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Is Advertising a Good Career

Advertising is your career if you want to be in charge of significant choices. People skills are crucial since they assist people to understand what clients want and make them more effective decision-makers while working with various firms or brands.

Advertising is a fantastic career choice since it can be financially and personally gratifying. However, many people are unaware of what advertising includes or if it is the correct career route.

Type of Advertising

Commercial and non-commercial advertising are the two basic categories of advertising. The following are the primary distinctions between them:


Advertisers who sell a product or service are referred to as commercial advertisers. The attributes of goods and services relevant to the type of media involved are highlighted in advertisements for these commodities. Advertisements on television and video streaming services may be more graphics-heavy, whereas ads in magazines and blogs may be more text-heavy.

Non- Commercial

Non-commercial marketers pay for advertisements for goods other than consumer products or services. Political parties, interest groups, religious organizations, and government agencies are examples of these.

What Education Do You Need for an Advertising Career?

A bachelor’s degree in creative design, advertising, marketing, journalism, communications, or a similar discipline is required for most creative director roles.

Higher Education: Most creative director jobs require a bachelor’s degree in creative design, advertising, marketing, journalism, communications, or a related field.

Prior Experience: Typically, agencies want five to seven years of similar work experience. In major cities, at least ten years of experience is usually required.

3 Reasons to Consider a Career in Advertising

If you’re having trouble deciding on a career path, advertising could be a suitable fit. Here are three compelling reasons to pursue a career in advertising.

Prosperity of Advertising

The United States is the world’s most influential advertising market. In 2019, media advertising spending in China was 240 billion dollars, more than double the second largest media advertising market (Guttmann). The advertising industry in the United States has been steadily increasing in spending from 2015 to 2021. In 2022, it is estimated that 290 billion dollars will be spent on advertising in the United States (Guttmann). Despite the fact that the advertising sector, like many others, has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in the previous two years, the advertising industry in the United States has shown renewed vigor. In advertising, there has been a structural shift. Newspapers, television, text messages, and window displays were all losing their initial competitiveness. The struggle for goods and service industries has shifted to digital advertising.

Inclusiveness in Advertising

Advertising is the result of three sorts of positions working together, whether commercial or non-commercial advertising. The first position is that of the creative designer, who is responsible for creating advertising images. This role is in high demand for artistic creativity such as painting, photography, graphic design, and literary writing. Technicians, such as Copy and Print Associates, are needed by some advertising agencies to run the equipment. Marketing and management jobs are the second sorts of jobs. Advertising manager and marketing associate are two common occupations. They do market research, develop advertising strategies, manage the budget, and assist in implementing advertising initiatives. These professions cover management, marketing, accounting, finance, and business analysis. Data analysis is the third sort of employment.

Flexibility in Advertising 

Many jobs in the advertising business offered remote working options throughout the epidemic. The advertising business has proven that it can interact remotely for more than a year without sacrificing innovation. A varied workforce may thrive; more groups of freelance marketing employees have appeared on the market. Advertisers who want flexibility may apply for positions and receive career assistance from them. According to statistics, 80% of working moms want remote work alternatives to remain (Graham). We can confidently state that the flexible employment paradigm in advertising allows you to maintain many identities.

Skill Needed for Career in Advertising

To effectively research, organize, plan, and execute campaigns and other revenue-generating activities, careers in advertising frequently involve creative, technical, and interpersonal abilities. The following are fundamental abilities that are required in a variety of advertising jobs:

Written and Verbal Communication

The foundation of advertising is strong written and verbal communication, which is required for practically every profession in the industry. Often, you’ll get clear instructions from a corporation regarding the project’s aims and specs. To implement an idea or notion well, clear communication is required. Advertising jobs are highly collaborative, and communicating effectively inside and across teams may help boost creativity and expedite operations.


The majority of advertising jobs need a certain amount of imagination, and many specialists in this industry translate abstract concepts into engaging content and goods. Advertising professionals require creative thinking to develop new marketing strategies, conceive campaigns, and provide intriguing written and visual material regularly.

Time Management and Organization

Advertising is a deadline-driven and fast-paced industry. Depending on your position, you may be working on many projects with tight deadlines at the same time. It’s crucial to carefully manage your time to fulfill deadlines and stay within a project’s budget.

Analytical Skills

Understanding how to evaluate and understand data is crucial in advertising since it frequently informs strategy and decision-making. Web analytics, for example, gives a wealth of information about a target audience, so it’s critical to understand what data is most relevant to a company’s business goals and extract actionable insights to assist decision-making.

Proficient Digital Skills

The technical abilities you’ll need may differ depending on the job. Many organizations nowadays look for candidates who have basic HTML and coding abilities as well as an awareness of search engine optimization. It’s also advantageous to know how to utilize content management systems because they’re commonly used in the business to work with other creatives, store web material, and manage projects. There are classes and free online tools available to assist you in developing these abilities.

7 Career in Advertising

Social Media Coordinator

Average Salary: $16.06 Per Hour
Social media coordinators oversee a company’s social media communication and develop a plan for its online presence. They design, develop, and publish textual and visual content that reflects a brand’s tone and appeals to its target audience.

