Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

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Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to choose a career path in the field of transportation? Or have you been recently taken the decision of choosing transportation as your career path? If yes, then you must have a lot of questions brimming on your mind, like what are the career opportunities, what are the different job positions available, are there any career growth options? Well, this article is your one-stop solution to all your queries, stay glued till the end to know everything about the field of transportation and career opportunities.

Transportation is truly a lifeline of every other industries, the hospital relies mostly on its ambulances, the factories on its trucks, the general public on buses and trains to reach their everyday destination, and what not? Without proper transportation facilities, you can merely do things you come across every day. Imagine walking to your office every day that you generally reach by train, hard to even imagine right? That’s how much important is the transportation industry to use in the modern world.

1. Multidisciplinary

When it comes to the field of transportation, the first thing you can admit confidently is that it is a multidisciplinary field. Transportation is directly or indirectly connected with every industry that comes to your mind. Be it the ambulance in a hospital, the daily train that you hop on to, the cargo ship that delivers your packages worldwide, or the airplane that lets you travel and so on, no matter which industry you take into consideration, you will surely find its connection with the field of transportation.  Hence, you can say that transportation is in a way the lifeline of every other industry, and everything else is very much dependent on it.

Is Transportation A Good Career Path?

2. Plethora of Career Opportunities

To be honest, there are uncountable work opportunities when it comes to the field of transportation. If you are wondering what are the most popular job positions in high demand, that people usually opt for, or you can choose among, then here are some of them:

  • Taxi/Bus/Train Drivers
  • Flight Attendants/ Pilots
  • Chauffeur
  • Distribution / Warehousing Operations
  • Traffic, Transportation, and Travel Logistics
  • Material Mover
  • Marine Cargo Inspector
  • Transportation Analyst

And many other exciting, and challenging job positions to choose from (that cannot be listed alone in this single article, there are literally like a lot of opportunities), that are not only in high demand but are also well-paid.

Since you can already see, there are a plethora of job positions to choose from, there is literally no worries related to finding the right job position for you. The field of transportation is actually appropriate for all educational qualifications such as someone with the lowest degrees can qualify as labors ( such asConstruction Labours), drivers including Taxi, Truck or Bus drivers, whereas those with the higher degrees can become Pilots, Transportation Managers, Packaging Engineers, Import/Export Manager, Flight Engineer, and many others. So, when it comes to career opportunities, there are indeed a lot to choose from. You will never have to think about long-time unemployment and other related issues.

3. Opportunity for Growth

Like any other industry on high demand, the field of transportation also has got a lot to teach you. You may enter this field as a fresher, but with time, you will come across such learning and growing opportunities, that will help you climb the ladder to success quickly. There’s nothing like entering a job position and working under it for years until you get that call for “promotion” (old school style is no more valid), you can always upgrade your skills, acquire degrees and training to reach for even higher positions. To be more precise, there are a lot of job opportunities in the transportation industry, and even a lot of more career-enhancing and advancing opportunities, that will have a positive impact on your job position and salary, time-to-time.

With the number of years you invest in this field, you will keep on bettering your skills, and climb up to higher positions. You will become a professional ready for any industry of your choice, that has deep connections or is either directly or indirectly related to the field of transportation.

4. Rewarding

The field of transportation is undoubtedly very rewarding. The hard work you invest here will pay off in the best possible way. Not only will you be paid decently or even sometimes be highly paid, depending on your job type, demand and position, you will also come across many such opportunities that will make you more skilled and experienced. An industry that is both rewarding, and lets you grow is definitely a good career path to choose.

5. Impactful

No matter which positionyou choose in the transportation industry, youwill of course make and leave an impact. An impactful job is always the best option, not only will you find a purpose, but also get a chance to become part of an industry, that is an integral part of the country’s economy.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 13.3 million people work in the transportation industry today, and there are a variety of job roles that people choose to work in. Some of those important job roles that connect the transportation industry with others include warehousing, materials handling, service, operations, purchasing, customer service and so much more.

Is Transportation A Good Career Path

6. Positions for All

No matter what your educational qualifications are, the transportation industry has a job position for all. For those whose qualifications are low, they can work under positions like Construction Labour, driver- truck, taxi and bus, Dispatcher, and so on. Whereas, if you are highly qualified, you may join as Materials Control Manager, Equipment Director, Distribution Director, Inventory Control Manager, Import/Export Manager, and many other job positions of your choice that are not only respectable but also highly paid.

7. Always High in Demand

Almost all the job roles in the field of transportation are always in high demand. Once you have chosen transportation as your career path, no matter which position you choose, you will always get to see a high demand for your position in the industry, and as a result, you never really have to think about employment issues.

While aspiring to work for other industries, you might witness, that job aspirants have to remain unemployed for quite a long time, but this is not the case here. Since the transportation industry is multidisciplinary, you get a lot of options to choose from.

Is Transportation A Good Career Path?

8. Come Across Challenges Everyday

What is a job without daily challenges? It surely is boring. But, the moment you choose the transportation industry, you not only open doors to numerous career opportunities, but also come across challenges every day, that let you become more skilled and experienced. Coming across new challenges every day is the best lesson for bettering yourselves also, it makes every day a new adventure. Take a Pilot or a Bus driver, for example, both of them have to come across new situations and challenges every day, and the results are uncertain, totally depending on skills. These challenging situations test your skills and enhance your problem-solving skills even more.

9. Becoming a Part of a Community

The moment you choose the field of transportation, you become a part of a vast community or rather a  connection, that not only binds you with your own industry, but also lets you explore others. Take the role of an Analyst for example, the person working under this position is not only a part of transportation industry, but also an integral part of logistics. Hence, there are many job positions in the transportation industry that are either directly or indirectly connected with others.

10. Job Security

The last point is very important to discuss. When you are thinking about an industry or a particular job to get established in, there are many questions that come to your mind, but the question of security comes first. The field of transportation definitely provides a job security to all. No matter how big or small your position is, as long as you are connected with this industry, you will never go jobless.

Since most of the job positions available in the transportation industry rely mostly on your skills and experience hence, even if you lose or leave a single job, you will always have hundreds of other choices, because you never can leave your skills. Hence, there is nothing to worry about job security, as long as you are skilled and talented.

By now, you might have got enough reasons to choose the industry of transportation as your ideal career path, and you might have realized that you  wouldn’t regret taking this big decision. No only is the transportation industry a multidisciplinary field, having connections with numerous other industries, it also has one of the longest list of job opportunities for everyone. Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate, or someone with higher degrees, if your aspirations are related to the field of transportation, then nothing can stop you from succeeding and reaching heights.

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