How to Improve Your Thinking Skills?

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How to Improve Your Thinking Skills?

Have you ever wondered how it is not possible to remember anything before the exam but yet you would be able to remember something when you start writing? Well, that is a skill that can be developed through proper analytical thinking skills. It is always important to think outside of the box, which will help you broaden your perspective on things. Thinking is nothing but connecting all the logical series of facets between the information which we gather through listening and processing.

It is not about the facts which you know; it is important how to see them, evaluate them and formulate opinions on the pertaining topic. It is easy to follow the crowd and say what people say but formulating your own opinion without any influence from external factors is very crucial in your journey for self-development.

What Are the 6 Thinking Processes?

If you think about it, this makes sense. If we had to think deliberately about every single action (such as breathing, for instance), we wouldn’t have any cognitive energy left for important stuff like D&D. It’s good that much of our thinking is automatic. Moreover, if we get into the technical aspects of thinking, there is a total of processes. Let us go one by one.

Focusing. It is important to focus on the subject which we have to listen to since there are a lot of distractions and topics which will sway us away from the stimuli which we have to concentrate on.

Remembering. The next step is to remember what you have focused on. The information should be remembered in order to go to the next step. Retrieving information is a very crucial step in the thinking process.

Organizing. It is important to organize such information which you have gathered and arrange the information in order to connect the dots effectively.

Integrating. After organizing, it is important to break down the information and connect them with the pieces of information. This will help find the relationship between the information you have.

Evaluating. After integrating all the information, the next step is to compile all the information to structure them which will help you to evaluate the said information by assessing the reasonableness with your conscience and your rationality.

Generating. The last step of thinking is to formulate opinions after evaluating the information you had.  This will help you produce new information, ideas, and perspective to see things in a different way.

How Can I Develop My Thinking Skills?

Observe and analyze. The ability to think critically is crucial to achieving success in life. People who achieve a high level of success usually take on a small set of tasks each day and do not finish massive projects in two days. They employ critical thinking in everything from planning activities to evaluating new ideas. In fact, you can use critical thought in every moment of your life. For example, you can choose which book to read next by analyzing the traits of the books you are reading.

Don’t let your brain fatigue. Another important way to increase your thinking skills is to minimize time wasters. Watching 12 hours of television per day, doing canceled projects, and chatting with friends is all just a waste of time. To get back your time, you should consider deleting your favorite apps that take up your time. If you find yourself using these apps frequently, you should ask yourself whether they are really essential. You may want to use other methods to gain valuable time. We live in a generation where there are constant distractions that will eventually help us get through the day. So this has caused us not to stimulate our thinking abilities thus making us super lazy. So remember, it is not a flex that you binge-watch a whole show on Netflix in a day. This will absolutely destroy your thinking process causing brain fatigue.

Cut out time wasters. While watching television in a day might be a good way to pass the time, other time-wasters could include spending a full day working on a project that you had canceled. Learning to minimize wasted time is the first step in improving critical thinking. Delete apps that use up your time by not being useful. You may also want to delete websites that aren’t essential. It is important to develop habits that will stimulate your brain like making music, painting, or sports. It can be something that stirs your interest but it must give some work for your brain. The age we live in will make it very difficult to cut out time-wasters since we are constantly checking our phones for likes, new posts, and distractions. This will destroy our mental working process.

Developing your critical thinking skills. It is also important for your career and personal life. You should be able to pay attention to all types of information. If you don’t, you’ll probably discard information from sources that disagree with you. For instance, a Republican manager might ignore a Democrat employee’s opinion. This shutting down information can impede the critical thinking process. Instead of shutting down information, you should seek it out. So it is important to let go of your ego and actually process what the other side of the wall is trying to say. This will help you broaden your perspective and will help you see things from different shoes. This is the reason why empathy and compassion can be a really good habit not only mentally but also for your emotional well-being.

Evaluate yourself critically. A successful person is someone who is ready to accept his mistakes and learn from them. Most of the time people who grow will always tend to have an ego that will not let them accept mistakes. This can be a very destructive habit that would eventually have a huge effect on your career as well as your personal life. This doesn’t mean being harsh or mean-spirited. It means that you should analyze your actions and behaviors carefully and break bad habits. It will also make it easier to make decisions. However, you’ll need to practice these skills in order to improve your thinking skills. A person who is constantly analyzing their actions is likely to be more successful. Think where things could go wrong and it is important to see it from the groom’s perspective.

Read. Read. Read. An active reader has a more critical mind than a passive reader. This type of reader actively digests what they’re reading. They make predictions and ask questions about the information they’re reading. In doing this, they use their analytical skills. In this way, they’re more likely to solve problems in the workplace. In a word, active readers are more aware of the world. These readers actively think critically. A person who reads a lot will gather a lot of information, perspectives from people who have vast experience in life. Moreover, it is not necessary that you should only read non-fiction. Even a fiction book will help you stimulate your thinking process. This is one of the most important ways to improve your thinking. More than watching tv shows, documentaries, and movies, you can prefer books and articles on the same topics so that it will help you improve your imaging process.

Analyze everything around you. It’s important to practice critical thinking on a regular basis. In addition to questioning others, you’ll also need to analyze what they’re saying. The process of critical analysis requires you to break down ideas step by step and analyze them logically. You can practice critical thinking by examining how you think. A person who uses critical reasoning will have the ability to find the flaw in the logic of a speaker.

Hobbies. In addition to practicing critical thinking, you should engage in activities that don’t tax your mind. For example, if you spend 12 hours a day watching television, you might want to focus on a project that you have already canceled. This will help you develop your critical thinking skills. The next step is to reduce time wastage. In a similar vein, you should also make sure to use your time wisely. Similarly, it is important to have hobbies that will improve your thinking. Musicians, sports, public speakers, or any sort of hobbies except for mindlessly scrolling down your social media accounts or watching TV will help your thinking process.

Critical thinking. When you’re thinking critically, you’ll have a better idea of how to improve your thinking skills. You should use common sense, talent, and IQ to analyze information. By practicing critical-thinking techniques, you’ll be able to improve your thinking skills in the workplace and make your ideas more creatively. You’ll also be more likely to notice opportunities. So, practice is the key to success. The more you practice, the more opportunities you’ll have.


Thus we looked into how much thinking is important for our self-development. The above steps will help you improve your cognitive ability and thinking process. Nevertheless, At the end of the day, like any skill development, you have to do a lot of practice and application. Learn from your everyday experiences.

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