How to Use Turabian Citation Generator to Improve Writing Works

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How to Use Turabian Citation Generator to Improve Writing Works

You must cite the source anytime you refer to another author’s written content, whether it’s in hardcopy or softcopy. To help you achieve this, there are several varieties of citation guides available that explain the way to credit the effort and ideas of another. 

First published in 1937, the Turabian style guide by Kate Larimore Tubarian has been edited several times to align with today’s 8th edition of the Chicago style guide. Proper use of the Turabian citation generator will help you become a better writer. 


The Turabian citation style is a citation and reference system that is based on the Chicago style. It is named after its creator, Kate Turabian, who worked at the University of Chicago. She wrote the Turabian style guidebook to help university students with citation and reference when doing research paper assignments. 

The manual produced by Kate Turabian is divided into three sections namely: 

  • A comprehensive overview of research writing
  • An in-depth look at the two most common scholarly citation formats – includes bibliography and date
  • The rules of formatting, including spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

Improving writing skills is a process that takes time and involves several components like extensive study, research, and writing various assignments. Students must be very keen on the citation style and understand the guidelines for using each type. Turabian style covers a broad spectrum of disciplines and the Turabian citation generator by EduBirdie will make citing university papers easy. Apart from learning to write perfect papers in college, the perfection of writing skills also includes learning to cite correctly.


The Turabian bibliographic information is presented in the form of footnotes and appendices and in the majority of situations, a bibliography is included. The standard style is to use a superscript numeral after full-stop to indicate cited works inside the text. A student then includes a numbered list of sources at the end. This citation style is common in most fields of social sciences and humanities. 


When using the author-date style, the author cites, in brief, every source inside the paper in parentheses and includes the last name of the author and date published. The writer must also add page numbers when acknowledging a specific portion of the text. Otherwise, the writer should simply cite the last name of the author and the date published. After the publication, the writer must include a comprehensive reference list of each citation detail. 

Advantages of using Turabian style

Although formatting academic work might feel exhaustive and unexciting, it helps students present a better paper, which gives them joy and satisfaction. The Turabian style might not be as popular as other styles, but it has several advantages. 

It covers more fields than most other styles

Unlike APA and MLA, the Turabian style covers a wide field of disciplines including arts, religion, sociology, psychology, social science, and global studies. Although the APA style also covers a wide field, Turabian’s field of disciplines is even wider. 

Citing old sources

Some citation styles like APA require citation of newer sources because fields like medicine require the most recent sources. Turabian style can be used to cite fields like history which relies on both old and new sources. For the APA citation style, the rule states that the newer the information, the better and the more credible. 

Easy to find footnotes

In-text citations are no longer necessary, thanks to footnotes. All that is needed is a superscript number at the end of the sentence and this is simple to do on Ms. Word. In Turabian style, the sources are on the same page. 

Easy to learn

Although you will have footnotes and bibliographies to deal with, you will simply be putting closely related information in distinct sequence using commas instead of the full stop to separate the different bits of information. 

Generally, the Turabian style was developed to simplify the features of the Chicago style so that students writing research papers could find their work easy to do. Its numbering style for notes helps the student’s work look neat and easy to find sources. 


The Turabian citation style is closely related to the Chicago style except for the numbering style for notes. Turabian uses a superscript in both text and footnotes and when citing the author, the writer only cites the last name of the author and the date of publication. Compared to the other citation styles like APA and MLA, Turabian is easy to learn and use and the Turabian citation generator makes citation work much easier. 

If you use Turabian, please send a link to Turabian packages, explanations and criticisms to the developer. Or join the development process! Turabian is maintained and built with KDE, Qt and Gtkmm.

Turabian has been developed to simplify citation work with mathematical and scientific text files. All of the work in the creation of the citation file is done with the use of two algorithms:

An additional feature of Turabian is that it is possible to track the usage of a named text and assign a limit to the usage of that text. When the limit is reached, the usage is counted as a violation of the cited source’s usage limit. This feature also affects statistics.

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