Event Planner

Average Salary: $17.40 Per Hour
Many businesses engage event planners to help them advertise their brand, goods, or services through live and virtual events. From conception to completion, event planners manage every aspect of the event production process. Clients are met with to determine needs, scout venues, manage vendor connections and client interactions, negotiate contracts, and manage budgets.

Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $ 17.65 Per Hour
Graphic designers are essential in assisting firms in achieving their marketing and advertising goals as well as designing the visual elements of advertising. They produce logos, graphics, and other visual concepts to express a company’s tone and important messaging to its intended audience.

Web Designer

Average Salary: $23.52 Per Hour
Website and web page designers plan, code, and design websites and web pages. They must have a thorough grasp of both design principles and user experience in order to create websites that are both user-friendly and comply with the company’s design guidelines and criteria.

Marketing Coordinator

Average Salary: $44,878 Per Year
Marketing coordinators help a company’s marketing department with all of its efforts. They work across numerous teams and departments to supervise campaigns, product launches, events, and collaborations, developing plans and strategies depending on the company’s goals.

Market Researcher

Average Salary: $57,006 Per Hour
Market research analysts are crucial in assisting businesses in determining their target audience, selling strategies, and major market trends to capitalize on. They provide a variety of approaches for gathering data about customers, rivals, and trends in order to inform a company’s marketing strategy.

Production Manager

Average Salary: $67,318 Per Year
An advertising production manager is in charge of several duties and creative teams engaged in the creation of advertisements and other forms of media. Scheduling, developing, and delivering all work done by marketing and advertising teams within tight deadlines are among the core duties.

Top 5 Best Online Courses for Advertising

Here are Given Some Best Online Courses for Advertising:

Digital Advertising Strategy Specialization By Coursera

This specialty examines digital advertising strategies for small businesses in-depth. Students will learn how to create and launch advertising campaigns on a shoestring budget and with little to no design experience. The following courses are available: 1) search (Google Ads), 2) social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and 3) native advertising (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) (Taboola).

Apply Now

Advertising and Society By Coursera

The impact of advertising on society, culture, history, and the economy is explored in this course. We learn to assess the many layers of meaning in both print advertising and television commercials using modern theories about visual communications.

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Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising By Coursera

This course delves into the world of social media paid advertising. Learn how to create efficient ads for social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Learn how to interact with design teams by creating a creative brief that captures the spirit of your ad campaign and understanding how privacy regulations may affect your advertising. 

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Introduction in Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising By Udemy

Although the course is just 10 hours long, it covers themes that go well beyond anyone’s expectations. I’d give this course the highest rating since the lecturer, Tomas takes a methodical and well-organized approach to teaching the pupils. I’m going to enroll in more classes since it’s SO WORTH IT. Without bias or prejudice, the course wonderfully and liberally covers the whole topic.

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Online Advertising & Social Media

Any social media strategy and planning must include the development of an online brand and outreach strategy. Every day, a tremendous quantity of data, consumer insights, platforms, and networks are re-imagined, necessitating the marketer’s ability to foresee the future. This course will educate you on a thorough approach to internet advertising, outlining numerous analysis methodologies as well as picking the appropriate networks and messaging.

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Best Colleges to Study Advertising

Here are Given Some Best Colleges for Advertising:

Gannon University

Gannon University has Now Start An Advertising Communication Degree. The advertising communication curriculum at Gannon will help you learn the basics of advertising and marketing so you may make your impact in companies big and small, for-profit and nonprofit, local and worldwide.

Michigan State University

U.S. News & World Report has classified MSU’s undergraduate Advertising and Marketing department as one of the top 15 public programs in the country. Marketing graduates from MSU go on to accomplish incredible things. Students seeking to be account managers, account planners, media planners, media researchers, or a number of other more managerial-oriented professions can benefit from a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising Management.

College of Liberal Arts & Social Science

B.A. degree in advertising from the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences‘ Jack J. Valenti School of Communication.

The degree prepares students for professions in advertising by providing fundamental information, skills, and ethical issues. Theory, concepts, analytical and critical abilities, ethical criteria, copywriting, media planning and placement, and campaign design are all topics of study. They Can Provide Undergraduate Degree in Advertising:

  • Advertising Media Planning
  • Advertising Account Planning
  • Principles of Integrated Communication

Webster University

Webster University Provide a Huge Range of Undergraduate Courses for Student in Advertising. Students in the award-winning advertising and marketing communications major acquire practical experience as they prepare to enter one of today’s most quickly developing and dynamic industries. Students are encouraged to think strategically and creatively to address client problems utilizing a broad range of advertising and marketing communications techniques based on a strong liberal arts foundation.

Temple University

The Lew Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising that equips students with the tools and information they need to improve their creative thinking abilities and attract audiences via new advertising messages and approaches.


People who wish to be creative and have a keen eye for detail can consider a job in advertising. However, if you’re searching for stability or security, this isn’t the best option. You should also be aware that, due to market fluctuations, advertising cannot always guarantee high pay rates. If these suggestions sound like they could fit your personality type, keep reading. 

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