How to Be a Good Student?

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How to Be a Good Student?

School and College can be a huge part of your life which will help you determine not only your career but also your qualities as a human being. The education you get there the attitudes you develop will always be ingrained for the rest of your life. So it is necessary to go through the right path. You might wonder how? You have come to the right place. In this article, I have provided some major points on how to be a good student in this generation. It is also pertinent to note that you are not meant to be a good student only if you score well in your tests; there is more than that to shape yourself to be a good student. So without further adieu, let us get into the game.

Steps to Be a Good Student

1. Growth Mindset

The first and foremost way to start your lifestyle is to have a growth mindset. It is not like we become successful in a single week or day. It requires time and effort. So having a growth mindset will help you change the way you see things in life; this will help you nurture your personality for tackling tough situations in the future. The mindset of thinking you could learn something when you give it some time, not afraid of challenges, and have the yearn for learning something new.

2. A Good Student Is Brave

Well, it is not the ’fake it until you make it or the other cliché brave behaviors which the world has taught us. A good student will be brave enough to face new challenges in life. A person who is not embarrassed by failure and who is ready to give an attempt in doing something new will always help him develop as a great student. It is important to highlight that bravery does not imply the absence of fear. Fear is natural and expected, but it must be overcome. That isn’t going to happen by accident. Modeling, instructing, and explaining are all part of the process.

3. Organized and Scheduled

I cannot stress how important this trait is for you. Being organized scheduling your work, tasks, and homework will help you go ahead with your routine. This will help you be less stressed when things get a bit challenging. It is recommended you buy a good diary or planner to organize your work. Sometimes we will forget what we have to do, and pushing it to the end will make everything so clumsy.

4. Consistency and Persistence

We are not born legends. Kobe Bryant did not become a world-class basketball player overnight; Ronaldo did not become the best football player since he was born. These are people who have consistent training and perseverance to go ahead with their goals. If you look into these legends’ routines, you will see how much hard work they do every single day to maintain that form in the game. It’s the same way for students. Whether it is sports, mathematics, music, or languages, you can learn through constant training and not giving up in the middle.

5. Dealing with Failure

Life is not a bed of roses; not everything will lead to success. Sometimes in life, we fail, that should not let it break your spirit in pursuing your goal since failure is temporary, but regret will make it permanent. As cliché as it sounds, failure is the stepping stone to success. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, feel terrible after a failure, but you can jump back and become best through constant efforts. So remember to always consider failure as a lesson and a valuable experience.

6. Setting Goals

It is very important to set goals. Not only long-term but also short-term goals. Let’s say you want to ace mathematics in the finals. But that means you have to start preparing for math right from the beginning with short-term goals to achieve the long-term goal to ace mathematics in the finals. Likewise, Goal setting directs a student’s attention away from distractions and toward specific behaviors and information.

7. A Good Student Knows How to Look After Their Mental Health

Well, there is no doubt that most of the students are stressed. According to research conducted by Princeton Review, Over half of the students said they were stressed, with homework being the leading source of stress for 25% of students. On average, teens spend one-third of their study time feeling pressured, apprehensive, or trapped. So it is always important to prioritize mental health and plan every single work accordingly. This will help you to have sane mental health, which is very important to be a good student and excel in academics.

8. A Good Relationship with Teachers

A good student will never have a fear of asking questions to their teachers. In fact, teachers appreciate students asking questions which shows that the student thinks on their own. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your teachers. The teacher-student relationship is critical to a student’s academic achievement. Students that are successful recognize their professors as allies.

9. A Good Student Will Value Education

Well, education is no joke. Spending a huge chunk of money for the school and it is vitally important to consider education as a top priority in life. We rarely persevere or struggle in life if we don’t believe something is worthwhile. As a result, when we place a high value on education, we will naturally strive for improvement and have a positive school experience.

10. Read, Read, Read

Well last but not least, you have no idea how important it is to develop the habit of reading. If you read often, it will help you nurture your brain and gather a lot of information. Overall, it will make you a smart person. It is not essential that you read only what the school provides. You can develop the practice of reading about topics that interest you, whether it’s sports, movies, or random blogs; having a reading habit is always beneficial. To enhance your reading skills quickly, set goals for yourself and verify your understanding as you read.


Before signing off, it is very important to know that the world is not perfect, and it is okay for you not to be perfect. The only thing which matters is you try and not give up. It is always important to love yourself and not to be hard on yourself. During the journey of your goals and dreams, it is important to not forget about the basic human qualities like empathy, compassion, and love to strive. If you follow the above-mentioned points, you will become a full-fledged student who will have a bright future. So aren’t you excited?

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