Is Social Media Marketing a Good Career?

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Is Social Media Marketing a Good Career?

A career as a social media specialist can be gratifying, and it is a terrific place to be if you appreciate sharing content and developing and expanding a community. There are always fresh tests to conduct, algorithms to master, and trends to incorporate into your brand’s narrative. The possibilities are endless, and the challenges are many, keeping your work always interesting.

Is Social Media Marketing in Demand?

Companies have realized the many benefits of employing cost-effective, local internet marketing methods on social media sites, and demand for social media marketing is growing across the country. Platforms like YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook are assisting businesses in communicating directly with their core customer base, attracting new customers, and establishing long-term partnerships. Marketers and business owners from a wide range of industries are developing new techniques for incorporating social media into their daily operations. Boot camps and colleges are offering new social media marketing educational programs.

What Are the Career Options in Social Media Marketing?

Here are some best career options in this field.

Social Media Marketing Manager 

As a Social Media Marketing Manager, you will communicate with clients and customers using social media websites. In the United States, the typical Social Media Manager’s income is $59,282 per year or $28.5 per hour.

Social Media Marketing Executive

A Social Media Marketing Executive has an active involvement on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to create and maintain a company’s online profile, from structuring a Social Media footprint to monitoring and creating an air about the company to developing online media campaigns. In the United States, the average annual compensation for a Social Media Manager Executive is $66,000.

Social Media Marketing Analyst

A Social Media Marketing Analyst is in charge of overseeing the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the company’s clients’ social media performance. This can include regular measurement, reporting, and providing clients with strategic support. An analyst for Social Media Marketing is also responsible for supporting analysis and reporting for other digital campaigns such as email, search engine marketing, video, display, performance, and site. Make an average yearly wage of $59,602 or $29 per hour in the United States. The wealthiest ten percent of the population earns more than $86,000 per year, while the bottom ten percent earn less than $41,000.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Media Marketing Specialist is one of the many alternatives accessible under the Social Media Marketing career chances for someone with experience and specialization in Social Media Marketing. The average yearly wage in America is $49,127, or $24 per hour. The top ten percent of the population makes over $63,000 per year, while the bottom ten percent earn less than $38,000.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

The person in this position is responsible for regularly overseeing and managing the company’s marketing and social media demands. Structure Social Media plans, promote and raise awareness of the company’s brand, and launch marketing campaigns to increase the number of clients is among the responsibilities. The average annual pay is $47,746 or $23 per hour in America. The wealthiest ten percent earns more than $64,000 per year, while the bottom ten percent earn less than $35,000.

Social Media Marketing Copywriter

The individual is in charge of creating material for Social Media Marketing. Creating a buzz about the brand by writing practical, innovative, and persuasive content is beneficial. In the United States, the national average income for a Social Media Copywriter is $59,841.

Social Media Marketing Associate

As a Social Media Marketing Associate, you should identify new opportunities that can assist the organization in expanding revenue streams. The average yearly wage in America is 48,988 dollars or $24 per hour. The top ten percent of the population makes over $63,000 per year, while the bottom ten percent earn less than $37,000.

How To Become a Social Media Marketer?

If you want to work as a Social Media Marketer, one of the first things you should think about is how much education you’ll need. 75.1 percent of Social Media Marketers hold a bachelor’s degree, according to our research. In terms of higher education, we discovered that master’s degrees are held by 5.6 percent of Social Media Marketers.

You might find that previous work experience will assist you in becoming a Social Media Marketer. Many Social Media Marketer jobs necessitate internship experience. Meanwhile, many Social Media Marketers have worked in positions such as Sales Associate or Marketing Internship.

What Is the Average Salary for a Social Media Marketer, and What Is the Job Outlook?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average income of a social media marketing manager in 2021 will be $141,490. If you’re among the top 10% of earners in social media marketing, you may earn up to $208,000 each year.

Social media marketing managers are classified as advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in the BLS database. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career will increase at a faster-than-average pace of 6% from 2019 to 2029.

What Are the 12 Most Important Social Media Skills?

Skills in social media marketing are vital for pursuing a career in this sector. A certification is an excellent method to gain a solid foundation in the area, whether you’re thinking about a job in social media marketing or need to add social media abilities to your repertoire as a digital marketer. You must have some talents and the ones you can gain through a certification program if you want to thrive in marketing.

  • Excellent Communication
  • Creativity 
  • Writing Ability
  • Project Management
  • Marketing 
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Relationship Building 
  • Community Management 
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Flexibility

Why Should You Become a Social Media Marketer?

In 2021, there are numerous reasons to work as a social media marketer. It has several advantages that make it a desirable vocation, and the following are some of the most compelling reasons to pursue it as a career.

  • You get paid to spend time on social media sites.
  • You can have creative freedom. 
  • You could be the first to know about everything.
  • You can work from home. 

What Does a Social Media Marketer Do?

You might be wondering what a social media marketer performs daily. Spending your working hours on various social networking sites may appear to be a simple activity, but you’ll accomplish much more. Some of the job responsibilities are described below.

