How to Decline a Job Offer

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How to Decline a Job Offer

Looking for a job is not always as easy as it seems. You end-up applying for a trillion jobs at once and called for a couple of interviews. You find yourself all over the place making it difficult for yourself to decline a particular job which has not interested you as much. In such a case you have to put down at least one job offer to consider the best ones, the question is how do you do that?

In a scenario like this, you need to have a clear vision which in turn would help you put down a job which you’re unlikely to take up ever. Following are 3 simple steps that could help you to do this politely and professionally.

Step #1 Appreciate The Job Offer-

It is important that you appreciate the job offered to you and be thankful for the same. Even though you don’t wish to work in that company, this kind gesture would be a sign of professionalism.

Step #2 Give A Diplomatic Reason-

The reason for putting down the job could be anything from not liking the work environment to being unhappy with the pay offered. But while you address the reason for putting down a job it could be as simple as this job isn’t the perfect fit for you or with the current pay offered you wouldn’t be able to do justice to the firm.

Step #3 Stay In Touch-

If you happened to build a good, friendly relation with the hiring manager, you could suggest him/her stay in touch for future networking; this could also be a good opportunity to build your professional network.

We hope these 3 steps help you decline a job and choose the perfect one for your career.

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