How to Become a Travel Agent

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How to Become a Travel Agent

Traveling the world is enjoyed by everyone, who doesn’t want to see beautiful places and explore new cultures. Today, traveling is a passion for many people and exploring new cultures has become a definite career. This is a clear indication of how the travel and tourism industry is growing so rapidly, does this also mean that job opportunities in this field has increased? Undoubtedly YES.

Like we all know, today the digital world has taken over and right from knowing a countries capital to booking an airline ticket everything is available at the tip of your fingers, this also gives us a chance to enter the digital era and explore new business opportunities. One such opportunity is an online “Travel agent.”

What skills do you need to become a travel agent?

First and for most, you need to be extremely passionate about traveling not only this you need to be well aware of the different parts of the world. No degree as such is required to be a good travel agent, your management skills and presence of mind will play a very important role in becoming a travel agent. But the question is

How can you become a travel agent?

1) Determine your specialty

It is imperative to decide as to what kind of a travel agent do you aspire to be? There are two types of travel agents that are leisure and corporate. Leisure travel consists of getaways with family, spouse, children, friends etc. whereas, corporate travel consists of business meetings and conferences and its arrangement.

It is important to choose your type and specialize in it.

2) Create a budget

Set aside money to cover essential equipment for an online business. These items include a phone, a fax machine, a website, and a computer with Internet access and a printer. Also, anticipate having to possibly pay fees for the following-

  • Training and certification
  • Registering as a business

3) Start marketing your profession

Now, it’s time to market your profession to people in and around you. You can promote your website on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. this will help you gain popularity and will help you drag in more business.

4) Get Certified

Do an online or a short-term travel and tourism course this will allow your business to look authentic and enhance your skills as a travel agent. The course can teach you various tricks of ticket booking and create holiday packages as well.

5) Customer Service

Your business can be old or new, but customer service is the key to success. Every business makes mistakes, but covering up for that mistake and making it up to the customer makes a lot of difference to the company. If you’re able to handle the customer well and give the expected service you have already retained that customer.


These are the various steps of how you can become a travel agent, we hope these steps are useful and wish you good luck.

How to Become a Travel Agent

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