  • Researching social media platforms and trends- Every social media outlet has its own social media landscape. Instagram, for example, is great for promoting visual material, but Facebook excels at community development. You’ll need a thorough understanding of the climate in multiple channels, as well as an understanding of what to post and when.
  • Understanding the audience- Social media experts identify and understand their target audience on any social platform, and they assess their performance to better future marketing efforts and strategies.
  • Crafting targeted content- A big part of the job entails creating a content strategy that informs, entertains, and encourages customers to buy.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Social Media Marketer?

In general, you’ll need to go to school for four to six years and have at least one to two years of related experience. There are numerous employment options in social media marketing for university graduates and dropouts. For higher-paying employment, some employers prefer a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Marketing or a related discipline.

What Are the Best Social Media Marketing Online Courses?

Here are some of the best social media marketing online courses.

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate by Coursera

This course will teach you how to create an online presence, make posts, grow a following, and manage your social media accounts after introducing digital marketing and critical social media platforms. You’ll learn how to create and manage social media advertising campaigns, as well as how to analyze the results of your marketing efforts. You’ll gain access to the new Meta Career Programs Job Board, which connects Meta Certified professionals with 200+ leading organizations who have committed to sourcing talent through its certification programs.

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Introduction to Social Media Marketing by Coursera

The foundations of social media marketing are laid out in this course. You’ll discover what social media marketing comprises, as well as the history and various social media channels available. You’ll learn how to choose the right social media platform for your purposes, how to define goals and success indicators, and who your target audience is.

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Social Media Marketing Specialization by Coursera-

The Social Media Marketing Specialization aims to accomplish two goals. It provides you with social analytics tools and training to help you become a social media influencer. The course equips you with the information and resources you need to create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, from consumer insights to final justification data. You’ll also get specific toolkits with timely information in each course, and when you pay for the Capstone, you’ll get a market planning toolkit.

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Social Media Marketing – Content Marketing Masterclass 2022 by Udemy

This course will teach you how to master Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Local SEO, SEO, YouTube Marketing, Video Production, Vlogging, and Instagram Photography. They will also show you how to take a profile image for your social media profile using only an iPhone or Smartphone. You’ll also learn how to generate traffic to your website and create content that will attract visitors.

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Social Media Marketing – Complete Certificate Course by Udemy

This training will take you from social zero to social hero using our proactive and practical approach. It is likely one of the complete online social media courses, providing learners with a solid foundation and skill set to enter the social media industry.

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Social Media Strategy: Creating Engagement, Insitent, and Action By Mit

A thorough grasp of social media’s economic and neurological foundations, as well as how they can be exploited to increase audience engagement, insight, and action. In this course, you’ll discover more about how social media affects the brain, how individualized persuasion techniques can be used in marketing, and what the future holds for social media trends and ethical considerations.

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce by EDX

In this course, you’ll learn how the digital economy works and obtain the crucial insights you’ll need to succeed in e-commerce, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

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Strategic Social Media Marketing by EDX

We look at how companies use social media and consumer-to-consumer interactions to assist their marketing efforts in this course, part of the Digital Product Management MicroMasters program. They’ll teach you how to develop engaging content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and how to discover influencers, deliver material to a specific audience, and track your progress.

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What are the Best Colleges for a Social Media Marketing Career?

The following are the Best Colleges for a Career in Social Media Marketing.

Las Vegas College

The Associate of Science in Business Digital Marketing program at Las Vegas College delivers the theory, knowledge, and technical, hands-on training required to succeed in this rapidly increasing sector. Students in LVC’s Business Digital Marketing degree program earn a total of 96 quarter units through a combination of General Education and specialized courses, including:

  • Introduction to Business, Human Resources, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Selling & Salesmanship
  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design Methodology
  • E-Commerce Systems Administration
  • Marketing Analytics

Full Sail University

Full Sail University provides two-degree programs based on the most up-to-date digital marketing strategies. In this subject, the College offers master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The bachelor’s program includes search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, and Email Marketing. Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies, and Consumer Behavior and Analysis are featured in the master’s program.

Sonoma State University

The Social Media Marketing Certificate program at Sonoma State University will teach you how to build a community, construct a plan, generate compelling content, implement a marketing campaign, and track your social media analytics. You will create your social marketing campaign after completing the training.

Phoenix College

Phoenix College has a great deal to offer. The Social Media Marketing Certificate of Completion (CCL) gives essential skills in a range of strategic marketing areas, including social media, digital communications, integrated marketing, media relations, and brand management. There is also an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Marketing and Sales.

Durham Tech College

Durham Tech College in the United States offers a Business Administration program. Accounting, business law, economics, management, and marketing are covered in class.

The Mitchell College of Business 

The Mitchell College of Business offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, master’s degrees in accounting, master’s degrees in business administration, and doctoral degrees in philosophy. Quality instruction in all undergraduate and graduate programs is the College’s cornerstone. It provides a Master of Science in Marketing (MS) with two concentrations: Digital & Social Media and Marketing Analytics. The MS program is planned to be completed in two full-time semesters.


A career in social media marketing can be pretty lucrative and satisfying. It is an excellent choice for those who want to use their creativity to help businesses reach new customers online. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting field, this is the best career field for you.

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