Is Auto Mechanic a Good Career?

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Is Auto Mechanic a Good Career?

Automotive service technicians and mechanics may work in various settings, including gas stations, automotive parts, accessories, and tire stores. However, the vast majority of them are employed by automobile dealerships or in the automotive repair and maintenance industry as a whole. Instead of only working with vehicles that have diesel engines like those found in trucks, automotive service technicians and mechanics work on and inspect all types of vehicles, not just those that have diesel engines.

In our automobile-dependent society, these technicians are essential. For the most part, we drive to and from work in four-wheeled vehicles, and when we need to run errands, our sedans and SUVs are almost always our modes of transportation of preference. That is why people place such a high value on finding a reputable mechanic to service their vehicles. Automotive service technicians perform various tasks, ranging from relatively routine tasks such as changing a car’s oil or replacing its air filter to more complex tasks such as testing parts and systems to ensure they are in proper working order. They are critical in ensuring drivers remain on the road and the go. Larson’s Service Inc. in Peabody, Massachusetts, is owned by Diane Larson, who says that a mechanic’s work routine is diverse and that every day on the job is different from the last one. Whether it’s locating a leaking water pump or dealing with rust issues, “each day typically brings them some sort of surprise or challenge.” Between 2020 and 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 0.3 percent increase in auto mechanics in the country. A total of 2,100 new jobs are expected to be created during that period.

How to Become an Auto Mechanics?

Once they have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent, prospective auto mechanics should pursue additional training to increase their marketability to potential employers. When hiring a service technician, many employers prefer to hire someone who has completed an apprenticeship or postsecondary learning program at a vocational school or postsecondary learning institution. As part of a formal education program, service technicians are typically required to complete on-the-job training. The hands-on experience gained by these newcomers over two to five years allows them to become fully-fledged technicians. It is typical for them to start as trainee technicians, technician’s assistants, or lubrication workers, during which time they will learn virtually every type of repair in a one- to two-year period. Newly hired auto technicians should pursue industry certification as soon as they are hired to improve their future job prospects – both in terms of opportunities and pay.

Auto Mechanics Job Outlook

The average American works well into their 60s, so workers might as well have a job that they enjoy and a career that they are passionate about. Many employees would be content with a job that has a low-stress level, provides a healthy work-life balance, and offers solid opportunities to advance, be promoted, and earn a higher salary. Job satisfaction in auto mechanics is measured in terms of upward mobility, stress level, and flexibility.

How Much Does Auto Mechanics Make?

The average salary for an automotive mechanic is $43,000. A mechanic’s salary typically ranges from $22,000 to $62,000. The best-paid 10% of mechanics make over $60,000 per year, and the lowest-paid 10% make less than $20,000 annually. Factors that affect a mechanic’s income include which state they are in, their level of experience and training, and whether or not they are self-employed or employed by a larger company. For example: In 2014, the median annual wage for automotive service technicians was about $37k ($17hr). It’s worth noting that auto mechanics can also earn additional money every time they fix something on someone’s car. Some people refer to this as “gratuity” or a “tip.” Mechanics typically receive tips of around $10-$15 per job.

What Skills Should A Auto Mechanic Have?

Auto mechanics should have a wide range of skills to do their job correctly. They should work with tools, repair engines, and diagnose problems. They also need to understand complex technical manuals and work with computers. In addition, auto mechanics should be good at problem-solving to find solutions to complex issues quickly.

Auto mechanics should have excellent problem-solving skills, and they must be able to troubleshoot issues with vehicles and diagnose the source of the problem.

They should also work efficiently, as many repairs require a time-sensitive turnaround. Attention to detail is also essential, as even a tiny mistake can lead to further damage or an unsafe vehicle. Finally, auto mechanics should be good with people since they often need to communicate with customers who may not know much about cars.

Prons and Cons of Being an Auto Mechanic

The following are some advantages that you may encounter while working as an auto mechanic:

Provide a Helpful Service 

Auto mechanics are frequently called upon to assist others. Most people who bring their vehicles to auto mechanics do so because they do not have the time or ability to repair the vehicle themselves. The auto mechanic then goes to work on repairing or maintaining the vehicle before returning it to the vehicle owner. Additionally, auto mechanics can put their skills to use outside of the workplace, for example, if they come across someone stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle problem. For some mechanics, assisting people with their vehicles is a satisfying experience. Provide a Helpful Service.

Steady Work Hours

Many mechanics can maintain a consistent work schedule. This means that they work a set number of hours per week during the same hours of the day every week. They correspond to the auto repair shop’s hours, which are usually the same as regular business hours. The number of hours auto mechanics work per week may vary depending on whether they are employed full-time or part-time; however, most auto mechanics know how many hours they can expect to work, which helps them have a consistent income source.

Different Opportunities Available

AUTO MECHANICS can work full-time for an auto repair shop or independently by opening their shop or traveling to the customer’s location to perform repairs and maintenance services. In addition, an auto mechanic may choose to work a combination of the previous two options, such as working part-time at an auto shop while also performing auto repair services on their own time. This abundance of opportunities is beneficial to auto mechanics because it allows them to choose the career path that best suits their preferences and requirements in terms of work hours and income.

