Is Veterinary A Good Career Path?

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Is Veterinary A Good Career Path?

“Many vets will happily recount a childhood passion for animals or a childhood pet that led them to eventually pursuing a career as a vet.” -Nadine Hamilton

We have been impacted by the COVID-19 in ways that we cannot define. Our habits have changed and very much evolved; in the US, the youngsters who are studying and earning pocket money for their expenses have shown a major interest in keeping pets. The rate of pet-keeping in the country has touched the sky because people value companionship and affection. For all those who wonder whether Veterinary is a good career path? Kindly stick to the article till the very end.

If you are an animal lover, if you are passionate about keeping them safe, if you have a zest of helping them with skills and knowledge, step into the world of Veterinary and see for yourself what change you are capable of bringing into the lives of animals and of course the people. A veterinarian is somebody who is a professional in diagnosing, treating animals. Vets also have a great role in creating awareness regarding the spread of diseases from animals. They play a very important role in the lives of animals and humans.

We have tried to collect all the information on this career path and what makes it a great choice. If you are in confusion or face any dilemma, then read the complete article, and your queries will surely be cleared, but all you have to do is, stick to it till the end.

1. Understanding Veterinary

A veterinarian is also often called a veterinary surgeon or veterinary physician. A veterinarian treat diseases, disorder, or injury in animals. It involves the diagnosis of the disease, its treatment, and then aftercare. And there’s one thing which is very much important is the ability and tactics to find out the problem because, unlike humans, animals are not able to talk and tell symptoms of whatever they are undergoing. The profession doesn’t just ask for an expert in the field, but there should be certain inhibited animal ethics that play a very significant role in exercising the potential to the fullest. So basically, all the animal lovers who are moved or who have an empathetic nature towards another creation of God should definitely step in.

2. What is working in Veterinary Industry is like?

Having to work in the veterinary career is indeed a dream come true for people who always want to be surrounded by animals and look for ways to better their lives. The work varies; a veterinary Surgeon is very likely to conduct surgeries, a veterinary physician will take care of the medications, and the list of the roles of each expertise is quite long! If we have to summarize the work of veterinarians, we would say, from examining the problem to performing surgeries, from vaccinating to treating and dressing wounds, from performing x-rays to prescribing medications. The roles just don’t end!

3. Employment Opportunities

Like we said, to meet the demands, the supply is assured, and so does the job opportunities in Veterinary. There are ample opportunities in the field, and let us also consider the fact that America has doubled its petting since the COVID-19. It has been officially reported that people have taken a lot of interest in keeping pets at home, so isn’t it obvious that these animals and their caretakers would be needing professional help? So yes, here come the Veterinarians!

There are many job positions in the veterinary career like we have listed below some of them:

  • Veterinary surgeon
  • Veterinary Physician
  • Veterinary technician
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Veterinary Pharmacologist
  • Veterinarian food inspection specialist
  • Veterinary neurologist
  • Veterinary epidemiologist

And the list is definitely not ending here!

4. Why Would you Choose the Veterinary? Is It Worth Establishing Your Career Here?

Now let us jump onto the most asked question, Why would you choose Veterinary?

Well, the answer to it is very simple & we’ll make you realize that soon enough. Veterinary is not just a career to earn money or recognition. Rather a life-changing experience that can help you to be in close connection with your family and you also become considerate towards all creatures around you. In simple words, Veterinary teaches you a lifestyle where you learn to value each life around you. (What can be more beautiful than this?) Also, apart from practicing, you can get into research work in the same field, which again has a huge scope. There are times when people love animals, but they lack awareness; in these times, the specialist help is offered by these ‘Animal Doctors!’ and the best part of this field is that it brings along with it so many opportunities. So what are you waiting for? You can be anything you want and give a productive direction to your love for animals.

5. Pros and Cons of Veterinary Career

Every situation has two sides to it, so in order to provide the information required for our readers, we have tried to list down pros as well as the cons of Veterinary Career Path, but believe us, Cons were difficult to find. (They are so rare)

The list of Pros:

  • This career brings with it satisfaction, recognition, and a sense of pride because you have chosen to work for those who cannot even loud out their wounds.
  • It is a reputed career.
  • It has a great salary.
  • Lot of space to grow and upgrade.
  • The career is quite stable, like that of a doctor.
  • Veterinary career ensures security.
  • But unlike Doctors, the workloads of Veterinarians aren’t too high.
  • If you want, you can have your own veterinary practice opened.
  • And working with pets is mindfully healthy because you can even help your own pets.
  • It is indeed a decent career path.

The list of Cons:

  • It is at times termed as a narrow field.
  • They make less money than normal doctors.
  • Being a Veterinarian would often (Probably always) require you to be emotionally strong.
  • And there is also a need for many years of education.

The pros are more than the cons, thus making a Veterinary Career a good career path!

6. Benefits of Studying Veterinary

If you have read the pros of a Veterinary career, then we are very sure that you have enough information regarding the same. There are many benefits to this career. The stability, security, and sense of relief which this career can yield are unmatchable. There is ample variety because Veterinarians do not have to choose a specialty; you can work with different animals ranging from dogs to turtles! You visit at a Zoo, those animals, from giant Giraffes to silky reptiles, etc., are under the proper supervision and care of Zoo Veterinarians. And we have to also consider the positive impact a Veterinarian can trigger by bringing a change and teaching the next generation how to care for animals which is the need of the hour. And do not forget that this field can actually open a door for you, not just to a clinic, but including public health, research, and even teaching. Veterinary as a career path has taken shelter so deep that having done the study in this field can actually help you earn great and enjoy the work as well.

7. Job Positions that have the Highest Pay

In the US, the average salary of veterinarians is approximately $95,000 per year and is likely to grow with the passing time. Every third house in the US has a pet, and people are honestly very much happy in taking care of these companions, and they spend on them without hesitating, which makes this career path quite in the trend and very needful. We have gathered some of the highest-paid Jobs in Veterinary below;

  • Zoo Veterinarian – $59,986 per year
  • Veterinary Hospital Manager- $64,738 per year
  • Veterinary Practice Manager- $63,832 per year
  • Public Health Veterinarian- $67,343 per year
  • Veterinary Research Scientist- $111,691 per year

Veterinary as a Career path is rewarding and full of benefits because it becomes a part of your life and adds certain values which can make humanity outshine!

8. Educational Qualifications Required

Bachelor in Veterinary Science BVSc is the major degree qualification that is needed to start your career as a Veterinary Doctor. After that, in order to extend your knowledge and expertise, you can also complete a four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM program. As we have said, the field has a huge scope; you can even step into research and touch the sky thereafter because it gets too vast!

9. Job Security

In the USA, where animals have occupied a central place in the lives of people, a Veterinary career is a stable and secure choice to make. The career has great income opportunities, and it has a growth scope; it has a healthy atmosphere to keep yourself in a mentally stable space. And there are chances of promoting yourself and your position in the career because the study, the research, and input have no clear end. So once you enter and make room for yourself in this career, you are surely heading towards endless growth.

10. Conclusion

We really hope that you have well consumed the entire information and have got enough reasons for choosing a Veterinary career and contributing your bit to the respective field. So do not miss the chance of either studying Veterinary or working. The opportunities which are coming along the career will make you an amazing person. The relaxed and calm feeling for healing the wounds of Animals is surely a feeling of a lifetime. And you get to experience them in abundance through this Career path. So the answer to your question is, Yes, Veterinary Career is a Good Career Path.

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