic things that a tool kit for college students should possess. A screwdriver set, hammers, pliers, wrenches which are adjustable and of different sizes, duct tape, knife, and a collection of vivid kinds of screws. The tool kits generally have an array of tools inside them. But the type and kind may vary according to the brand of the product. The tools are mostly made of steel or alloy of steel to make sure of their durability.  

The designs and colors also alter and can be selected according to the taste of the customer. Tool kits are put to use in varied situations in everybody’s life ranging from a minor picture hanging to serious mechanical activities. The college-going students would have to depend on such a case of tools for their activities and projects related to their curriculum. Quite a few varieties of mini tools kit sets are available online.

1. M Meepo Tool Set

M Meepo Tool Set

The tool kit set consists of necessary items essential for men, women, home solutions, college students, and repair works. It is of course a solid box with sturdy tools such as hammer, pliers, flat and Phillips screwdriver, tape measure, Allen wrench set, utility knife, and more. The material used for these tools is chrome vanadium steel which is of premium quality created at high temperature, high strength, high hardness, increased durability, and resistant to corrosion. The enclosed case is sturdy and compact and has a well-organized fashion to keep all the tools in place. The size helps to carry it from one place to another easily. It can be easily handled by both men and women. The product can be an ideal gift for the entire family and for college students as well.

2. Ditole 9-Piece Small Tool Set

Ditole 9-Piece Small Tool Set

The toolbox set comes with a case to enhance storage. It is highly durable and is the best choice for a home garage, apartments, or office use. This could even be a super gift to make fathers happy. All the assorted tools are made of high-quality steel refined in heat-treated chrome to feature its strength, durability, and prevention of corrosion. The kit consists of an electrician pen, screwdriver, insulating tape, claw hammer, vise, utility snap-off knife, and a measuring tape. The case is secured in a molded case for rough use and easier handling. It can be very effortlessly used for DIY activities, repairing at home, college projects, organizing furniture parts, and basic car mending.  

3. Populo 80 Piece Hand Tool Set

Populo 80 Piece Hand Tool Set

The tools kit set by POPULO is equipped with tools made of high-quality materials. The assorted set includes claw hammer, screwdriver bits, bit driver, bit holder/extension, hex keys, precision screwdrivers, slip joint pliers, tape measure, utility knife, scissor, and various wood screws. This is the basic utility tool for residences, car mechanics, and for handymen. All the assortments are good quality steel which lasts longer and is resistant to corrosion. All the tools are provided with a gripping comfortable handle and are tough so that they last longer. The case of the set is well-built and brawny. The interior is designed for the vast organization of the tools so that every tool comes in handy and is easy to locate. It gives a neat and tidy look overall. It has a variety of uses both inside and outside of a place. It also serves as a helping hand in DIY activities. It seems to be handled easily by men and women for household needs. Since the size is just the right one, it can even be carried to colleges for assistance in project works.

4. Cartman Orange 39-Piece Tool Set

4. Cartman Orange 39-Piece Tool Set

The product looks so bright and attractive as it is presented in colorful shades of orange, blue, red, and pink. The tools are enclosed in a case made of plastic and molded to a blow-molded case and are well fit for any kind of mechanical activity. It has been recommended the most among other akin products. The tools are treated at high temperature and plated with chrome to prevent corrosion and are designed for small repairs at home, and for projects carried out in colleges. The tools are certified as per American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standards.

5. 40-Piece All-Purpose Household Pink Tool Kit

40-Piece All-Purpose Household Pink Tool Kit

The color says it all, as it is customized and designed for ladies, women, and girls. They are of use at home, garage, office, and college. It can be even modified as a ladies’ tool kit. The tools are all made following the standards by ANSI. The case is enclosed with the following essentials; claw hammer, screwdriver bits, bit driver, bit holder or extension, hex keys, precision screwdrivers, slip joint pliers, tape measure, utility knife, and scissor. The storage case is strong and compact and makes it easy to carry. It helps in works like the assembly of furniture, common repairs arising in every household, college project activities, and minor DIY activities.  They are constructed with materials that are of supreme quality so that it lasts longer with stability and strength.

