How Accurate is Magoosh Score Predictor GRE?

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How Accurate is Magoosh Score Predictor GRE?

Magoosh is an Educational technologically advanced platform that delivers test preparations for test takers for competitive examinations such as GRE, SAT, GMAT and many others, around the world. Magoosh was established in 2011 and have shown they can be trusted over their nine years of existence and growth, as they have included several features for better preparedness and success for users of the platform.

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Now, it is a common fact that every student will love to have a heads up of what to expect as they prepare for their GRE examinations. And, if possible see the final score beforehand, and this is one of the most challenging things to do, not just because it is humanly impossible to achieve, but because tomorrow is unknown, hence the need to apply the use of a specific algorithm.

There are different methods available today for a test-takers to predict their GRE score, but how useful or close to accuracy are these methods? That is why I will be introducing you to a well-known score predictor that you might have come across but not know how it works, and even if you do, you might not believe the process. However, I will give you visible evidence of how it functions.

I am talking about the Magoosh score predictor, and this is one of the features you will find on your dashboard and over the years has shown a strong level of consistent with helping students in the prediction of their GRE score. Just as the name implies, it mainly for those who intend to take the GRE and are working towards it with diligent study and practice on the Magoosh platform to give users every help they can get to succeed.

Now let us understand what Magoosh Predictor is and how accurate it can be.

How Accurate is Magoosh Score Predictor GRE

What is Magoosh Score Predictor?

It is only appropriate that you know what Magoosh Score Predictor is, it is an online calculator that enables you to predict your GRE examination score. It uses the data stored from previous customers, and this has helped the platform build a reliable system that gives you a more accurate GRE score prediction than any other design or method of projection.

So after every GRE examination, what Magoosh does is to send a brief questionnaire to active users of the platform after they most have written their GRE examination to get feedback and ask what their final score was for the GRE. A lot of people are willing and readily available to fill the questionnaire, and the team at Magoosh go over all the replies. One after the other, they patiently compare the predicted GRE score against the actual GRE score.

So it is not surprising, as there is a very high correlation between the original GRE scores and the score gotten through their performances on Magoosh. And this correlation has been the primary reason for the GRE score predictor provided to users of the Magoosh platform, and they even go further by assessing the difficulty of the questions answered to increase the likelihood of precision.

How Accurate is Magoosh Score Predictor GRE

How Accurate is Magoosh Score Predictor?

Thousands of people have come out to ask what is the level of accuracy that comes with the Magoosh score predictor. Which is a curious question, because you should not get your hopes high and end up with sad news after that, so I will give you a run down to ascertain if the score predictor is accurate or otherwise.

The Magoosh predictor, as earlier stated, has been in existence for years and a level consistency that has seen them put together a lot of data from users of the platform to aid this score predictor. So, I took out time to carry out a quick online survey to know if indeed the predicted scores can be used as a standard to understand what the final GRE score will be.

The survey came back productive, with over 35 per cent saying they got an actual GRE to score within a range of plus three (+3) or minus three (-3) of the predicted score. Fifty-seven per cent said they got the exact predicted score by the Magoosh Score Predictor and the 8 per cent left said they were disappointed by the prediction, as there was no correlation between the predicted score and the final GRE score they had.

But, this further research made me understand that those whose predicted score, does not tally with the actual GRE final score did either of the following:

  • They relented in their effort after they have seen the score predictor gave them a high score. Hence they saw no need to keep working hard.
  • Another set of people are those who were anxious during the actual examination, and this lead to a situation whereby they could not correctly assimilate and attempt the question, hence overwhelmed by the exam.
  • Ignorant of the schedule during practise sessions with the Magoosh platform, this leads to them getting the wrong predicted score and bad actual GRE final score.

How Accurate is Magoosh Score Predictor GRE

Here is one of the so many testimonies I got from my research;

“When I used it, the score predictor on my dashboard gave a prediction of 157, and after the GRE actual score came out, I scored 159, and I was thrilled. I can boldly tell you the score predictor is accurate and gives you pure expectation. If you are asking me if you should use it? I would give you a yes, without hesitation.”

In conclusion, it is now apparent that the Magoosh Score Predictor for GRE has a high level of consistency and credibility, which makes it your go-to GRE score predictor. It is something that has been attained with diligence and by a group of a hard-working team, who are ever ready to help you make the best of your GRE. And give you a glance of what to look forward to in your actual GRE score so that I will provide the score predictor with an 80 per cent accuracy, from data gathered.

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