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How to Score 320 in GRE in 10 Days

The Graduate Record Examination, also known as GRE, is a test written for entry into graduate programs. This is a requirement, especially in the US. If you are here to find out how to score 320 in 10 days to your test, I will be honest with you. Just ten days is not a lot of time to prepare but do not worry, that is what this article is all about. I am going to tell you how to use your time to your advantage. Also, I will be adding a few suggestions of test materials you can use to obtain that score. I will do my best to keep this short because you are on the clock already. I will show you how to score 320 in GRE in 10 days.

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First things first, you have to familiarize yourself with the test and what it entails. There are three sections in the GREs, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing section. The most crucial section is the Quantitative Reasoning Section. Why? You ask, because of all the sections, the Quant section is where the easy questions are and where you can gather the most points. Yes, they are math questions, which might seem like a problem for people who do not have a good foundation in maths. But once you study them, you would realize that they are not that difficult.

In the Quant section, your knowledge in Arithmetic, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Algebra. Your aim should be 165 or more in this section.

The next section is the verbal writing section. This section is riddled with lots of tricky questions. Twisted this way and that to make you misinterpret or misunderstand the question. You would be wise to be very careful with them. Your understanding of words, their use, and conciseness of interpretation will be tested. The verbal reasoning section will test your Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Equivalence, and Text Completion abilities.

Next is the Analytical Writing Section, which has two sections: the argument essay and the issue essay. They will test your ability to defend drawn up conclusions. Here are a few course suggestions of high-quality platforms that will help meet 320 in GRE in 10 days.

Magoosh is a user-friendly online platform, tested and trusted by a lot of GRE test takers. It allows you to take three practice exams on a free trial basis. It is available on the web or mobile devices. The practise questions are customizable to your preferences. It allows you to pace the tests to your time. You are guaranteed to improve by 5 points by the time you finish. Magoosh also makes use of video lectures or texts. Since you have limited time, you can try the free trial version of this test and decide whether you want the full version later.

  • Example GRE

This is another fantastic website where you can improve your chances of scoring 320 in 10 days. This website has a feature they like to call PALgorithm – it is a patented technology that personalizes courses to fit the way you think, your level of education, and your schedule. It uses texts and animations to teach you how to solve questions quicker with real-time feedback on how to improve. This platform is only available online. You are also guaranteed attention from experts and a 7 point increment upon completion.

  • Princeton Review GRE 

The first words you will see on their website is “Maximum results, minimum time,” which is just what you need. The Princeton Review is a self-paced, live learning platform. It uses adaptive technology to simulate an actual GRE test. It tracks your progress with an intuitive dashboard that tells you how much time you spent on a section, how many questions you got wrong or right, and how to make improvements. It has a collection of additional materials and is ideal for anyone looking to pass the exams in a short amount of time. They also have some of the best GRE instructors to put you through. They go on to guarantee you a higher score upon completion or a refund on your money.

  • Kaplan

KAPLAN is unique in its methods. You get to have your instructor who interacts with you live. These instructors have experience and have tutored many students before they will give you their full attention. There are tons of practice questions and answers you can use. They also do refunds.

  • PrepScholar

This website guarantees you a 7+ point increment or your money back. Talk about confidence. It breaks down the study plan into easily digestible, bite-sized online tutorials. Study at your convenience. The course will take you from start to finish without the help of books or tutors. You will be taught every skill that will be tested on a GRE. 

Next, we need to figure out a study plan to get you ready to score 320 in GRE in 10 days. For this, to work, make out 8 to 10 hours of free time to do. Ready?

Day 1

On the first day, go on the ETS official website. There where you can download a soft copy of the ETS Official Guide for taking GRE tests. Take time to get familiar with the exam syllabus, GRE test pattern, question types, and timing on each section. Next, take a mock test and note the things you find familiar and the ones you do not understand.

Day 2

Day two will be spent on the Verbal Reasoning Section, solve practice questions, and get familiar with words and definitions you are unfamiliar with.

Day 3

On the third day, focus on the Quant Section. It is advisable to start with the arithmetic section. The questions are quite direct, but you need to practice as much you can on this section. Arithmetic and geometry make up half of the quantitative reading section. You can crown it off with practising Reading Comprehension.

Day 4

For Day 4, replace your schedule with Algebra for the Quant section. With a lot of practice, you would realize that the questions are not as hard as they seem, just tricky. For the verbal reasoning section, continue with Reading comprehension.

Day 5

On the fifth day, spend time practising Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion. You can make use of paper-based materials in these sections. They are not very difficult to comprehend. For the Quant Section, you can try out some more arithmetic questions to have a solid

Day 6

Start day 6 with a GRE Analytical Writing essay. Next, take another mock test. It is necessary to know how much progress you have made so far in the past five days of preparation.

Day 7 

So far, the Geometry section is the only section left out, so day seven will be spent practising Geometry when you have practised it to satisfaction, practice Sentence Equivalence.

Day 8

Just like the day before, you’ll be practising a lot of Geometry plus any other Quantitative Reasoning topic of your choice. It should be a topic that needs more work.

Day 9

Data analysis questions are not very difficult to grasp once you get used to them. They will become a lot easier to answer after a few practice questions. When you finish, write another Analytical Writing essay.

Day 10

Take one last mock exam, like you are taking the actual exam. To finish, revise what you have learned over the past nine days. Make sure you remember your formulas. It is also advisable to go over past questions.

If you want to score 320 in 10 days, you will have to put everything else aside and focus. When you finish, take some time out to relax, your mind and body will be exhausted. You will need to replenish yourself before the exam day.

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