Independence Schools facing $1.2 Million Loss After Corporation’s Refund

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Independence Schools facing $1.2 Million Loss After Corporation’s Refund

A Fortune 500 organization’s blunder regarding its taxes could wind up costing the Independence School District more than $1 million.

A huge part of school district financing comes from property taxes, paid by the two mortgage holders and organizations.

In any case, in January of this current year, Jackson County discounted Unilever $1.4 million after the customer goods organization said they found it neglected to exclude a portion of its qualified property on its 2017 and 2018 assessments.

“We didn’t look into this in the Independence School District until July of 2021,” Dr. Dale Herl, Independence School District Superintendent, said.

As per a motion for an order filed by the school locale and Mid Continent Library, Jackson County notified in October that it would begin “clawing back” the tax installments this month it had as of now already given them. For Independence School District, that is $1.2 million the region intends to keep throughout the following three years.

“To whatever extent doing anything the present moment, there’s no other option for us. That cash has, as of now, been appropriated, we have contracts with staff, we’re teaching kids, it has an impact that I can’t diminish at all. It is a generous disturbance to the Independence School District,” Herl said.

Independence’s superintendent contends under the state resolution that the Jackson County should never have refunded the organization the cash since they didn’t file their taxes under protest.

“I think of the very minimum the Independence School District ought to have been informed before the region giving the cashback to Unilever. Even with that, we don’t completely accept that the province has to stand to send the cashback to Unilever.”

A consultation on the solicitation for a temporary order of withholding tax payments is set under the steady gaze of a judge Friday evening.

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