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High School Student Skills for Resume

As a high school student, it is imperative to make one’s resume pop because of the lack of work experience at the given age. The most common CV style preferred by employers is the chronological format that highlights the work experience and doesn’t let the skills shine. For a school student, this is not possible since they have no previous work history that can be listed chronologically. Hence, students should stick to a flowing format that gives them the chance to add all of the soft and hard skill to earn brownie points from the employer. 

1. How to Write a Functional Resume for High School Students?

  • Highlight the strengths and skills along with school activities and extracurricular events.
  • Students must add their experience with categories that match their job interests.
  • Keep the information personal and honest. 
  • Create a simple flow while presenting the resume instead of adding complicated sections.
  • Students must emphasize their educational expertise, volunteer works with different organizations, internship experience with firms or small institutions, travel history that can enhance their leadership skills, and previous experiences, if any. These transferable skills are highly important when applying for a new job without any work experience.
  • They must add their side gigs, for example – a blog that they have started, working on social projects, if they have found any book club or other activity on the local level. 
  • Mentioning international language expertise is always an added advantage.  

2. Why Is Resume Objective So Important as a High School Student?

High school students need to mention their goals and career objectives clearly while preparing an official CV. A curriculum vitae objective is essentially a three- to the four-sentence statement of skills, accomplishments, and career goals. It could also summarize the reasons the student would like to apply for the specific position. The student must also highlight how their talents can enhance the work and build a brand reputation with the clients. For example, if a student wishes to apply for the position of sales representative, then they should highlight their social skills aptitude in solving account-related queries and shine on teamwork.

3. A Correct Sentence that Significantly Catches an Employer’s Eye for the Above-Said Post Would be

A hard-working, liable high school student was looking to bring in a constructive and concerted approach in the retail field. They were focused on mathematics with a greater interest in working on the industry’s fine details. 

Following are some examples a high school student can add while applying for a job. These are divided into soft and hard skills according to the employer’s expectations. These skills are important while presenting a clear picture of personality and the knowledge combination to any employer. 

4. Soft Skills

These skills are developed through personality challenges, and some are taught through social interactions. While preparing the resume, it is important to highlight its strengths to stand out in the crowd of candidates. 

Effective Communication 

A shy student will not succeed in extracurricular activities at the high school. Hence, they need to balance their introverted personalities and become effective communicators. Each leader has an important voice held with their opponents; students need to learn how to deal with their disparate counterparts through tangible communication methods. When this skill is put on the resume, it helps recruiters to assign jobs that require active involvement and relationships with people. 

Team Spirit

A great leader cannot be achieved without the support of the rest of the group. Students must work in groups to achieve their academic and athletic goals. There will be ego conflicts and differences of opinion between team members. A skilled student will learn to navigate between the various thought processes of the teammates and win any competition or task given. This skill on the resume highlights that the student is an exceptional problem solver and can be paired with any personality to get the work done. 

Good Technological Skills 

It is important that while applying for any summer or part-time job, the recruiter will look for technological expertise. Students who have learned to code or basic computer skills have the added advantage of getting the job. Social media is booming, and the active display of their talents on the Internet may earn them instant followers. These are effective for getting placed with high-end brands as influencers. They must strive to acquire more knowledge when learning new technology-related activities at school or even in their spare time. 

Being an Energetic, Quick learner 

There are various challenges while applying for numerous jobs that test the skills of beginners. As high school students, we must adapt to change and be updated. While being in a new workplace, students must maintain an energetic personality to accomplish unique tasks. This will improve their self-education curve and add new skills to their CV. 

Being Responsible

Employers are not interested in hiring cowards or cry babies who depend on others to do their job and don’t take criticism too well. Students looking to expand their career knowledge must be open to learning new things and take criticism in their stride. They must also be mature to handle delicate situations regarding effective decision-making. They must be punctual when it comes to reporting to the workplace. Qualities like hard work and multitasking will be an advantage for any newcomer. Students are also required to follow workplace directives and instructions. Thus, adding this competency to the CV will be a formidable force in achieving the desired job.  

5. Hard Skills

These skills are knowledge-based and could be an added advantage while updating the resume. It could mean learning a new language, managing office duties, accounting, bookkeeping, and other miscellaneous activities that are beneficial while applying for a job. 

Accounts and Office Management

In general, managing the cash at the counter, tallying the daily bills with expenditure, keeping a record of the available stock, taking calls from customers, and other activities that can efficiently manage an office administration or the accounts department. These basic skills will allow the student to get jobs with various firms, department stores, and food joints. 


If whipping up delicious meals is something that a teenager enjoys, then they can put this talent to use by adding it to their CV. This would mean they can easily get employed as sous chefs with restaurants and hospitality outlets during the summer. It will also allow them to enhance their skills in kitchen management and grow their culinary skills while learning from experts. 

Project Management and Fundraising

Some students have excellent people management skills. This can be applied towards marketing a new product, working on a real estate campaign, raising funds for new projects while being employed, and managing public relations. This will not only make them an expert while dealing with different kinds of personalities but will also add experience in launching new brands and possibly funding their start-ups. 

Writing and Editing

When you have decided to make a movie or write the first novel, it is always good to start working with publication firms or a production company. Students can take up roles as editors, assistant directors, line producers and also be a part of the scriptwriting team. The same skills can be applied while joining a publication firm as an editor or ghostwriter. This will not only let them earn while they are still in school but will also enhance their writing talent. 

Event Promotion/Planning

Some students are excellent at managing crowds and setting up events for school/college. This same can be an added advantage when they join an event management company to organize local and national events. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people and display their meticulous skills in planning the whole occasion. This could mean working for a wedding planning company, catering service, celebrity management events, and corporate meetings. 


There is a pro tip for applying for a job as a student: Rearrange your skills and talents according to the job description mentioned. First of all, know your strengths and weaknesses and aim to apply for the job that suits the strong points perfectly. Make the resume your own – don’t make it sound too robotic. Customize the information you are providing the employer. Read the job posting carefully and note the skills needed to complete the tasks. Then list the skills chronologically on the resume and the work experience, accomplishments, and responsibilities. 
Ensure all the information is clear and easy to read for the employer. All the Best! 

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