How to Crack GRE in One to Three Months?

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How to Crack GRE in One to Three Months?

The GREs are quite essential and might seem daunting to read up to get good scores on it. You want to pass it in one go, but you are worried about How long to study for GRE to know how much time you have to spend on learning to be able to use your time effectively and get your desired results. There is no set duration of time to study for GRE as this varies for individuals, depending on their strengths and weaknesses. A native English language speaker with average to good qualitative skills is probably going to spend less time studying as oppose to a non-English speaker with good to intermediate qualitative skills.

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To get close to the accurate duration of time you will need to study for GRE, there are steps you need to follow, and they are listed down below:

1. Set a Score You Will Be Aiming For

You will need to look up the average GRE scores acceptable at the school you want to apply for. This information should be on the school admissions portal and in the case that it is not, you make direct inquiries to the school admissions office. When you get the average score for both the Verbal and Quantitative sections, you can then set your goal to either the exact score or you add one or two points to that and aim for it.

2. Take a Mock GRE

When you do this, you will be able to know how far or close you are to your set mark score. This mock test, an example is the ETS GRE free full-length practice test, should be timed precisely as the original will be to give you a precise idea of how you will fare on the real exam.

How Long to Study for GRE

3. Compare Your Mock Results with Your Set Score

When you get your mock result, you compare how far off your mock score is from the score you are aiming for. How many points do you actually want to get to your set score? What area is your strong point, and which size need more work?

For example, if your desired score is 315 and you got 290 on the mock exam, you need a 25 point increase and to get this, you will need about 200 hours of study time. This is obtained by calculating that you will need about 40 hours to up your score by 5 points.

4. Critically Look at How Much Time You Can Spare to Studying

It is easy to become over-enthusiastic and assign more hours that you can spare to studying, eventually resulting in you never actually using said time. To get a more accurate time to be spared for learning, you should use a planner to point out:

  • The time you spend in the school or at work
  • The time you spend on sleep (sleep is vital)
  • The average time you spend on yourself or family commitments and socialising

When you do this, you have a fair idea of how many hours you will have free to study for your GRE. You must make sure to dedicate these available hours to learning to attain your goals.

How Long to Study for GRE

5. Pick a Date for Your GRE

To make your studying time more concrete, you will need to pick an exam date. This date will be determined by knowing the deadline for application to your preferred grad school, critically looking at how much time you need to study, the number of hours per week you have to spare for studying.

When you know all this, you should be able to calculate when you can take the exam with additional time for a retake (if necessary) before the school deadline. Working around the school deadline will help you know how many hours you will need to study for, making it concrete as you will have a time frame to achieve these study hours.

6. Have a Personalised Study Schedule

After calculating the hours you will need to achieve your score goals as well as the hours you have available to spare daily, you should create a study schedule which will help you track your progress and reach your set goals as soon as possible.

You can make sure to study at the same time daily as well as set weekly and monthly targets for yourself, these targets or goals might be covering a new topic or testing your knowledge on a subject previously studied. Also, ensure you continually take practice tests as they will help know the area you have improves in as well as let you know how close you are to your target score.

While all the factors mentioned above are determinants of How long to study for GRE, they are not precisely concrete. They can be adjustable depending on your skill or previous knowledge. If you are a person that understands quickly, you might not need to spend up to the hours estimated to reach your set score.

Also, using the right study materials to practice for your GRE will help immensely in ensuring that you do not spend too many hours practising as these materials will help and make studying easy and stress-free. Ensure that you do not over-exert yourself by spending more hours than you can manage on learning, this can lead to you over-stressing your brain and not using your time ineffectively. So study in bits, rest when you can and use good quality studying materials.

How Long to Study for GRE


Studying for your GRE takes consistency and dedication, you have to have a target score, get an idea of your distance from the target score and dedicate the necessary time needed to bridge the space between your current standing and the target score.

How Long to Study for GRE 

Studying for GRE can range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on some of the factors listed above. However, when you include the time for writing mock GREs or retaking the GRE, it can be from 6 weeks to 20 weeks. This, yet, is not set in stone as the personal ability of the person can make studying time shorter or longer.

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