How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself As a Student?

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How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself As a Student?

The most important question one can answer personally is ‘tell me about yourself? This is a unique identity that one gives to the interviewer while briefing them about the endeavours that one has done through life. It is not just a casual question that needs to be answered, but it gives an added advantage to the person to present themselves in a chic manner before the panel that is reviewing them.

As a student, there may be various situations in which one must present their brave self. This could be a university interview, course introductions, induction sessions, and also introducing oneself for the first time in front of a new class or university after a transfer or as a freshman. Making a poor first impression will leave a lasting memory for the student as well as the audience. Hence we have come up with some creative ideas on how to answer this unique question with your own personal touch.

1. Why Is This Question Asked?

It is important to note the context in which this particular question is asked by the interviewing panel during any college/university admission. The panel wants to know something exceptional about your personality. They look forward to meeting the student who is more than the grades mentioned on a sheet of paper. It is expected that with this question, the conversation will run smoothly towards the next query, which can be based on the information gathered from the introduction. Even though the student aims to make the answer a formal introduction adding few pieces of personal life are commendable to put the interviewer at ease.

The interviewing panel will also be judging the leadership qualities with the answer that is given by the student. They will be interested to note which talents and qualities are beneficial for their university and how the student can use these to keep the university flag flying high.

2. What Points to Include While Answering ‘Tell Me About Yourself’?

It is imperative that the student doesn’t get sidetracked while answering this question. No one wants to know how many social media followers you have or how you spend the weekends. These are some of the baseless information that students may ignore while they introduce themselves, although it is tempting to include their popularity on social media platforms.

Keeping the information short and simple is the key; include some relevant personal information along with highlights to achieving goals in the near future.

  1. A brief on what inspired one to chose the particular school/university/college and the majoring subject
  2. Unique goals and passions that shape the personality
  3. Illustrate with personal anecdotes and stories the future goals and how extracurricular activities promote in leadership development
  4. Personal achievements apart from academics
  5. How can you fit into the school/college/university curriculum with talents and educational expertise
  6. What exceptional qualities makes one stand out from the crowd – illustrate with personal stories
  7. Put in a note of gratitude towards the panel members for the opportunity

3. How to Structure the Answer?

It is important to structure the answer in such a way that it gives an easy flow to the doubts in the minds of the interviewer.

Speak about the past with stories and experiences that have shaped the career path one intends to follow as a student. Then proceed to the present on how to create a personal space with other students and teachers to accomplish these goals. Move on to the future and answer on how one can be beneficial to the student body and be an exceptional member to bring about positive change in the school/college/university.

4. How to Prepare?

Being well prepared is always a great way to nail the interview. Students can watch mock interviews online, discuss them with their peers and family members, and do their own interviews at home. They can also prepare slides and demonstrations that represent the above tips to look presentable for the audience.


Avoid being vague and general while answering the ‘tell me about yourself’ question. Make things interesting with a unique perspective and get glowing points from the interviewers during a school/college/university presentation.

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