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How to Start a Cover Letter

“Cover Letters” one of the biggest question marks we usually have in our minds before applying for a job. They might not seem important always, but trust me they are the most important, hiring managers can judge a resume on the basis of a cover letter.

In a survey, it was concluded that most resumes are rejected due to its poor cover letter writing skills. Honestly, you don’t need extraordinary skills to make a cover letter. The first two sentences of your cover letter can say a lot about yourself and your resume. The hiring manager might spend more time scanning your resume if the cover letter starts attractively.

The key here is to grab the attention of the recruiter. Whenever you make your cover letter; you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd, this can be possible only if you mention the right things in your cover letter. Think about why the hiring manager should select you over other candidates, and you’ll be on the right track.

Let us have a look at some simple tips on how you should start your cover letter.

Tip #1 Be Precise

Be precise in letting the recruiter know your interest towards the job and the position you’re applying for, for example- “I am interested in the Manger’s position of XYZ Company”.

Tip #2 Mention a Reference Contact

If someone has referred to you for the job position, then you should mention it in the first two lines of your cover letter it helps to create an impact on the recruiter.

For example- “Shane D’souza has suggested me to apply for this position”.

Tip #3 Mention an Accomplishment

Showcase some accomplishment from your previous job or how you helped the company grow with the help of your outstanding performance.

Tip #4 Use Keywords

Using Keywords mentioned in the job description such as skills and other requirements can be helpful. It is advised not to overdo it and make your cover letter look as natural as you can.

Tip #5 Start with What You Can Bring to the Table.

Any employer is going to want to know why you think you can grow from the position you’re applying to. An employer is more inclined to hire you if she thinks you have a genuine, intrinsic motivation to work hard in the role. So it is important that you state your capabilities and showcase your aspirations.

Tip #6Start with Excitement for the Company.

Employers want to know why you like their company, and they’ll appreciate an explanation on why you’re interested. For instance, if you’re applying for a financial position, don’t write about your interest in finance; write about how your interest in finance related to the company’s goals.

Tip #7 Personalize Your Cover Letter

It is an important and an attractive thing to personalize your cover letter as per your job description and personal circumstances.

Use these tips to make your cover letter and you will SLAY it.

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