How to Find Alberta Student Number?

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How to Find Alberta Student Number?

The Alberta Student Number (ASN) is the single unique identifier for all Alberta learners. It has become a very daunting task to find out the Alberta number of students since the interface of their platform can be a bit complicated. But don’t worry, I have given you a step-by-step procedure to move forward in finding your ASN number.

Alberta is a Canadian province, and Alberta education supports students, parents, teachers, and administrators from Early Childhood Services (ECS) through Grade 12. The ministry is responsible for developing curriculum, setting standards for high school education, and overseeing basic education policy and regulations. Alberta Education manages to help you find your ASN number through their platform. So without further adieu, let us get into it!

1. General Lookouts for ASN Number

The Alberta Student number is used right from kindergarten through your post-secondary studies. You can look for your ASN Number in the Alberta High School Transcripts. But you can also access them through the online Learner Registry.

There would be instances where some students would not have attended a school from Alberta. In that case, you can apply for your unique ASN number through their website.

All students receive an identification card with their name, ID number, and a photo of themselves displayed. This is one of the essential identifiers for gathering personal information. This number is permanently assigned to you, and even if you change your legal name, address or school, the ASN number will remain forever unchanged.

Another essential factor you have to consider before looking for an ASN number is that you have to differentiate between OPEN and ASN. It’s because EN is a student identification number assigned by the Ministry of Education to elementary and secondary students across the province.

2. Steps to Look for ASN Number

Before getting into the deets, it is essential to know the dates.  The First semester transcripts are available in mid-February. Likewise, second-semester transcripts are available in mid-July, and if you are looking for Summer school transcripts, they will be made available from the last week of August.

You don’t need to find your ASN number only through its online platform. You can get it from the Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement, School ID card, Report card, and in the Detailed Academic Report.

For applying for ASN universities, colleges, technical institutions, and apprenticeship programs, you have to apply through Alberta post-secondary institutions. And if you are looking for ASN for using for funding applications such as student aid, grants, Rutherford Scholarship, and bursaries, you have to apply through this link.

To get your high school online transcripts, you will need access to MyPass, which will require your ASN student number. The ASN will have a lot of benefits. Moreover, if you want to write the General Educational Development (GED) exam, you need the ASN number.

The first and foremost step is to apply online. You have to go to MyPass and get your online transcripts. Whether you want to view diploma marks, register diploma exams, or even get your printed Detailed Academic Reports (DAR), this is the platform to get yours.

Another way to find your Alberta Student Link is a self-service website for out-of-province schools and authorities to request and download a student’s digital record.


The primary purpose of the number for Alberta Education, Alberta Advanced Education, and all educational institutions is to evaluate the academic trend of the students. Moreover, it is also to improve the administrative efficiency of the Alberta education system. ASN Number will be significant to go ahead with your academic journey. I have provided steps to get your ASN number above.

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