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International VELUX Award for Worldwide Students of Architecture

The International VELUX Award is arranged in collaboration with the International Union of Architects (UIA) and regional winners. It is a biennial competition for students of architecture from all over the world. The competition is open for your personal ideas about daylight in architecture and following the two categories: “Daylight in buildings” or “Daylight investigations”.

The program wants to encourage and challenge students of architecture to explore the theme of daylight – and to create a deeper understanding of this specific and ever-relevant source of energy, light, life, and joy.

Who May Eligible:

To eligible, the candidates must be following all the eligibility criteria:

  • The award is open to any registered student of architecture – individual or team – all over the world. They encourage multi-disciplinary teams including e.g. engineering, design, and landscaping. Every student or student team must be backed and granted submission by a teacher from a school of architecture.
  • An applicant must be signed up as a student (bachelor or master) in the study year 2017-18.
  • Ph.D. students are not allowed to participate – neither individually nor in teams.
  • The award welcomes projects from individuals or groups of students, who are students during the study year 2017/18.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries from each school, but participating schools should ensure the quality of submitted study projects, e.g. by making a prejudgment. VELUX employees cannot participate.

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

To participate, the applicants must submit a project using the IVA account that you create when you register. The link is:


You need to submit:

  • One image file, which depicts your project
  • A description of your project, no longer than 800 words, in English

Theme: “Light of Tomorrow” is the overall theme of the International VELUX Award. The award seeks to challenge the future of daylight in the built environment with an open-minded and experimental approach. Therefore, the award seeks to widen the boundaries of daylight in architecture, including aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and the interaction between buildings and environment.

  1. Daylight in buildings
  2. Daylight investigations

The award is an open ideas competition and it is organized globally in two phases:

  • In the first phase, regional prizes will be awarded to projects from the UIA member regions 1) Western Europe, 2) Eastern Europe and the Middle East, 3) the Americas, 4) Asia+ Oceania and 5) Africa.
  • In the second phase, prizes will be awarded to overall winners.


  • The total prize money is up to 30,000 €.
  • Depending on the results of the international jury, a Grand Prize of 5,000 € per category will be awarded (4,000 € to the student and 1,000 € to the teacher) for the most outstanding projects.
  • Depending on the results for each region, a prize of 1,250 € per category will be awarded for the best projects (1,000 € to the student and 250 € to the teacher).
  • The jury will be allowed to award a number of special prizes, including prizes for innovative use of VELUX products.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for the International VELUX Award is April 15, 2018.

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If you have any further questions regarding the award, competition and submission process send them an email to

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