Look Twice Save A Life Scholarship for College Students

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Look Twice Save A Life Scholarship for College Students

Road accidents are increasing with each passing year, and a need of educating people about road safety is rising. Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading cause of death in youngsters. It is noticed that young people tend to ride the bike at high speed that sometimes leads to the accident. Motorcycle speeding, lane splitting, and other common factors lead to accidents that cause severe injuries or, in some cases, death. The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Motorcyclists are more likely to meet with the accident as they lack any surrounding protective structure on their vehicles. To increase awareness of road safety among people, InsuranceProviders.com is now presenting an excellent “Look Twice Save A Life Scholarship” for 2021. Any current college student or anyone planning on attending college in the upcoming school year is invited to apply.

The purpose of this program is to promote motorcycle safety among young people and make them more aware of the dangers of the motorcycle accident. An accident not only affects the persons who are involved in it but also those who are related to them. Careless behaviour on the road and while riding the bike might result in an accident. After an accident, one has to struggle with the physical and emotional wound and spend lots of money to get back on track. An accident can cause serious injuries that require long medical treatment that might cost one thousand dollars. To encourage people to be responsible person and comply with all traffic rules while motorcycling, InsuranceProviders.com has initiated this program. Apart from increasing awareness regarding road safety, this program will help students financially so that they can achieve their educational goals.

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Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization InsuranceProviders.com
Educational Level Current college student or anyone planning on attending college
Subjects All
Amount $1,000
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City N/A
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline December 1st
Application Fee No
Requirements Video, artwork, essay or creative element of your choice

Who May Be Eligible?

Applicants are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be a current college student or anyone planning on attending college (or another form of higher education) in the upcoming school year;
  • The student must have a valid driver’s license.

How to Apply

To apply for this program, you need to follow these steps:

  • Develop a form of social awareness that inspires others to focus on Looking Twice for motorcycle safety. You can create a video, artwork, essay or anything that would engage other students to focus on safe driving.
  • Fill out the application form with accurate information
  • Mention a link to your video, artwork, essay or creative element of your choice in the final step of the application form.


Winners will be provided with $1,000 as an award amount to cover their expenses related to their education. This fund can be utilized to meet study expenses or invest in furthering education. It will make things easier for students and inspire them to do their tremendous and forget all the financial worries and focus on education solely.

Application Deadline

Applications will close on December 1st. Please send your application on or before this date for better consideration.

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