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Good SAT Scores for Scholarships

Scholarships are an excellent way to reduce the financial burden on students when they would rather be admitted to an accredited university. For the most part, these scholarships are based on merit and also give preference to students from low-income backgrounds. But there are bursaries that are awarded on the basis of a high SAT score, which determines that the student’s academic record is impeccable.

Students who score high on SAT exam can be considered for scholarship programs even though their GPA score is in the average range. A good SAT score is termed as the grade that makes the student highly competitive for the universities that they choose to attend.

1. What Is SAT?

In simple terms, the SAT is a competitive college entrance exam that is conducted on an annual basis by accredited universities to assess the academic competency of the students who wish to apply for a full-time degree course. The SAT score determines the student’s entry into the university in an unbiased manner. Hence it becomes imperative to score an excellent average to gain admission into the university of choice. The SAT exam is based on skills that judge the students’ ability to solve mathematical problems score on reading and writing. Sometimes the SAT exam also includes an essay to be written on a given topic.

The time duration of the SAT exam with the essay is 3 hrs and 50 mins. If the essay section is not included, then the SAT exam can be concluded within three hours. Each SAT test was designed to test the student’s academic prowess with four sections: reading, writing and speaking, mathematics. At times, it has been observed that SAT test administrations have included experimental questions that judge the presence of the mind, leadership competencies, and quick thinking of students.

Students can participate in SAT exams multiple times; if they are dissatisfied with the final score, then they can take the test once more to improve their performance. SAT scores are valid for up to five years. It is advisable to plan the SAT test in advance and pass the examination in the spring or winter of the junior year.

2. What Is the SAT Score Range and How Is It Calculated?

The SAT exam score range on average is 400-1600 of the total score and 200-800 for each of the two sections. 200 on average is the grade for mathematical problem solving, and 800 is the average grade for solving a combination of reading and writing questions. This is also known as Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW).

A high SAT score sets an individual student apart from the rest of the students applying to the university. The total score is calculated out of 1600; this indirectly affects the percentile ranking of the student. The SAT percentile determines how well a student has scored on an average from the rest of the group taking the SAT exam. For example, if a student has scored 60th percentile score, this means he/she has scored 60% better than the rest of the students taking the exam.

SAT average or average composite rating is 1051. Most often, the SAT exam is prepared with tough questions so that the mean score does not rise above 1000 on an average point scale of 1600. It has been estimated that the average score for Math is 528 and 523 for the EBRW sections.

Records have already showcased that the normal SAT scores have been tracked to occur on a normal distribution scale. Simply put, it was noted that the average performance of the students was at the halfway point of 400 for the minimum and 1600 for the maximum. Much fewer students pass the SAT tests scoring to the top and bottom ends of the scale.

3. What Is a Good SAT Score?

It has been estimated that accredited universities/colleges have considered an SAT score of 1600 as the perfect yardstick for bright students. While the minimum score is on which their performance is being judged is around 400. To determine a good SAT score, it is important to aim for a dream university and mark off their cut-off point. It has been observed that some of the colleges base their admission procedure on ‘super score.’ This simply means the students SAT score is combined on the basis of their highest mathematical score and evidence-based reading and writing score from multiple test dates.

If a good SAT score is being calculated on the basis of universities in the United States, then we can come to the conclusion that there is no such thing since each college/university has a different cut-off percentage while admitting new students. Most universities admit students who have an SAT score of 1400 will be drastically elevated, whereas the top-20 universities have a cut-off score of 1600. Based on these average scores, a student can apply for financial aid while applying to their favored university.

4. How to Apply for Scholarships in the United States Based on SAT Scores?

Choosing a merit-based application

Students can apply for scholarships that highlight their eligibility and needs; universities and colleges offer separate online forms when it comes to filling up details for scholarships based on SAT scores on their websites. Fill more than one form if available and cross all the priority points that have been mentioned.

Aiming for a scholarship that fits

There are always various grants that are available on the college/university website. It is important to pick the one that fits the educational and economical goals; also, checking the SAT cut-off percentage before applying is a wise step. Students must avoid wasting their time on scholarships that do not align with their educational goals and favored universities.

Making a lasting impression

It is important to impress the scholarship committee by setting a good example with the SAT score while applying for the financial grant. Along with the high score acquired in the SAT exam, include an impressive resume and highlight extracurricular activities to stand out among the other student competitors.


A good SAT score that is on the average of 1400 to 1600 can guarantee financial aid to pursue higher education with any of the accredited universities in the United States. Preparing thoroughly for the SAT exam will ensure a bright future in academics and less burden on educational expenses.

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