I Don’t Know What Career Path to Take?

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I Don’t Know What Career Path to Take?

It’s okay not to know what career path to take. In fact, it’s perfectly normal. The majority of people don’t have a clue about what they want to do until well into their twenties or even thirties. So if you’re feeling lost and uncertain, rest assured that you’re in good company.

That said, it’s important to start moving in the right direction, even if you’re not entirely sure where you’re going. This blog will help you do just that.

Let us clear your doubts first!!!

1. I Want to Work for Myself

You’re not the only one. The number of people who want to work for themselves has reached an all-time high in North America. And I think this trend is on the rise globally, too. Why? People are sick and tired of being treated like a cog in someone else’s machine. They are tired of being told how long to work when to take their holidays, and for whom they have to work. They want the freedom that comes with running your own business or working for yourself.

So don’t think you’re alone if you want this kind of life. There are lots of people out there who feel exactly the same way as you do.

2. I Have Lots of Ideas But Don’t Know How to Turn Them into a Business

Many people have great ideas, not just you. The problem is that they think their idea is so unique and brilliant that nobody else has ever thought of it before. This self-delusion isn’t helping their progress in the slightest! And nor is it helping you. In fact, it’s slowing down your progress because you’re following in their footsteps without even realizing it!

The truth is that most good ideas have been around for a long time. It’s just a matter of putting a new spin on an old idea and making it work for today’s market.

Here’s a good analogy. The telephone was invented in the 19th century. But it wasn’t until Alexander Graham Bell created a system where people could call one another that this brilliant idea became commercially viable and successful.

This is what you need to do with your great idea, too. You need to find out what problems exist in today’s marketplace that your idea can solve. You then need to come up with a product or service that solves those problems for customers and makes them happy. That’s the kind of business that will succeed in today’s market because the demand is there – it just needs to be packaged and sold in a new way.

3. How Do I Know Which Career Path I Should Follow?

As far as the career path you take is concerned, there are two main things to look out for. First, find a proven way of earning money or gaining happiness that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • it’s simple and easy to do;
  • it’s flexible enough that you can incorporate your ideas into it;
  • you can work it around your schedule; and
  • doesn’t require a huge financial investment.

Second, find something that will challenge you as well as give you room to grow and develop as time goes by. It shouldn’t feel like hard work every day. But at the same time, it shouldn’t be so easy that you get bored easily. Work that meets both of these criteria is much easier to market than work that doesn’t.

It’s also important not to make any decisions based on your current situation in life (e.g., you’re single with no kids, you’re married with three kids, etc.), or your age (e.g., mid-twenties, the forties, etc.). The world is constantly changing and evolving. What’s hot one day can be cold the next; what’s popular today can be unpopular tomorrow.

Don’t get too hung up on following the rules when it comes to choosing your career path, either. Adding value to other people’s lives while also making a decent living is a wonderful balancing act to reach. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fit into one of the niches we usually discuss on this blog.

4. I’m Afraid of Failing or Not Being Able to Achieve Success

And so you should be! After all, failure is really just the first step towards success. So if you’re afraid of failure, then it’s only natural that you’re also afraid of success. Because if you fall flat on your face, then you won’t achieve the success you’re working so hard for.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that there is no risk involved in doing something you love. There obviously is. But there are ways to minimize the risk and even reduce it to zero.

The first step is to start making money from your passion even before you leave your day job. This way, if your new venture isn’t a complete success (and it probably won’t be, at least not in the beginning), then you’ll still have the income from your main source of employment.

So look into part-time and freelance work that you can do from home or on your own schedule. You can start this type of work while you’re still at your day job and gradually scale it up once you leave. Or you could even use your current employer’s resources to build a new something on the side.

5. How Can I Find Work That Interests Me, and What Should I Do to Land a Job?

Finding work that interests you isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, matching your strengths with the market demand is probably your best bet when it comes to landing a job that you enjoy.

For example, if you’re good at writing articles and drawing cartoons, then why not combine both in order to start your own blog? Once you’ve built up an audience (which shouldn’t be too hard given how popular blogs are these days), then you can easily monetize your blog and, once again, gradually scale up your income while working on it part-time.

Finding a job that interests you is also all about making use of the resources available to you. So feel free to attend networking events and meet-ups; watch “how-to” videos on YouTube; read books (especially books about your intended field); take free online courses; subscribe to the top blogs in your industry, etc.

One final point I want to make is that it’s important not to put too much importance on landing a job at the very beginning. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but building something from scratch takes time and patience. Bumping into a bump every once in a while is natural.

Just remember that whatever you do, it should always be fun, and it should always help other people. This way, no matter what obstacles come your way, you’ll still enjoy the work you’re doing and fulfill your purpose in life at the same time.


Making a decision about your career can be difficult, but it’s important to choose something that you’re passionate about. Consider the things that are important to you and try to find a job that will allow you to do what you love every day. Don’t be afraid to take risks and explore new opportunities – you may be surprised at what you find. If you’re still not sure what career path is right for you, don’t worry – there’s no rush. Take some time to think about your options and talk to people who work in different fields. The most important thing is that you’re happy with your choice.

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