6. Efficere 40-Piece All Purpose Household Tool Kit

Efficere 40-Piece All Purpose Household Tool Kit

The brand EFFICERE has introduced an all-purpose household tool kit customized for houses, garages, office uses, and college activities. The ratings of the product are really high and so can be recommended for any purpose. Normal household requirements like fitting furniture, hanging a picture, and college activities like project works also can make use of the product. The kit consists of hex keys, claw hammer, screwdriver bits, bit driver, bit holder, slip joint pliers, measuring tape, knife, precision screwdrivers, and scissors. The tools are manufactured alongside ANSI standards to ensure long-lasting and strong features. The assorted items are well arranged and organized in a compacted and neat case for storage.

7. 39-Piece Beginer Tool Kit

39-Piece Beginner Tool Kit

The kit is guaranteed by the providers themselves to be a beginner’s kit but comes with all the essential tools for household and college purposes. The kit is outfitted with slip joint pliers, hex key, screwdriver bits, bit holder, precision screwdrivers, hammer, retractable utility knife, measuring tape, scissors, and an extension bar. The item is approved by BSCI and ISO. The tools inside are constructed using high-grade steel alloy and coated with chrome for corrosion prevention. The handles are gripped properly for enhanced power while working and have a unique screw head that can be switched so that many tools are complemented by one.  The case and the tools are sure to be of tremendous use at apartments, homes, cars, offices, and colleges for both men and women. The case is strong enough for handling protection and the tools are well organized and neat for easy spotting during work. The box has an American National Flag and Patriots-inspired design along with a marvelous color shade.   

8. Dowell Small Homeowner Tool Set

Dowell Small Homeowner Tool Set

The product by DOWELL is marked as one of the Amazon choices and is a perfect toolbox for an all-purpose household. The set is easy to use for maintaining the repairs at home, can be carried in travel, and placed in cars, drawers, and even in handbags as it comes in an ultra petite size. The tools are designed to reduce work-related disorders for the worker with premium quality steel and covered with chrome and heat treated. They are durable and corrosion-resistant meeting all the essential standards by ANSI. The case is so handy and sufficiently small for convenient storage. The kit is a perfect pick for all including men, women, and college students.

9. Cartman 148piece Tool Set General Household Hand Tool Kit

Cartman 148piece Tool Set General Household Hand Tool Kit

The set of tools come in a storage case made of plastic by CARTMAN. The material of the tools is a perfect steel alloy and well set for any kind of mechanical works. The set of tools are treated with heat and plated with chrome to prevent corrosion. Repairing in the garage, household and minor project activities can make use of the product. The standards are met to establish precision. It comes with an added mixture of sockets and combination wrenches of varied sizes.

10. Apollo Tools Dt9706 Original 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set

Apollo Tools Dt9706 Original 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set

The toolbox kit by APOLLO comes with a sturdy storage case and in different colors like red, pink, blue, and orange. The tools are made of heavy-duty steel. It is aloes plated with chrome to prevent corrosion. The handles are made of gripping material for an improved and commotion-less working environment. The kit is rated so widely that it is being recommended and bought by millions of users. The toolbox can be very well handled for DIY projects, basic home requirements (opening boxes, hanging pictures, tightening of screws) and is a perfect starter tool kit. The tools include claw hammer, slip joint pliers for grasping and turning, measuring tape, utility knife, bit driver, bit extension, precision screwdrivers for small screws, hex keys, and a pair of scissors. The tools and the case are of standard substances so that it lasts for a lifetime and the assortments are neatly and tidily arranged and organized for better use.  They can be easily assessed when arranged properly inside the sturdy plastic storage case.

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