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Keble College Theology & Religion Essay Competition

Keble College is one of the largest colleges of Oxford University, is now running an essay contest “Keble College Theology & Religion Essay Competition” to encourage more interest in theology and religion in schools. School students (in the UK, after 16) are eligible to enter the competition within two years of admission to the university.

Through the competition, the college offers an opportunity for students to consider in more depth questions of contemporary and historical significance. They are looking for essays which are carefully researched, well-structured and well-presented, but which also reflect critical awareness and ability to reason through an argument.

Who May Eligible:

To eligible, the candidates must be a school student within two years of entering university (in the UK, post-16).

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

To win the competition you need to download the entry form through the given link:

School students within two years of entering University (in the UK, post-16) are invited to submit an essay of up to 1,500 words (excluding references) on one of the questions below.


  1. “All the scriptures are holy, but the Song of Songs is the holy of holies.” Discuss.
  2. Some sociological studies suggest that after 2035 the long-term predicted trend in Europe is toward a growing religious population. If true, should that trend be welcomed?
  3. Would it transform Christian theology to refer to God as Mother?
  4. “Given the unfinished story of life as a fragmented game of moral snakes and ladders, it is karma rather than grace that best reflects a loving God.” Discuss.
  5. In a post-Brexit, post-Trump world, does faith mandate a clear political stance?
  6. Should Christians be vegans?

Rules & Submitting Details:

  • Essays can be submitted as an email attachment to Nicole.boothman[@] with the subject heading: “Theology & Religion Essay Competition 2018” or
  • If necessary in hard copy (word processed and printed) by post to College Office, Keble College, Parks Road OX1 3PG.
  • The essay must be the product of independent work and not written as part of a taught course. The student need not be taking a formal qualification in Religious Studies.
  • Only one essay per person will be accepted.
  • All entrants must submit a completed entry form and cover sheet with their essay.
  • Individual schools should submit no more than 3 entries.


  • The essay judged best by a panel of Keble College theologians will receive a cash prize of £300. Smaller prizes will be awarded to runners-up.
  • The top 30 entrants (including prize-winners) will also be invited to an event at Keble College Wednesday 27th June, which will include lunch in Hall, an Awards Ceremony and a Religion & Theology themed college tour.
  • They will also be invited to stay overnight at Keble College in order to participate in the main Oxford Open Day the following day (Thursday 28th June 2018).

Application Deadline:

The deadline for essay competition is Tuesday 5th June 2018.

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