Long Term Job Prospects

Automobiles are likely to continue to be a popular mode of transportation for the foreseeable future. The result is that there will likely be a constant demand for people who can repair and maintain automobiles. Auto mechanics typically have good long-term job prospects because, unlike some other industries, this one is not threatened by automation or outsourcing to the extent that other industries are.

Tangible Results

People who work as auto mechanics enjoy their jobs because they can see the tangible results of their efforts. Frequently, an auto mechanic will be given a vehicle not functioning correctly and will then work to repair it. The mechanic takes pride in turning something that was no longer used into something usable again if the vehicle can be repaired. Some auto mechanics find this to be a rewarding experience and a sense of accomplishment, as they can see immediate results from their efforts.

There are some disadvantages to working as an auto mechanic, which include the following pitfalls:

Physical Labour

Working as a mechanic necessitates using your hands and the performance of physical labor. For their jobs to be completed, mechanics must frequently move heavy parts, crawl underneath automobiles, and utilize power tools. Auto mechanics can make their jobs easier by maintaining good physical health habits outside of the workplace. This includes eating well and exercising regularly on their own time.

Potential Salary and Benefits

In the United States, the average annual salary for a full-time automotive mechanic is $54,221. If you live in a different part of the country, this salary may or may not be sufficient to support the lifestyle you desire. Furthermore, the income of a mechanic is highly dependent on the location of their work and whether they work full- or part-time. A large number of employers do not offer comprehensive benefits packages. Some auto mechanics, for example, do not receive health insurance coverage or contributions to their retirement savings plans.

High Responsibility

The auto mechanic’s responsibility is to ensure that the vehicle they are working on is safe to drive when it is returned to the customer after completion of the work. This entails a high level of responsibility, as a mistake on the part of the mechanic could result in further damage to the vehicle or injury to the driver. Some people do not enjoy working with this level of responsibility, making working as a mechanic a disadvantage for them.

Mechanics undergo extensive training to reduce the likelihood of making mistakes. Auto repair shops have safety checks in place to detect mistakes before a vehicle is returned to a customer. Through training and assistance from their employer, many auto mechanics are well-prepared for the responsibility of fixing a vehicle efficiently and safely.

Lack of Transferable Skills

A mechanic who decides to pursue a different career path will find that many of the skills they learned during their training will not be transferable to their new position. It can be challenging to begin a new career due to this. Mechanics can use their spare time to learn new skills to help them in their chosen profession. They can then leave their current position as an auto mechanic and pursue a career in their chosen field after they have gained these new skills.

Best Colleges for Auto Mechanic Study

There are many good colleges for Auto Mechanic study in the USA. Some of the best colleges for this field of study include Universal Technical Institute, Lincoln Tech, and Ohio Technical College. These colleges offer excellent programs that will give students the skills they need to succeed in this career field.

  • Universal Technical Institute (UTI)
  • Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI)
  • Lincoln Tech
  • WyoTech
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology

These are some of the best colleges for Auto Mechanic study in the USA.

Best Auto Mechanic Online Courses

Here Are Some Best Online Courses for Auto Mechanic

Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control Specialization by Coursera

It provides a rigorous treatment of spatial motion and the dynamics of rigid bodies, employing representations from modern screw theory and the product of exponentials formula and other techniques. Applying these tools to the analysis, planning, and control of robot motion will become second nature to students with a freshman-level engineering background very quickly. It will be necessary for students to write robotics software to solidify their understanding of robotics mathematics.

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Autodesk Certified Professional: Inventor for Mechanical Design Exam Prep by Coursera

Designed for industry professionals with advanced skills and the ability to solve complex workflow and design challenges, the Autodesk Certified Professional: Inventor for Mechanical Design exam requires certification. Certification at this level demonstrates a comprehensive skill set, allowing individuals to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive professional environment by standing out from the crowd.

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Automotive Mechanic by Udemy

This course will teach you how to diagnose, maintain, and repair the most common mechanical, electrical, and electronic system failures. This course is for a taste for the mechanics, liking automobiles, and general knowledge of automobiles.

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Mechanics of Materials by Udemy

This course will teach you how to think like an engineer, breaking down complex problems into basic steps that you already know how to do! You will know how to address fundamental problems in each significant area and explain why they are essential in engineering by the end of the course. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything the first time you see it; the course is designed to be used as a reference when you take the complete edition of the course. 

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The auto mechanic is a promising career. It offers a stable job with good pay and benefits. It is also a very fulfilling career, as you can help people keep their vehicles running smoothly. Many schools offer auto mechanic programs, so it is an excellent career to pursue if you are interested in mechanics. There are also many opportunities for advancement in this field, so you can move up the ladder and become a lead mechanic or supervisor. If you are interested in becoming an auto mechanic, be sure to do your research and find a good school that offers a quality program.

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