Is Hospital/Nursing Management a Good Career Path?

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Is Hospital/Nursing Management a Good Career Path?

Both Hospital and Nursing Management are respectable positions that many of you would prefer. But are you about to consider it as your career path? Do you have enough reasons to take this biggest career decision of your life? Have you found answers to all your queries yet? If not, give this article a read, and you can thank me later.

Nursing management actually refers to the process of planning, organizing, activating, and controlling the managerial function of nursing in order to determine and accomplish the objectives of nursing care, this job really involves a lot of responsibilities. But all your hard work will be worth it because not only do hospitals rely much on their management professionals like you but also nurse managers are highly paid as compared to other professionals in the healthcare industry.

If you are about to take the biggest career decision of your life and are about to consider nursing management as your ideal career path, then have a look at this list of important points below, to become fully assured. By the end, you will have a lot of positive reasons to choose this amazing career path.

1. A Brief Sum-up of Nursing Management

Let’s get to know Nursing Management a little more before jumping on some important points. Nursing Management professionals are responsible for recruiting, retaining nurse staff, managing units, departments, and areas of staffing, patient care, and finances. A work full of responsibilities, as a management professional, you will also be required to look after paperwork including medical records, disciplinary actions, and so on. But the job is overall a lot enjoyable because you get to work with a lot of people and be an important part of the healthcare industry.

2. Why is Nursing Management Important?

You might be wondering, how important is nursing management in the healthcare industry, to be honest, it is much like the backbone of the hospital industry because, without proper administration of management faculties, the hospitals cannot run smoothly as they do.

You can say, nursing management plays an important role in the healthcare system, and these professionals act as a liaison between patient care, nursing, physicians, and the hospital as a whole. As a nurse manager, your decision will have a lot of importance, and these decisions will often be challenging, and will also bring solutions to many little or crucial problems. If you would love to work in a position, that will bring you both respect and money, and most importantly will be worth hard work for, then nursing management is definitely the right career choice for you.

3. How Can You Become a Part of Nursing Management?

Now comes the most important question, how can you actually become a part of the profession of nursing management, or be precise, get working? To enter this career path, you will have to follow a few steps, and these steps are actually very vital, requires patience and determination to be able to reach the position of a manager:

  1. Becoming a Registered Nurse: is your first step to the nursing management and healthcare industry. You will be required to complete a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing and conduct clinical observations before beginning to practice. Registering yourselves will help in obtaining a license, and you may also pursue other certifications or even further education to secure a bright future in the healthcare industry.
  • Working as a Nurse for at least 5 Years: becoming an experienced nurse and honing your skills are very important before you begin to take vital decisions for the management.
  • Getting a Degree in Nursing Management: can actually help you a lot. An advanced program in nursing administration can make you a lot familiar with the administrative and management environment, and make it easier for you to land up with a job in the department of nursing management.
  • Obtaining Certifications: is also a good way to get yourselves going or rather, coming closer to the position of a nurse manager. You can choose to get  certified as a Nurse Executive by qualifying the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) examination. This certificate program also introduces you with nursing administration, and helps in acquiring experience as well as a soundknowledge in nursing and the works of administration.

4. Key Roles of a Nursing Management Professional

Some of the key responsibilities of a nursing management professional are-

  • Interviewing and hiring new nurses, recruitment is an important role of a nurse manager.
  • Functioning as a liaison between hospital administration,employees, patients and physicians, you will connect with almost everyone.
  • Collaborating with medical staff is going to be your responsibility.
  • The budget, disciplinary action, medical records, everything is a responsibility of a management professional.

And many such small or big responsibilities that you would love to be in charge of or rather, a part of. As a nurse manager, your communication skills are going to be the key to your, the hospital’s, and the healthcare industry’s success as a whole.

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5. What Educational Qualifications are Required?

Nurse Managers are usually required to hold at least a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN), to qualify as a nurse manager or get work with nursing management. But, most major health care institutions these days also require the completion of an MSN degree or current enrollment in a master’s level program. So, even after completing your bachelor’s, you may get the opportunity to work in your ideal career path, but if you successfully complete your master’s program or at least get enrolled in it, your chances of landing up with the position of your choice are quite high.

6. What Qualities are Required?

There are certain skills and character traits that are taken into consideration while choosing a candidate for the role of a nurse manager. Usually, nurse managers are required to possess the following qualities, that are absolutely necessary for their job role:

  1.  You should be a good listener.
  2. You should be organized
  3. Have Analytical Skills
  4. Problem-solving skills are the most important
  5. Clinical expertise is much appreciated.
  6. Flexibility to work anytime under any situation is much appreciated.
  7. And the last one is the most important one, your leadership qualities will be a bonus for this industry.

If you think you possess all these qualities or would love to acquire these skills while being trained, then nursing management is definitely the right career choice for you.

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7. What are the Best Job Positions Available?

Now let’s have a look at the list of job positions available, that you can choose from:

  1. Clinical Nurse Manager
  2. Nurse Administrator
  3. Chief Nursing Officer
  4. Nurse Attorney
  5. Nursing Supervisor
  6. Director of Nursing
  7. Nurse Consultant

Are some of the most important and popular job positions in nursing management.

If you are concerned about the demand in the nursing industry, then you would be glad to know, that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has recorded, that employment in healthcare management is expected to grow by 32% from 2019 to 2029, as healthcare organizations strive to adapt to a changing healthcare landscape. With employment opportunities increasing, you will never actually face problems regarding not finding the right job or unemployment.

8. Which Job Positions Offer the Highest Salary?

Want to have a quick glance at the highest positions offering the highest salary that will help you set a goal? Have a look at this list below:

  • Clinical Nurse Manager- $79,444 per year
  • Nurse Manager- approx. $85,000 annually
  • Director of Nursing- $ 92,000 per year
  • Chief Nursing Officer- about $124,714 per year
  • Nursing Supervisor- approx. $79,000
  • Nurse Consultant- $90,365 per year

Are some of the highest paying job positions. Some of the highest paying cities for Nurse Managers are-

  • San Francisco, CA-  $162,530
  • San Jose, CA- $159,300
  • Nassau County-Suffolk County, NY $147,640
  • Ithaca, NY- $139,210
  • Athens-Clarke County, GA $139,070
  • District of Columbia- $68.45/$142,380
  • New York- $65.21/$135,640
  • Connecticut- $62.36/$129,710
  • California- $59.04/$122,800 and
  • Alaska- $58.43/$121,530.
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9. What About the Salary?

Another record of the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), says that the median annual salary for medical and health services managers is about $115,160 as of 2019, though the amount varies from state to state, the average salary is increasing with years, and this is definitely good news for students like you, who are about to enter the healthcare industry and work for the nursing management.


It’s finally time to put an end to this discussion. By now, you must have got an idea of what nursing management is all about, what is its importance, what are the best paying job positions, how you can actually enter this industry, what qualifications you require, and most importantly, what are the major skills required to thrive and grow in this industry. Nursing Management is undoubtedly an ideal career for youths like you, who not only aspire to work for respectable positions but also make a difference in people’s life. Your journey will begin as a registered nurse, but with time, when you actually climb up to the position of a Nurse Manager or other relevant position, it will be all worth it, and you cannot help, but be proud of yourselves.

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