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How Long Does It Take to Send GRE Scores?

One of the hardest parts about taking a test or an exam is waiting for the results. If you intend to take the GRE, you may be wondering how long it takes to send GRE scores. This article outlines when and how long it takes for you to get your GRE test scores, how long it takes for your score reports to be sent to the schools in which you seek admission as well as the time frame within which you need to take the test for your scores to be sent in before the school’s deadlines.

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Modes of Taking the GRE

To begin with, the GRE can either be Computer-based or paper-based. This is very important to note because the length of time it will take for your scores to be sent is dependent on the mode with which you took the test. However, the paper-based test scores take a longer time to send than the computer-based test scores.

As a quick reminder, whether you are taking the computer-based GRE or the paper-based GRE, you will receive three GRE scores for each section of the exam. The sections consist of Analytical Writing (two essays are usually written at the beginning of the exam), Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.

1.Computer-Based GRE

Immediately after you finish the test, your unofficial GRE scores in Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning will be displayed on the computer screen. The scores are usually between 130-170. The computer asks you if you would like to report your scores, but this does not mean that these particular scores will be sent out to your desired schools.

  • Unofficial GRE Scores

These particular results are called unofficial because GRE scores are partly based on how well other students perform on the test. The official scores are released after they have been checked against other students’ scores. You must, however, know that when the official GRE scores are sent, there is little to no disparity in the score points. It is unusual for unofficial scores to be different from the official scores, and even if there is a difference, it will just be a few points. You can, therefore, rest assured that you’re Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning scores are certain. With regards to the Analytical Writing section, there is no unofficial score for it because it is partly graded by a computer and an actual examiner because it involves writing.

  • Official GRE Scores

You receive your official GRE scores in Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning between 10-15 days after you take the GRE. You will receive a mail, stating that your scores are available to be viewed on your My GRE account. It includes your final official scores of all the three test sections including the Analytical Writing section which was formerly unavailable to you earlier.

This score report includes your percentile for each section for the purpose of comparison with other students who took the GRE. It also includes your previous GRE scores (in the event that you have taken the test in the past) as well as a list of all the schools you intend to send your score reports.

  • GRE Diagnostic Service

Alongside your score reports, you will also be given access to the GRE Diagnostic Service which helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses in the GRE by giving you a description of the different types of questions which you either answered correctly or incorrectly. This comes in handy if you choose to retake the exam. It becomes available four days after your official scores are released, and it is accessible for up to 6 months after your exam date.

When Your Score Reports Will Be Sent

Upon receiving your unofficial scores at the test centre, you can choose to send your scores to up to four schools for free. You should note that this is not mandatory. However, if you decide to send your scores later, you will be required to pay $27 per score report. It can be sent through your GRE account. If you have taken the GREs multiple times, you have the freedom of choosing any of your test scores to send to your desired schools. GRE scores are valid for five years.

When Schools Get Your GRE Scores

If you decide to send your free score reports to the test centre, schools will receive them between 10-15 days after you take the GRE. If you, however, decide not to send them to the test centre, you must wait until you receive your official test scores before you send any reports. Also, if you send your score reports at a later time when you have received your official scores, the schools will receive these reports within five business days after you place the order.

2.Paper-Based GRE/GRE Subject Test

Taking the paper-based GRE or GRE Subject Test means that it will take a longer time for you to receive your scores. It takes about five weeks for you and the various schools that you have requested your score reports be sent to, to receive your test scores. Unlike the computer-based GRE, paper-based GREs have no unofficial test scores.

When your test scores are available, you will receive an e-mail notifying you to check your My GRE account. If you decide to send your score reports to schools immediately, they will arrive in about five business days after you make the order. It is important to note that GRE Subject Tests and paper-based GREs are only offered three times a year (April, September and October). This means that you have to plan ahead to ensure that your schools receive your score reports in due time.


Summarily, for the computer-based GREs, you receive your unofficial scores for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning immediately after the exam. At the same time, your official scores become available to you between 10-15 days after you take the GREs and the schools you intend to send score reports to will also receive your reports at this same time. If you take the GRE Subject Test or a paper-based GRE, it will take about five weeks for you and your intended schools to receive your official scores. Still, wondering how long does it take to send GRE scores? Now you have your answer.

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