Is Pharmaceuticals a Good Career Path?

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Is Pharmaceuticals a Good Career Path?

In this modern world, have you ever imagined how important is the Pharmaceutical industry or what importance it has to human lives? Just like the HealthCare industry is the lifeline of humankind as a whole, the backbone of the healthcare industry is the pharmaceuticals. Imagine what would have happened to our lives without the medicines that keep us going? Isn’t it horrifying to imagine the hospitals running out of all the medicines and medical equipment, what would happen to our lives? It is definitely no less than the worst nightmare, but that is never going to be true because the pharmaceutical industry has been there and will always be. As long as the health care industry thrives for centuries, as long as humans and other living beings continue to exist, the pharmaceutical industry will keep going and growing.

Amidst the times of global pandemic these days, people have tended to realize the worth of medicines and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole even more. Although it is undeniable, thousands of people across the world have lost their lives, because they failed to maintain restrictions and safety, but the positive side to this is, millions of people across the globe have got vaccinated, and have got saved from near-death experiences, and everything has been possible only for the healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Enough of discussions about the pandemic, since the world is getting every day with the help of modern medicines and treatments, have you recently considered the pharmaceutical industry as your ideal career path? Do you still need some answers for your doubts and want to be very sure before taking this vital career decision of your life? Then stay tuned to this article till the end to know everything you need to know before beginning your career or taking the first step on your chosen path. 

1. Role of Pharmaceuticals Industry in the Modern World

Before beginning with anything, it is very important to understand what role does the pharmaceutical industry actually plays in our lives. The pharmaceutical industry is comprised of professionals who research, develop, test, produce and distribute medical substances, products, devices, and services. Some of the most important professionals of this industry are Researchers, Data Analysts, Marketing Specialists, and Sales professionals. There are many other significant professionals who together keep the pharmaceutical industry running, we’ll come back to them later.

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2. Perks of Studying a Major in Pharmaceutical

Now, you might be wondering what are the perks of studying a major in Pharmaceutical, and the answer is, you will be exploring the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and understand its uses and functional areas from the core.  You will be mostly exploring:

  • Medical Reactions: which is specially for those who wish to work closely with medicines and their production. Researching on medicines, what types of reactions it can cause on patients, and other propertiesrelated to medication, is surely a lot interesting.
  • You will get to understand the potential side effects a medication may have on human health. How to deal with side effects of medications and so on.
  • The roles of Pharmacists, salespeople, liaisons and others are involved in spreading and communicating clinical information to those who do not work in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, you will get to know a lot about medicines and human health.
  • You will also get to explore a lot of marketing and sales strategies, and how important this department is for the pharmaceutical industry. Only students who wish to work under the positions offered by this department will focus on the areas of sales and marketing, and it solely depends on the educational path or type of course you choose.
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3. Is Major Pharmaceuticals a Good Career Path?

Here comes the most important question, will it really be worth choosing the pharmaceutical industry as your ideal career path? And the answer is an absolute “yes”. The US alone consumes around 75 percent of the world’s prescription drugs, so the pharmaceutical industry here is at its boom (peak of production), and is rapidly growing. For years, this industry is adapting high-tech manufacturing technologies to increase its production, and as a result, new job positions are emerging from time to time.

Who would not want to work for an industry, that will keep on ruling the market for centuries to come? It definitely is the best career choice for you to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

4. What Career Opportunities Lie in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

To be honest, there are a plethora of job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, and the list of all these positions cannot be listed in this single article, but we can surely highlight some popular positions that are both highly paid and are secured.

  1. Quality Control Chemist: who is responsible for looking after manufacturing products, testing the products and making sure that QA processes worked.
  • Medical Science Liaison: an important role in the industry, that deals with biotechnology, medical device and other health-care industries. Your role as a MSL will be focusing onspecific therapeutic area, such as Oncology or Haematology, and working
  • for a company developing pharmaceutical products for that therapeutic area.
  • Biomedical Researchers: are responsible for investigating on how the human body works with medications, and with the aim of finding new ways to improve health.
  • Forensic Scientist:are into scientific research to help investigate crimes, accidents and other incidents. The scenario is not much like your favorite scenes from movies or series, but this role is perfect for those who would love to resolve mysteries with the help of science.
  • Medicine Advisors: are those who work in the social advancement field, this position requires you to work with an International Non-Governmental Organisation (“INGO”), like the World Health Organisation (“WHO”).

And many other job positions to choose from. Once you enter the pharmaceutical industry, you will come across a lot of career opportunities literally a lot!

In the United States alone, there are more than 800,000 individuals who work in the biopharmaceutical industry, under various positions, including scientific research, and this huge number is enough to convince you, that it indeed has a lot of job opportunities.

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5. What Qualifications are Required?

Usually, the educational qualifications vary from position to position. You can choose to work under some initial positions just after completing your graduation or bachelor’s or opt for other higher research or managerial positions after completing your master’s or Ph.D. Generally, a B. Pharm degree is enough to secure you a good job in the pharmaceutical industry, and you can then opt for further certificates or other educational programs to reach higher positions.

6. What Type of Skills are Required for Becoming a Pharmaceutical Professional?

To become a part of the pharmaceutical industry, you really require some skills to shine out amidst the crowd. Some of the basic and major skills include:

  • Communication
  • Knowledge of advanced Technology
  • Genuine interest in Chemistry and Biology
  • Leadership skills
  • And determination

Are some of the most important skills required to get established in the pharmaceutical industry.

7. Best Paying Jobs and Their Salaries

Some of the best paying jobs with the highest salaries are-

  1. Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst- with an average salary of $67,990 per year
  2. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- with $74,148 per year
  3. Clinical Data Manager- $77,462 per yea
  4. Research Scientist- scores the highest with an average pay of $104,038 per year
  5. Pharmacy Manager- also has the highest pay of $109,736 per year
  6. Drug Manufacturer- has a higher pay of $112,343 per year
  7. Biotechnology Consultant- ranks the highest on our list with $133,633 per year.

So, which one would you choose? No matter which position you are working for, your average pay is always going to be higher than every other professional working in other industries.

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8. Career Scope

When talking about career scope, you must have understood by now, that there are a lot of career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Students who pursue their bachelor’s or master’s programs in Pharmacy get established in their career as Drug Control Administrator, Hospital Manager, Trainer, Assistant Professor, Food and Drug Administrator, Health Centre Manager, Drug Dispenser, Pharmaceutical Marketing Representative, Research Manager, Health Inspector, Chemical Analyst, Drug Technician, Drug Therapist, Customs Officer, and many other significant positions.

An industry that offers you more than 80,000 employment opportunities every year is surely worth choosing as your ideal career path. The pharmaceutical industry is really for those individuals, who aspire not only to work in respectable positions and earn a high salary but also do something for humanity as a whole. By choosing the pharmaceutical industry, you are actually helping the healthcare industry thrive, and bringing more clinical solutions to human diseases.


As said before, you might have got to know a lot about the pharmaceutical industry by now and must have made your decision to choose this career path. These solid reasons mentioned above are sure convincing enough to help you choose wisely. The pharmaceutical industry is growing at its fastest pace, and with more technological advancement, it will grow even more in the years to come.

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