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Maryland Scholarship Opportunities

Do you want to get a scholarship in Maryland? Maryland is considered the wealthiest state in the U.S. nation, and it is one of the smallest states in the Union. If you are resident or want to study in Maryland and looking for the best scholarships in the entire state, then you are lucky!

For students, we have created a scholarship list of the “Maryland Scholarship Opportunities” that can help you to achieve your educational goals. There are several Maryland scholarships available to high school students, undergraduate, and graduate students.

All these below-mentioned scholarships provide award range from $1000 to $50,000. Each scholarship has different application and eligibility so please read all of the requirements carefully to determine which scholarship is best for you. Good luck!

Maryland Hispanic Achievement Scholarship

The Montgomery County Executive Hispanic Gala establishes a scholarship program “Maryland Hispanic Achievement Scholarship”.The scholarship opportunity was made available to all qualifying students in financial need from diverse communities. A one-time scholarship fund of $2,000.00 is available for deserving students.

Provided by: Montgomery County Executive Hispanic Gala
Course: Degree course
Eligibility: High school/College/University students
Deadline: February 15, 2018
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Gene Iagar Agricultural Scholarship

University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is providing scholarship named as “Gene Iagar Agricultural Scholarship”. The opportunity is open for Maryland undergraduate (second-semester freshmen through entering seniors) students who have/had a dairy project (any breed) and are enrolled in a 4-year College of Agriculture program of their choice.  A five thousand ($5,000) scholarship will be offered to winning candidates.

Provided by: University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Course: Multiple courses
Eligibility: Maryland undergraduate students
Deadline: July 1

Maryland Scholarship Opportunities

UMBC Scholarships

UMBC offers a range of general merit scholarships to both in-state and out-of-state students. Freshmen candidates are reviewed based on high school programs (9th through 11th grade), individual grades, cumulative averages, and SAT or ACT scores. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $22,000.

Provided by: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Course: Multiple courses
Award: $1,000 to $22,000
Eligibility: Academic students
Deadline: November 1 each year 
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Dwight P. Jacobus Scholarships

The Dwight P. Jacobus Scholarship is offed by the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) for undergraduate students pursuing a career in Business or Education at an accredited institution within Maryland or the District of Columbia. Ten (10) scholarships are awarded each year and each scholarship worth of $1,000.00 amount.

Provided by: Dwight P. Jacobus Scholarship
Course: Degree course
Award: $1,000.00
Eligibility: Undergraduate students
Deadline: February 15
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Salisbury University International Ambassador Scholarship

The Salisbury University is offering “International Ambassador Scholarship” for individuals who have an interest in undergoing a degree program at the Institution.You must be enrolling as a full-time degree-seeking student and completed high school program to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is valued at the US $9,040 per academic year.

Provided by: The Salisbury University
Course: Multiple courses
Award: US $9,040
Eligibility: Degree program students
Deadline: February 18
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Maryland Scholarship Opportunities

Herb Block Scholarship

The Herb Block Foundation is giving you chance to join this “The Herb Block Scholarship” to achieve higher education. The scholarship provides financial assistance to students of all ages to attend community colleges in the DC metro area.The scholarship provides up to $8,000 per academic year and up to $16,000 over the life of the scholarship.

Provided by: Herb Block Foundation
Course: Degree courses
Award: $16,000
Eligibility: Community college students
Deadline: November 10th each year
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MHEC Transfer Scholarship

Maryland Higher Education Commission is glad to announce you a 2+2 Transfer Scholarship. Students must be enrolled in an eligible accredited Maryland postsecondary institution.The annual award amount will be $1,000, except for a student who enrolls in a science, teaching, engineering, computer science, mathematics, or nursing program, the award amount will be $2,000.

Provided by: Maryland Higher Education Commission
Course: Degree course
Award: $2,000
Eligibility: Maryland residents
Deadline: August 31

State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) in Maryland 

The Maryland Department of Health Population Health Improvement Office is offering you a State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) in Maryland. A recipient may reapply for an award after completion of the first 2-year service obligation. A recipient’s total award amount cannot exceed $200,000, or two 2-year obligations at $50,000 per year.

Provided by: The Maryland Department of Health Population Health Improvement Office
Course: Multiple courses
Award: $50,000
Eligibility: Physicians Assistants
Deadline: (March 1 – April 15) and Fall (September 1- October 15)
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Maryland Scholarship Opportunities

Maryland Grain Scholarship Program

Maryland Grain Scholarship Program is being offered by Maryland Grain Producers Association (MGPA). Anyone who is pursuing Bachelor of Science Degree, or enrolled or accepted to a two-year institution with an agricultural program is considered to be eligible.The amount offered by MGPA is $2,500 each.

Provided by: Maryland Grain Scholarship Program
Course: Multiple courses
Eligibility: Degree course students
Deadline: June 1

Scholarship at UMUC

University of Maryland University College offers a wide range of merit- and need-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Provided by: University of Maryland University College
Course: Degree courses
Award: Varies
Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students
Deadline: Varies
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