Is Other Consumer Goods Industry a Good Career Path?

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Is Other Consumer Goods Industry a Good Career Path?

Taking career decisions is often associated with the biggest fears of our lives. Too many “ What Ifs” often makes us feel confused, and this may lead to bad decisions sometimes. A career decision is one of the biggest decisions in your adulthood; although you might come across some options to switch some years later, your first step should always be right. Because it is the roots that keep a tree grounded and not the trunk, so at the beginning of your career, you build a base on which your whole career life is about to depend.

Talking about a career decision, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the Consumer Service industry? Do you love to think out of the box and prefer a profession that is different from the rest? Would you love to work in an industry that is rewarding and always in high demand? If your answer is a big “yes” to all these above questions, then you should give this article a read till the end, and never regret investing your time in here.

Find out what the consumer services industry is like, what opportunities await you, what type of job positions are offered in this industry, and so on below. Curious, aren’t you? Let’s find out in detail about this amazing industry.

1. About Consumer Goods Industry

Before digging into anything else, it is very important to understand the industry in depth before beginning your career. From understanding its basic functions to purpose to types of job roles, and so much more, getting to know the consumer services industry is the first and foremost important thing.

Firstly, the consumer services industry is a vast industry and encompasses a variety of services. You can say that customer service is one of the busiest industries, always in high demand, and greatly inclined towards solving human problems. You buy a television, and it’s suddenly not working, the only person you ring up to is the “customer service” number of the shop you have bought it from. Without customer services, people would have been going crazy, with no one to listen to their product-related problems or after-use issues, or the sudden needs of repairs, everything would have surely been big chaos. In 2020 alone, almost 3 million people were employed in customer service, interacting with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and answer their questions. So, you understand how important and demanding this industry is and how its sole purpose is to serve “customers.” Truly, the customer service industry can be the right path to kick-start your career, but only if you love to talk to people, listen to their problems and solve them, love helping people, and would love to develop a wide network. Let’s get to know more about this industry.

2. Is Consumer Services Really a Good Career Path? But Why?

You must be wondering, will choosing the consumer services industry as your ideal career path be the right decision? And the answer is a yes. Although, to be very honest, you cannot expect to make a lot of money in this industry, neither will you certainly lead a luxurious life because most of the job positions have an average pay. But, if you can stick to this industry for years and reach a higher position, you may have a high salary and a desirable job role. This is not meant to discourage you all; the consumer services industry is definitely one of the best options to begin your career, start earning, develop communication and problem-solving skills, and so much more, but in the long run, it may not be the industry someone wants to take retirement from, as it does not offer many benefits. The best part about working in the consumer services industry is, you don’t require a higher degree to work here, just a basic level of education, and your communication skills are enough to fetch you a good job. If your dream job is somewhat related to the types of works offered in the consumer services industry, and if working here might help you develop those skills for the future, then you should give it a go!

3. Long List of Job Openings

When it comes to job openings in the consumer services industry, the list is indeed a long one. And this is good news because you get lots of options to choose from. Here are some of the most important and highly demanded positions you would love to work in:

  • Call Center Agent
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Concierge
  • Social Media Customer Care Specialists
  • Digital/ Chat Agents
  • Receptionist/ Front Desk Manager

And so many other exciting job positions to choose from.

4. Highest Paying Jobs

You must be curious, which among these are the highest-paying job positions? Let’s find out who earns the most in this industry.

  • Call Center Representative: earn around $14.50 per hour
  • Technical Support Representative: makes around $14.48 per hour
  • Receptionists: can have an average pay of $12.90 per hour
  • Concierge: have a national average salary of$14.37 per hour
  • Patient Coordinators: receive $15.39 per hour
  • Help Desk Analyst: have a higher pay of around $18.22 per hour
  • Client Relations Specialists: on an average earn $45,143 per year
  • Client Services Manager: have a high pay around $53,000 per year.

These were highly demanded job positions with average to high pay scales.

5. Skills Required

Like working in any other industry, beginning your career in the consumer services industry also requires a set of skills to land you up in your desired job positions. You may not possess all of these qualities at a time at the beginning of your career, but with experience, you will surely master them. Here are the key skills you may possess or focus in:

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to listen patiently
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge of latest Technology
  • Flexible (towards work and work schedules).

Did you count on how many skills you possess already? Let’s focus on the next important topic.

6. Qualifications Required

Although most of the industries require you to have Bachelor’s or sometimes even a Master’s degree for beginning with initial or mid-level positions, in the consumer services industry, you can begin right away after finishing up your high school diploma or may continue to pursue your high school graduation while at the same time begin working simultaneously. There are no strict bars for educational requirements.

7. Average Salary

On average, professionals in the consumer services industry earn around $32,000 to $55,000, and this amount, of course, varies from position to position. Overall, the pay is not bad because most of the salaries are counted in terms of hours, so how much you want to earn is truly in your hands.

8. Growth Opportunities

Like every other industry, once you begin your career in consumer services and show improvement as well as position, you always have the option to climb up to higher positions such as “executive” or “managerial” positions. If you can climb up to higher positions, there’s nothing that can stop you from having a rewarding career, as well as having plans.

9. Pros and Cons

Like every “thing” in this world has a good or a bad side, every industry has lists of pros and cons. For the consumer services industry, there surely are a lot of pros than cons; let’s check it out:


  • Plethora of work opportunities
  • Plethora of growth opportunities
  • Numerous entry-level positions available
  • Low educational requirements
  • Offers Work-From-Home opportunities
  • Allows you to work on various technologies
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Plethora of job openings every year
  • And lastly, enhances your skills


  • Less pay for entry-level positions
  • Too many calls to pick up too many problems to solve sometimes (for particular job positions only)
  • May not be a good option sometimes for a long-term care if you cannot reach higher positions

That’s all for the list of cons. Hopefully, these few things won’t bother you much, and without any hesitation, you may begin your lucrative career in the other consumer services industry.


It’s finally time, to sum up. By now, this article must have provided you with every important information necessary before taking that biggest career decision. You must have enough reasons to stick to your decision and listen to what your heart says.

The other Consumer Services industry can be the best career path, to begin with for students who wish to earn from a young age before even completing their Bachelor’s. This industry opens its doors to all and provides numerous entry-level positions where you can begin your career path. This industry is an ideal path for students who cannot afford their higher education, belong to low-income families, and want to get established and fund their education. If you have made your mind of beginning your career path in the consumer services industry, you have surely taken a good decision.

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