Kiwanis Club Scholarship for Graduating Seniors Students

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Kiwanis Club Scholarship for Graduating Seniors Students

Are you a member of Key Club International or Circle K International? The Kiwanis Children Funds has announced the authentic Kiwanis Club Scholarship and is taking a massive initiative to support the Graduating seniors in their academics. The Kiwanis Children Funds is well aware of the increasing demand for fees for pursuing education and is making a little contribution to support the students to get through their financial burden. They are providing unique scholarships for the students to help them to pursue their careers conveniently. 

The firm mission of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund is to develop resources that transform goodwill and establish a program that serves the children of the world. The organization works n=by maintaining the values of Stewardship, Transparency, Responsiveness, Legacy, Integrity, and trust. They believe that the children are the nation’s future and need to be trained in the right way to protect the nation. 

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund was founded in 1940 through the donation of 25 silver dollars by Walter Zeller. As of today’s date, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund is known because they turn others’ generosity into projects that reach children all over the world. Kiwanis members, clubs, and districts have supported the community with multiple millions of dollars worth of assets, which provides stability to their work and supports them in providing financial assistance that helps Kiwanians serve children globally. 

Brief Description

Please enroll in the table below to get a quick review of the scholarship;

Organization Kiwanis Children Funds
Educational Level Graduating Seniors
Access Mode Online 
Number of AwardsUndefined 
CountryUnited States
Application Status Open
Application FeesNil
Requirement    Application

Who May Be Eligible

  • Please check the criteria below before applying for the application:
  • The fellow must be a member of Key Club International or Circle K International
  • The fellow must be a graduating seniors student
  • The fellow must be a member of both club with a good standing 
  • The fellow must be in the final year of their high school
  • The candidate must be having a remarkable academic performance
  • The student must need financial assistance
  • The candidate must be involved in community service
  • The fellow must be involved in an extracurricular activity
  • The applicant must be a U.S resident

How to Apply

The fellow should provide the complete application, accompanied by the required documents, to get the scholarship. The submission must be made through the online process as guided by the scholarship. No late or invalid information will be considered for the scholarship. 

Ensure to provide the submission before the deadline as the late submission will directly be rejected.

Supporting Documents

Few asked documents :

  • The candidate must provide proof of membership
  • The fellow should provide evidence of resident
  • The candidate must submit the latest transcript
  • The fellow must provide proof of enrollment in community service and extracurricular activity 


 The provided scholarship will lessen the burden of costs for the students. The scholarship must only be used for expenses not other than paying the candidate’s expenses like tuition, fees, books, and student’s needs. These scholarships will need the students to accomplish their goals overcoming all obstacles. The application process is too easy.

Application Deadline 

Applicants are invited to apply. Late applications will not be considered.

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