How to Apply for Student Visa in Canada from Philippines?

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How to Apply for Student Visa in Canada from Philippines?

Canada offers a wide choice for majoring in completing higher education. Some of the best universities are located in this scenic country; it is considered a potpourri of cultures for students from all over the globe to gain knowledge. Some of the popular majoring subjects are: 

Journalism, Engineering, Information technology, Politics, and Medicine. If you look at the global ranking among the student ratio, then Filipino students come on top three when choosing their education destination as Canada

The move by the Philippines government to align the educational system along with the Canadian principals has enabled more Filipino students to migrate to this educational hub to pursue their higher education. One of the key elements that give an upper hand to Filipino students to gain education in Canada is their ability to speak excellent English. Having exceptional English speaking quality is one of the pre-requisite to obtaining a student visa in Canada. 

1. Basic Benefits for Filipino Students While Studying on a Student Visa in Canada

Earn While Learning Filipino 

students have access to various internship programs that allow them to earn while in college. This also gives them the chance to add value to their work resume and gain significant experience of the Canadian work culture. 

Lower Tuition Fees

While compared to other developed countries like Australia, the UK, and the US, tuition fees are cheaper for in Canadian universities. One reason for this is the Canadian dollar that is considerably weaker when it comes to other countries currencies. 

Permanent Residence 

Canada’s Express Immigration system gives bonus points to students who have excellent language skills, work experience while studying, and a good academic record. Thus paving the way for Filipino students to apply for permanent residency after their. 

All-Round Education System 

Canada has some of the top universities in the world with world-class technology and modern lecturers that come from diverse backgrounds. Filipino students can learn a lot from their rich heritage and also impart their knowledge by becoming members of the student body committee. 

2. What Type of Visa is Required By Filipino Students?

Students require a study permit to attend lectures and educational institutes in Canada. 

3. How Much Time is Required for the Visa Approval?

Students require around 49 days to wait after applying for the study permit visa to Canada. They need to apply for the same within 4-5 months after gaining access to a Canadian university program. It is advisable to apply for the process early on after gaining admission to any accredited university and beginning of the desired course. 

Filipino students can apply for the visa on paper or through an online site. If they apply on paper, then this procedure can be done by visiting a visa application center in the Philippines. The student can then expect to be called for a visa interview and verification. 

They will have to submit documents and biometric proof, e.g., fingerprints for international processes and security. Once the visa is obtained, it is valid for up to the entire duration of the course and plus three months. The study permit needs to be renewed every year. Once the graduation is done, the student will need to apply for another visa to continue to stay and work. 

4. How Much Does the Study Permit Cost?

The study permit visa to Canada costs about 150 CAD. Students can pay this fee online, via bank transfer, or directly at the visa center while applying. They do not need to go through a health insurance claim while applying for the same. While at the center, there is an additional 16 CAD charged for medical examination and visa service application fee. 

  • Filipino students are exempted from creating a Restricted bank account while studying in Canada. 
  • Their language skills are on point, so they are not required to prove their English speaking ability via tests. 
  • Students will need to take a medical test before entering Canada. 
  • They need to prove their financial status and how they will sustain themselves in Canada with supporting documents on finances. 
  • They need to prove that financially they can afford 833 CAD/month if they plan to get admitted into any of the universities in Canada except the Quebec province. 
  • If they wish to study in the Quebec province, then they should be able to support 917 CAD/month through an external source or directly via their bank account


Filipino students applying for a study permit in Canada is a fair process that judges their fiscal records and personality. It is a unique opportunity to get admitted into one of the prestigious universities in Canada through this easy visa process. 

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