Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path?

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Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path?

Have you ever noticed that how simple and fuss-free life we all are living when it comes to entering into a workplace or any place? We switch on the lights as required, switch on/off the fans, drink water, keep our hands tidy, etc. All of these chores are dependent on the utilities we consume on a day-to-day basis. All the essential services like we have mentioned are provided to us by the people who are working in the Utility Industry.

If you are considering a career that can give you opportunities to go on the field and realize the foundation of the structure on which the social life of people, which is directly determined by their daily needs and practices, is forecasted, this choice of career in public utilities is very much suitable. The most important aspect of this career choice is that it will never lose its popularity or presence in the market.

In fact, can you imagine even a single day of your life with the basic things that you are enjoying at home like electricity, water, gas? These services are deeply rooted in the chain of our existence. And let us not deny the fact that public utilities will grow, and the demands will only rise and not deplete. Hence, the Utility Industry has a great scope of expansion.

Isn’t this a perfect career choice already? In this article, we have unfolded ten important questions which arise in the mind of people who are seeking a career in public utilities. Stick to it till the end and grab all the information!

1. Understanding Public Utilities

This field of career deals with the maintenance of the infrastructure for public services. The basic needs of the public, like electricity, gas, water, etc., are fulfilled through these industries. Electricity, water, and Natural Gas are the basic public utilities that are very much the root of our lives. Whether it is about washing hands or heating water, we are dependent on these services for almost everything. The utility industry comprises three industries: Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. Isn’t it the best choice? Being employed in a career that provides all the essential stuff to the public. For all those who are looking for long-term benefits and high rewards, this career path is the best choice. The profession has many benefits even upon retirement; the flexibility of the work makes it a very reliable and advantageous career path.

2. What is Working in Public Utilities is Like?

As we have mentioned above, the nature of work in public utilities is fascinating and rewarding. The work culture asks for commitment in serving the public. As Hawtrey has defined, public utilities, “a service in which a tendency to a local monopoly necessitates, the intervention of a public authority to defend the interest of the consumer.” We can say in simple words that the motive of public utilities underlines concerns regarding the best ways the consumers can be provided services at rates that are more than affordable to them.

3. Employment Opportunities

Well, the number of people working in the public utilities is much more than we can imagine because of the variety of opportunities showered by this industry and also the privileges which are followed by the jobs here. We can very well estimate the rate of job opportunities in public utilities; for e.g., the number of electric utility companies which are operating in the US is estimated at over 3,300. And if we look at the employment statistics, in the year 2021, 671,259 people have been employed in the Utilities Industries.

Here are some of the most hyped job positions in the Utilities Sector:

  • Audit Director
  • Oracle Database Developer
  • Government Relations & Legislative Affairs Advisor
  • Part-Time Lecturer
  • Utility Billing-Customer Service
  • Field Foreman- Water Utility
  • Administrative Technician
  • Utility Engineer Analyst
  • Electric Distribution Supervisor
  • Project Coordinator

And believe us when we say that the list doesn’t end here; there are ample opportunities that just need to be grabbed!

4. Why Would You Choose the Utility Industry? Is It Worth Establishing Your Career Here?

Many of us have a common question in our minds that, whether public utilities are really worth it?

Well, the answer undoubtedly is yes! Public utilities are indeed a great career path. And there are many reasons to make you believe it:

  • The work in public utilities can actually make you see and visit places that you would have just added to your bucket list. Yes, you read it right! You get to travel; you get to expand your experiences and also see in-depth what it actually takes to serve the public. I mean, we read it all the time in books, but what about living it in real?
  • The variety of jobs is also one of the most important factors of consideration. The work is diverse, which calls for a lot of opportunities.
  • Public utilities is also a reputed sector, the satisfaction which comes along with the job is something that should never be forgotten.
  • Advantages upon retirement.

5. Pros and Cons of Public Utility Career

We think that the reasons for which you should opt for this career path are already very much clear but let us also look at the pros and cons of Public Utilities as a career path


  • Lot of Job opportunities.
  • Reputational Career choice.
  • Diverse Experiences.
  • Good salary along with other privileges.
  • Stability and Security.
  • Travel is too one of the very positive aspects of Public Utilities.
  • The jobs in this path have an opportunity for the candidates to evaluate and see for themselves the policies being made at the higher level and their implementation on the ground. Which we personally believe is very much required.

Now, the list of cons (but let us also not forget that every choice we make has its own pros and cons, which is just a matter of balance that needs to be made to make the best choice, and Public Utilities is  a good career path)

  • The salaries are often stuck.
  • The working hours can also vary, which is unpredictable at times.
  • Private collaborations have also impacted the sector, which in turn influence the job positions.

You see, there aren’t many!

6. Benefits of Studying Public Utilities

Stepping into the field of studying Public Utilities means that you are taking a step towards the field and practical study, which not only makes you out-going but also helps you learn more, and who would want to just cram the books anyway? The study in Public Utilities can offer so many chances to the students like sometimes you are going to a factory workplace to witness the power supply, sometimes to a gas station, and not just the close by but again! You get to move beyond!

Thus studying public utilities has in itself so many advantages. But one thing which we would like to highlight is that the youth can question the system and bring changes in it only when it is well aware of the basic inputs with which the people live and with which the very existence of today’s world is determined. Studying in this field simply means that you are pushing yourself into a sector that is evergreen and won’t go out anytime soon. (Or maybe never)

7. Job Positions That Have the Highest Pay

If you are looking for an idea of how much the highest job positions earn, here we have listened to three top positions along with their salaries.

  • Auditor Director- $70,760
  • Oracle Database Developer- $124,472
  • Government Relations & Legislative Affairs Advisor- $94,400
Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path?

8. Educational Qualifications Required

A bachelor’s degree is a minimum education qualification needed to enter into Public Utilities. But it depends upon the capability and desire of a candidate of how far and how much he yearns to be promoted, so accordingly, the educational qualification can be upgraded and reach for higher job positions in the respective sector.

Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path

9. Job Security

We have already made it crystal clear that the public utility industry is something that is always going to take an integral seat in our lives. Therefore the decline of the industry is something we should not even think of! The jobs will always be there, and so does the higher positions for which the best performance will keep on being delivered. The stability and security which is provided by the jobs in this field are just commendable.

10. Conclusion

The aim of this article was to give brief and subtle information regarding Public Utilities. We are really hoping that all those who were confused about the field have their questions answered and are ready to take the step forward of studying or applying for a job in the Public Utilities. This career path is just not amazing because of the salary, but if we consider all the factors related to this industry, we will realize soon enough that it does have the potential of shaping an individual into someone ideal.

It is a great choice for all those who want to push their boundaries and fit in the extraordinary world of results than the talk!

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