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How to Study For the GRE on Your Own

Studying in general perhaps gives you anxiety that you start procrastinating. It may seem a bit easy for some people to learn while it is a huge problem for others. Sometimes making a studying schedule makes a good head start. However, it will be entirely useless if you make no use of it.

When it comes to studying for an examination or rather, in this case, G.R.E, it will help in different ways if you did prepare for it. Without preparation for the test, you are insinuating either you know what you will write down, or it is okay even if you do not pass. Well, the latter will be a bother if that is the case. Why apply for G.R.E when you have no intention of passing.

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Studying for a test, in this case, G.R.E does not mean to starve yourself or keep yourself unkempt. It does not mean doing away with everything that does not involve studying. It also does not mean to drive yourself to the point of insanity because that is how to pass and have your perfect score.

I know it can be a little envious to see someone pass without really putting an effort. While you, on the other hand, try with all your will, only to end up with something below the required score, or something not worth the struggle you went through to study.

A word of advice would be; you should not overthink about “will I be able to pass, do I have enough time to study, do I stand a chance against others, will I be capable of understanding the questions?” All these negative thoughts should not cross your mind even if it is for a span of a few seconds. It would help if you always were optimistic about your situation, your ability to understanding and your will and determination to succeed.

Sometimes we go to the extent of giving up when we study and end up understanding nothing. I know some successful people never went to school, which are dropouts, and a lot more. You are your person. Just because someone you know is successful and did not go through what you are going through, it does not mean you abandon studying. Now there are several ways for you to study G.R.E on your own, which will be what we are going to look at next.

Several Ways to Study G.R.E on Your Own


 You should prepare for studying by getting all the needed materials for your study and making up your mind on how willing you are to study for the sole purpose of achieving success. When “preparation” is being uttered, some may think it is not necessary for learning, and they believe it is to study that is all they need, no need for preparation but preparation makes a huge difference. It can be seen as a key to setting your goal in motion.

2.Creating Your Studying Timetable:

The timetable is essential when studying for G.R.E. It does not matter if you are retaking the test, or if it’s your first time attempting to take G.R.E.

If it is your first time, you may have the opportunity of having several weeks more before the test than when retaking it, which will only be 21 days’ interval. No matter the time, making your timetable will help your studying, in the aspect of knowing what to study and when. After creating a studying timetable, you will use your time more efficiently, and you would stay on the right track.

3.Eat Healthily and Stay Healthy

I know it may sound off or not necessary, but without good health, studying may seem a little too much don’t you think? Do not starve yourself by focusing on only your books, and starving may result in you misunderstanding what you are studying. Also, let us not forget about having good proper hygiene (adequate diet), to be very comfortable while studying.

4.Make A Flexible Schedule

 It may seem similar to creating your studying timetable, but it is not. Making a flexible schedule involves you planning on how to turn your 24 hours into something you would be comfortable with. It can be waking up around let’s say 6 a.m., going on the routine of brushing your teeth, perhaps take a shower, but preferably you do so, then have your breakfast. Be done with all those by 7.30 a.m., then proceed to prepare for studying by 8.00 a.m. you can make your schedule to your liking and comfort. Knowing when to start studying with, how much time is it going to take you to be done with a particular part or section. Will you be able to cover all the needed part that needs to be studied? What part or section is of utmost importance?

5.Participating In Online Tutorials and Answering Past Questions

This usually comes in very useful. It prepares your brain for the upcoming G.R.E. it makes you accustomed to the nature of the test. You answer questions that will help you to both.

There are a lot more ways you can study for G.R.E on your own. Also, there are resources and books which are essential.

Some of the Free Resources Are:

  1. Free G.R.E Practice Tests.
  2. Free G.R.E Question of the Day.
  3. Free G.R.E Flashcards.

There are also Forums, Blogs, Webinars, Free G.R.E Trial courses and a lot more. Though most of the resources are free, it is not the same for the books. Here are some of the books highly recommended;

Some of the Books That Are Highly Recommended:

  1. The Princeton’s “Cracking the G.R.E”.
  2. G.R.E Prep by Magoosh
  3. Kaplan G.R.E Prep Plus.

With all these listed, you are sure to succeed in acing your test and also enjoy studying for GRE on your own because it will be flexible. Hopefully, with all these tips and free books, you find your way around the study on your own.

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