How to Write a Reference Letter for a Student?

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How to Write a Reference Letter for a Student?

Ever wondered what to write in a reference letter? If yes, then this article will be helpful. First, let’s understand what a reference letter is; it is usually written by a teacher or school principal that includes essential information about the student, containing the student’s character, skills, performance, abilities, educational qualifications, and other related information. While applying for scholarships, fellowships, or wish to take up a foreign job or education, such letters are asked to feature the student’s personality and character for better understanding and consideration.

Let’s see how it can be written:

  • Customized letter: It is better to write a new letter for each recommendation, which specifies the student’s abilities relevant to the need of application
  • Particular school focus: ask the student where they are applying and the type of school they want to attend as each letter will be different from the other based on where the student is applying
  • Review and collect the student details: this can be done through the student’s resume by viewing their academic records, performance, and extracurricular activities or meeting them in person for a better understanding.
  • Know whom to address: name and title of the person the letter is being written for and their role in the application process such as program director, admission counselor or college admission office, etc.
  • Start with the personal introduction: the writer should mention their details such as the subject or course they teach, experience, time duration they taught the student, and if it includes extracurricular activities like sports, music, etc., then it should be mentioned properly.
  • Recommender relationship with student: the relation like how long and well the recommender knows the student, including their character, behavior, and skills and detailing about their hard work, ethical behavior, nature, etc., should be mentioned.
  • Details of student qualifications: critical impressions of students should be mentioned such as their performance in academics and sports, their position (if any) as class monitor, school head, club or sports captain, etc., participation in individual and group projects, public speaking and presentations, volunteer work (if any), awards and recognition in local, national, or international competition, membership in a club or other organizations.
  • With all the above information, some additional points may be included, such as examples of their achievements and performances, the positivity of their mentions, avoiding clichés, the recommender’s contact information, and should follow the submission guidelines.
  • And at the end, the letter should be ended on a positive note. It should address the student’s character and abilities and mention how the student is deserving or how his/her addition will be valuable to their institution or company.

Have a look at the below example to get an idea about how it should be written:

Can Divit

18/156 friends colony, Anytown, DA 789466 555-555-555
January 01, 2022
XYZ College Admissions Committee
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 78965
Dear XYZ college admissions Committee

My name is Can Divit, and I have been an English Teacher at Center point school in New York, US. I have Known Emre for the past five years, i.e., from 8-12th standard, and came to know him well in this duration. He was always an excellent student, with having a high level of intelligence and passion for doing well. She also possesses a beautiful nature and always put forward a helping hand to all his classmates who were not so good in academics.

As his teacher, I understand he wants to attend the graduate program in New York. I want to recommend her to join your institution as she will be a valuable addition to the institute. He is a calm, mature and ambitious person, which makes him better. When in school, he was so good in academics and other curricular activities, and sports, he always maintained good leadership skills and team unity.

I believe he will continue to grow his abilities, talent, skills, be successful in his life, and gain experiences from all of it. He always looked for positivity even in adverse situations and never let the negativity impact any activity so far. As I have seen him growing and bringing up to be a better student and person, I can ensure you that he will maintain his personality throughout his journey. Lastly, I would recommend him to get selected for your institution as he will be a valuable addition to your institution.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about Emre and his accomplishments in school, please call at 784-75565-57895 or write to

Thank you!

I hope the above information is helpful and understandable to the one searching for writing a reference letter. If the above article seems anything missing, then one should add their points as this information is important but not limited.

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