M3 Challenge Scholarships for High School Juniors and Seniors

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M3 Challenge Scholarships for High School Juniors and Seniors

The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics announces the M3 Challenge for students studying in junior or senior high school. The students who are passionate, interested, and love playing with Mathematics, such as shapes, formulas, modules, etc., are welcome for this program. The students need to participate in the team and be directed by their respective coaches. This Challenge is unlike other schools’ math competitions, and it is entirely different and is called math modeling, which pushes the limit of math people to know about. This contest provides an opportunity to work on real problems with team members and utilize problem-solving and critical thinking on unknown problems to represent, analyze, make predictions and provide insight into a real-world phenomenon. 

The teams will be judged based on their abilities, skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and other factors. And the teams who perform well will get awards for their college, present to a panel of judges, transportation and accommodation to travel to New York, network with computational professionals, and most importantly, they will forever be known as M3 challenge Winners. The scholarship worth $45,000 will be split between the top 3 teams, and $100,000 will be awarded to a total of 37 winning teams, and also, some additional advantages will be provided. This will help students at a significant level pursue education and increase their knowledge, skills, etc. This will be a lifetime experience for them.

The SIAM was founded in 1951 and is a society that works to advance the application of mathematics to science and technology, promote mathematical research, and provide media for the exchange of information and ideas among mathematicians, engineers, and scientists. Their mission is to build cooperation between mathematics and the world of science and technology, promoting research that leads to effective new mathematical and computational methods and techniques for science, engineering, industry, and society.

Brief Description

Check out the table to get to know about the program shortly:

Organization Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Education LevelHigh school juniors and seniors
Access ModeOnline
Number of Awards37
CityUS, England and Wales
NationalityDomestic and International
Contest DeadlineFebruary 18, 2022
Application FeesNot required

Who is Eligible?

  • High schools in the U.S. (including U.S. territories and DoDEA schools) are eligible. Schools with sixth form students (age 16-19) in England and Wales are eligible.
  • A maximum of two (2) teams per school, each consisting of three (3) to five (5) students and one (1) teacher-coach, may register for the M3 Challenge. 
  • Teams must be comprised of high school juniors and seniors or sixth form students (ages 16-19) from the same school; absolutely no exceptions will be made to allow first-year students. For M3 purposes, the applicant’s school is the school name that will appear on their diploma.
  • Dual/joint enrollment programs, magnet programs, and other academic or training programs that draw students from more than one high school for a subset of classes or academic enrichment may be eligible.
  • International and exchange students may participate in the Challenge provided they are officially enrolled at an eligible team’s school at the time of registration and thorough completion of all aspects of the Challenge
  • Homeschool and cyber school students may either form their team(s) or request to participate on a team at the school in the district or community in which they reside. All efforts to contact the local school are up to the home or cyber schooled student. 

For detailed information about the eligibility criteria, the applicant must visit the official eligibility page here.

How to Apply?

The students who want to take part in this scholarship competition should form their team and get themselves registered, and enter all information correctly, including school name, complete address, phone number, teacher-coaches email address and a backup email address, team members full name, minimum of 3 students and maximum of 5 from the same school, each student’s email address, gender, and grade. With this, every student must have their parent or guardian consent with team credentials to electronically indicate their consent. Candidates must select their region and then proceed to registration.

Register Now.

The 14-hour Challenge will work as:

The Challenge will be held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in late February or early March. Students should choose which day and what continuous span of 14 hours they wish to work over the challenge weekend. The number of 10-18 exciting math problems will be provided to each school, and the teams need to solve them in 14 hours. It is an entire team-based Challenge. To know more about the challenge details, students should check the link here.

Please click on the link to know how the teams will be selected for the semi-finals and finals.


The students and the coaches participating in this contest will get everlasting experiences such as:

Student’s benefits

The student participating in this contest will get a chance to travel to New York. The organizers will give all expenses during this travel; they will also meet professionals and make great connections. The top three teams will get $15,000 per team, and $100,000 will be distributed among 37 winning teams. Also, they will get appreciated by professional mathematician judges and get a good team experience, which will benefit their future internships and jobs in other STEM opportunities. 

Educator’s benefits

The educator will also travel to New York with their team, meet with the professionals, and make unique connections. The educator will also get the honor to comment for their team’s work professionals. They will get $500CE or get gifts according to their department for the top 6 teams. And most importantly, they will get an invitation to M3 challenge events at NCTM and other professional teacher organization conferences. This competition will lead them to get better future experiences and opportunities.

And all the participants who will participate in this Challenge will also get a certificate of appreciation.
One should check out the official page of awards for detailed and additional prizes information.

Application Deadline

All excited teams who want to participate in this Challenge should get themselves registered no later than February 18, 2022. Teams who register after this date will not be considered participants and will get disqualified from this Challenge.
To know more about important dates, students must click here.

Apply Now

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