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How to Register for GRE?

Do you plan to take the GRE? Do you have information on the appropriate steps to register for GRE? This article is a quick guide on how to register for GRE and also to help select a test day that tally with the application deadline of your choice schools. A minor mistake while registering for GRE might result in you not writing the exam. To avoid this, quickly go through this guide.

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The Types of GRE

The GRE is a regular standardized exam required by most graduate schools to qualify students who are seeking admission into those schools. The student’s performance will be tested to determine if such a student can thrive in the graduate school he\she is applying for. There are two types of GRE namely;

The GRE General Test

Most universities accept the GRE General Test, and a lot of students tend to opt for it. It tests a student’s Analytical Writing skills, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning abilities. It is conducted all year round, and it is left for a student to pick an exam date that is most convenient for him.

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The GRE Subject Test

The GRE Subject Test grades a student’s performance in a specific subject area. The subject areas include Math, Psychology, Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Literature, and Chemistry. It’s is usually conducted like an entrance exam, i.e. on a fixed date for everyone. You are not at liberty to choose a date that is most convenient for you. This is what is required for specialized courses.

How to Register for GRE

The procedure for your GRE registration is not rigorous. You are availed of different registration methods, but the easiest one is the online registration method. Let me briefly discuss the registration methods available to you below:

Online Registration

Online registration is the easiest way to register for your GRE. You can complete this registration through the ETS (Educational Testing Service) responsible for organizing and administering the exam. The process for online registration for GRE is explained below:

First Step: the first thing you are to do is to create an ETS Account on the ETS official website. You are to make sure that the information used in creating this account is the same as the one on the ID you will be presenting during the exam. The newly created account will allow you to move to the next step, which is choosing an exam date and a location. This account will allow you also to view your scores when they are ready.

Second Step: this is where you select the exam date that is most convenient for you, including exam location. By clicking on the Register/find test centres and dates button, available options will be presented to you in a calendar format. After selecting a date and a location, click on the Register button.

Third Step: after selecting your date and location, you will be redirected to the page where you will make payment for the GRE test fee. At this point, you should carefully cross-check your personal information, exam date, and location because once you make payment; any correction you will want to make will cost you extra charges.

You can print your acknowledgement slip after making payment, and it can also be accessed on your account dashboard.

Other Methods of Registration:

Aside from the online registration method, students can register through the following means;

  1. Registration by Mail: you are to print the registration form provided by the GRE Information and Registration Bulletin and submit it to the appropriate address along with the required fee. This form should be submitted at least three weeks before the date of your exam date. You will receive your test schedule, i.e. test time and location from a confirmation number.
  2. Registration by Phone: when you place a call to the appropriate number, a confirmation number will be given to you, and it will be reporting your exam schedule to you. Payment can be made with MasterCard, American Express, and Visa credit or debit card. This call should be made at least two business days before your chosen test day.
  3. Registration by Fax: this is similar to registration by mail. You are to print the registration form, complete it, and send it to the appropriate address along with the required fee. This form should be received at least seven days before your selected test date.

How to Register for GRE

Cancelling or Rescheduling Your GRE Registration

A student is allowed to cancel or reschedule his/her registration at any time. In order not to lose your test fee, cancellation, or rescheduling must be done four days before the test date. The procedure, payments, and refunds all vary depending on the test you want to take.

Retaking the GRE General Test

Both the paper-based GRE and the Specific Subject tests are offered three times in a year, i.e. April, September, and October.

The GRE General Test, on the other hand, can be taken once every twenty-one days and up to five times in any continuous rolling 12 month period. This is applicable even if you happen to cancel your score on a previous test.

Where a violation is not identified immediately, the ‘retaking a test policy’ still applies. Where the infringement is determined before the test, the test appointment will be cancelled, and the test fees shall be forfeited.

How to Register for GRE


In over 160 countries with more than a thousand test centres available, the GRE General Test is offered year-round as a computer-delivered test. In conclusion, knowing how to go about the registration of the GRE is very crucial. This is because it will help you determine the right time to register for either the General GRE Test or the GRE Subject Test.

This will also help you do your registration in a manner that allows you to meet up the deadline for choice schools. In locations where the General Test is not available on a computer at the test centres, the GRE General Test at home option can be provided. This guide has provided adequate information necessary for registering for your GRE. The GRE also includes accommodation for students with disabilities.

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