How to Write a Job Description

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How to Write a Job Description

Writing a good job description to attract applicants is a smart way of getting a good amount of applications. A high number of applications helps an organization to choose the best for their company and have great hard working employees.

A job description is similar to a product. Like you promote a product to the customer you promote your job vacancy to the applicants with the help of a job description. A job description is not paid much attention to, but the need of the hour is to get a good number of applicants with the help of killer job descriptions.

Today hiring managers put up a boring job description on various recruiting websites and consider that their work is done, but that is not enough! Putting up an attractive job description attracts more applicants and doubles the number of applications. It is expected that the organization works towards the job description in order to hire qualitative employees.

Let us look at 3 simple steps at making a killer job description:

How to Write a Job Description

#1 Avoid Templates!

  • It can take her several hours to write a killer job description, but lots of employers don’t want to spend that time and instead search the Internet for one written by another company. The result is something too vague and non-descript to be of use to anyone.
  • Instead, you should be as specific as possible about the challenges a potential hire must tackle. For example, if you’re hiring a marketing person, tell them what ideas they will be selling and what kinds of things they need to communicate to a particular audience. Ideally, you want applicants to be excited about the problems you need them to solve, and even start to think of ideas for doing so.

#2 Talk about Your Company!

  • The people already working for your company can be a great lure for talent, so why not emphasize the fact that everyone on your team is a rock star or has an Ivy League degree?
  • Put that stuff in the job description because people will really care about those kinds of things. They want to know who they’re working with and what kind of an environment would they have.

#3 Consider Your Audience

  • Capturing the attention of a 25-year-old hacker fresh out of MIT will require different wording than what you’d use to attract a 40-year-old mother, who might be more interested in knowing your company is family-friendly.
  • Considering that by next year 36 percent of the workforce will be made up of Millennia’s–Generation Y-ers born in the 80s and 90s–you’d be wise to figure out what’s important to them. They also want to be able to dress comfortably and set their own work hours so if you’re willing to let a person show up at 10 a.m. wearing sneakers, you might say so and attract more applicants.

How to Write a Job Description

These are 3 really very simples steps which would help your job description look extremely attractive and worth an Apply!!

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