Is Metal Fabrication a Good Career Path?

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Is Metal Fabrication a Good Career Path?

A career path not everyone would choose, Metal Fabrication is especially for those, who would love to become a part of unconventional job roles. As a metal fabricator, you would be dealing with dangerous things every day, including molten metal, sharp grinders and saws, but to be honest, the task itself is an art, and one who learns to do it perfectly with all the safety required, is an artist. Since the work of a metal fabricator is out of the box, it sure is exciting, challenging, and requires a lot of hard work, but the end results are undoubtedly worth it.

If you are someone who loves machines and various equipment and have always wished to work under positions that let you fulfil your desires to explore machines and metals, then why not consider the industry of metal fabrication? Where you can be the boss of your own skills.

Metal Fabrication is one of the oldest forms of skills that humans mastered, and can be dated back to 7000–3300 BCE. The process of metal fabrication is not just cutting or welding metals, rather it is more of an art, that involves cutting, shaping and giving metals the most unique forms. This skilled job that ruled the ancient world has changed its ways and forms in the modern world, in many ways. Such as, much of the metal fabrication is carried on in industries, where raw materials are converted into finished products.

If you are in a position of taking the biggest career decision of life then, undoubtedly, metal fabrication is one of the best industries to bring out the artist within you, that can reshape metals in the most unique forms. But do you have enough reasons to choose this career path? There are surely many, here are some of the most important factors that will make all your doubts and queries away. Read this article till the end to know everything you need to know and get prepared for, before taking one of the biggest decisions of your life.

1. The Oldest Form of Skill

Already mentioned before in the introduction, metal fabrication was one of the oldest forms of welding and cutting metals invented by our ancestors, for making and honing weapons. Think about the times when our ancestors discovered metals, and began shaping them for hunting, and later on even succeeded in making alloys such as Copper by melting and mixing different metals. This ancient skill dating back to the 7000–3300 BCE was considered spiritual, and kept on progressing with time, until the modern-day, where industries are largely dependent upon metal fabrication.

Today, the modern world has shown so much dependency on this industry. Many major industries nowadays rely majorly on metal fabrication for cutting, shaping, welding metals. Hence, working for this industry, that connects you with the ancient, first-ever occupation of civilized human beings is really amazing.

Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path?

2. Dangerous and Challenging

No one can deny, how dangerous and challenging working for metal fabrication is, (not that dangerous as it sounds) but with the right safety measures, it becomes less worrying and more reliable. Cutting, shaping and welding metals is indeed a dangerous job to do, but when you have the right safety equipment, there is not much to worry about.

A job that is both dangerous and challenging is not only exciting to do, but also never lets you get bored. No staying glued to chairs, staring at the computer screens for hours, rather you get to work under some “out-of-the-box” positions, where your job roles will be totally different. New challenges and avoiding new dangers every day makes every job position in the metal fabrication industry interesting.

Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path?

3. Not Just a Mere Job But an Art

You cannot consider metal fabrication a mere job because it is no less than an art. Dealing with molten metals, or raw materials, and then giving them a totally different and new shape and look, is definitely an art. It really requires a lot of patience, and a creative mind to deal with such challenging tasks every day. When skill and art combine together, the outcome is indeed perfection, so, you can totally agree with the fact that metal fabrication is an art, and the person who does it is an artist.

Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path?

4. Various Work Opportunities

Like every other field, the metal fabrication industry is also home to a number of work opportunities. If you are wondering what are the different job positions available that you can choose from, here are some of the most important ones you can consider as a career path:

  • Metal Fabricator
  • Machinist
  • CNC Machine Operator
  • Welder
  • CAD Engineer or Designer
  • Estimator
  • Press Operator

And many more to consider. With the rapid advancement in technology, and increasing demand for skilled trade labour in the United States, a career in metal fabrication can prove to be both rewarding and satisfying. Be it the Welders or the CAD Designers and Engineers, there is always a high demand in the metal fabrication industry, as well as offers growth and advancement through the constant evolution of technology.

5. High Demand

As discussed in the previous point, the demand for labourers, workers, welders and engineers is always high in the metal fabrication industry. Since technology is advancing rapidly, you can see that the industries are demanding more workers to cope up with the demand in markets, and as a result, employment levels are increasing too. Finding a suitable job position is really becoming a lot easier because of this reason.

6. Multidisciplinary

Metal Fabrication is a multidisciplinary field, so many other industries depend directly or indirectly on it and its productions. Industries such as architectural, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and many others, depend largely on the industry of metal fabrication today. From bridges to skyscrapers, roads to aeroplanes, everything seems impossible without the metal fabrication industry.

You can say that the metal fabrication industry is the lifeline of every other industry that largely depends on metals and machines. Your favourite bikes, cars, ships, bridges, even aeroplanes, everything relies mostly on the production of the metal fabrication industry.

7. DecentPay

Since there is a high demand, decent pay is expected. Although every job position in the metal fabrication industry involves a lot of hard work mainly physical, the pay in return oftentimes is decent and satisfactory. But if you compare your salary with other industries including engineering or automobile or any other, the pay scale may vary a lot hence, don’t expect a very high salary in this industry. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get paid for your genuine hard work, the salary mostly varies from company to company so, if you get to work under the leading companies, your pay can be much higher too.

8. Different Roles to Perform on a Daily Basis

One thing you can be assured of is that no matter which job position you choose, your day-to-day task is not going to be monotonous rather, it is going to be different every day. New challenges, new opportunities every day makes the industry of metal fabrication an exciting field to work for.

By getting better every day, acquiring new skills, you can switch between different roles and positions to make the most out of this industry.

Is Metal Fabrication A Good Career Path

9. Satisfying

In the end, comes the main factor that people usually look into while choosing a job. You can get highly paid and still not achieve that level of satisfaction you have been hoping for, and where there is no job satisfaction, there is no hope for a better future. To be clear, the field of metal fabrication is not for everyone, it is not some sitting on your desk in some fancy office with a cup of Starbucks Coffee, rather, this field requires creativity and rigorous hard work to prevail in the long run. And those of you, who are ready to face the challenges and explore this diverse industry in their own way, will definitely achieve that level of satisfaction.

Hence, you can see, there are so many good reasons to support your decision of choosing Metal Fabrication as your career path. Not only will your love for machines prove to be fruitful in this industry, but also, you will come across new challenges daily, learn new things, and enhance your work experience.

The Metal Fabrication industry is witnessing an increasing demand these days, so finding your ideal job wouldn’t be a problem at all. But the most important thing to keep in mind is, that if you love your work, then your satisfaction, growth and success is not that far. Do you know of someone who might be interested in a career in metal fabrication? Please feel free to share this article with them.

By now, you must have got to know a lot about the metal fabrication industry and must have made your mind which job position will be ideal for you. No matter which job role suits you, here, every position represents a level of creativity, hence, it is indeed an art to work with metals, and transform them into the most unique forms.

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