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Good Paying Jobs for College Students

College education may be a burden for a certain unprivileged group of students who might have to depend on loans or other kind minds. These situations can be overcome by taking up small vocations, which can cover up the tuition and other expenses and savings if you are lucky. Moreover, when you earn for yourself, you start understanding the worth and value of money and the struggles taken up by your parents to support the family. Balancing between work and education can help to improve self-belief. It helps to reduce the stress of financial burden and to develop a sense of savings for the future.

It also helps to widen the critical professional skills before entering into the real job market after college. You can build upon savings for a long-term purpose, along with making you stable financially at an early age. This can help in budgeting and managing money, time and abilities. It can also help overcome the issue of debts.

There are certain things that you can be aware of before leaping into a job.

  • Try to be more flexible
  • Seek lower stress jobs
  • While seeking a job, preferably one that complements your current subject of specialization as it might be a push towards the intended career after graduation.

Here are a few best and good jobs for college students, but there are supplementary prospects that can propose the suppleness that is required by the students. Such prospects can be achieved through vivid experiences gained during the work experience.

1. Administrative Assistant

An individual who is college-going when tries to get into an administrative assistant gets the responsibilities like managing general office tasks. This includes meetings and appointment bookings, setting up meeting areas, filing documents, making business travel arrangements, and answering phone calls. They might also have to dig into certain areas to know more about it, taking down meeting minutes and transcribing them. They will also have to manage administrative duties in the absence of senior staff. Files have to be maintained along with record keeping, send and receive communications, alongside distributing memos and other letters and e-mails to employees make a significant contribution from the employer’s side. They are assured of getting an average salary of $15.48 per hour.

2. Bank Teller

The students get the chance to become bank tellers where they have to fulfill responsibilities like helping the customers with financial transactions, such as depositing, withdrawing, and transferring money, and fulfilling money orders. The students would also have to answer phones, greet customers, count cash, file deposit slips, manage ATMs, and balance numbers. They also have to deal with customer questions and apprehensions through phone, e-mail, chat, or personally. The questions may vary from doubts about products or services to asking for advice or updating customer records. The customers also have to give support during a purchase, return, or other transaction. The national salary regarded appropriate falls around $12.29 per hour.

3. App Tester

The duties of an app tester include performing tests manually and automatically on software applications to guarantee it’s functioning accurately and accordingly. Analysis of cases and tests are done along with its validation. Bugs, errors, and documentation, together with providing feedback to the development team, are also included in the responsibilities of an app tester. The average salary for an app tester is $34.31 per hour.

4. Retail Sales Associate

An individual trying to get into a part-time job as an associate in retail sales will have to stock commodities and goods, uphold display areas, welcome customers, respond to customer questions and give a hand in finding products to the clients. The students might also have to take accountability for the inventory, supervise cash registers, and record sales. The average expected salary is $11.38 per hour.

5. Telemarketer

The student who wishes to become a telemarketer will have to dial customers or receive inbound calls and implore orders for products and services. They also have to take up the responsibility of reading scripts collected by marketing teams to convince potential customers to acquire items or sign up for services on behalf of retailers and financial institutions. The national average salary is $11.98 per hour.

6. Transcriptionist

The job of a transcriptionist is to listen to live or recorded speeches or conversations and to transcribe them into readable text with proper syntax, spelling, and grammar. The recruitment may be directly from a company or from various clients who are part of the transcription service. The national average salary maybe $13.74 per hour.

7. Cashier

A cashier will get the responsibilities of receiving the payments from customers in the form of cash, credit or debit card, check or vouchers, and returning the change and receipts. They also provide refunds and credits. The money has to be counted at the start and end of every shift. The job of a cashier may be at any location or area like in a store, bookstore, boutique, campus dining hall, or retail store. The national average salary maybe $11.27 per hour.

8. Campus Library Clerk

The assistance to a librarian is what is done by a campus library clerk. They will have to do chores like categorization and shelving books, periodicals, reference materials, and other print resources. The students are also help facilitated by a campus library clerk to find things they require and to help out people in checking out books, and help answer phone and e-mail inquiries. The national average salary is $12.23 per hour.

9. Camp Counselor

The preliminary duties of a camp counselor include working at a summer camp or an after-school program. They will have to manage to schedule, emerging, and direct programs and experiences for children. Innovative skills are introduced to children, along with making certain that the children are cared for and their well-being is ensured. The student will have to create awareness about the association they are involved in work on a college campus. They might also have to create substances for flyers and posters with regard to the company’s products and services, which are to be distributed on the campus, along with sharing out samples, systematizing campus events, and other marketing activities. The product websites and other social media communities also need to be maintained by the campus representatives. The national average salary is $10.92 per hour.

10. Research Assistant

The job profile of a research assistant may be in a university, lab, or any other institution where research projects are performed. Research activities have to be carried out along with the ground working of summary of the findings, and progress reports, preparation of interview questions, and abridgment of results. They will also have to create budgets required for research. Those who are studying in related subjects may be fitting accurately for the spot. Other responsibilities include; collection and analysis of data and materials for the researchers together with aiding in the submission of research to agencies and foundations providing grants. Administering project correspondences and executing administrative tasks for research also come under the responsibilities of a research assistant. The national average salary is $16.40 per hour.

11. Brand Ambassador

The job profile of a brand ambassador preferred by college students will have to endorse a brand to augment responsiveness and sales returns. The crucial duties include creating promotion campaigns and tactics, enlightening retailers and customers on the brand’s products, presenting product commencements and other advertising dealings, and collecting consumer feedback. They also have to craft content for social media and brand websites. Several companies employ brand ambassadors in order to promote media hype and elevate product knowledge. They should also act as representatives of the brand, promoting products contained in their social circles through social media, providing product samples to retailers, carrying out product presentations, supervising and attending to customer feedback, and structuring relationships with customers and vendors. The national average salary is $17.23 per hour.

12. Social Media Community Manager

Primary duties: A social media community manager is responsible for managing an organization’s social media platforms. Their primary duties include creating content for social media posts, including captions, images, and posters, engaging with fans and followers by responding to requests and comments, tracking engagement metrics, and implementing communication strategies. The national average salary is $17.80 per hour.

13. Tutor

A tutor is a job for those who have the taste of dealing with children. Once they take up the job, they have to teach and aid students with their day-to-day activities after the normal school timings. The students who turn tutors will have to prepare a schedule to make the children accomplish academically. The routine and performance in class have to be monitored along with aid in assignments. Their difficulty areas have to be identified, and come up with approaches to help them. A tutor may also act as a traveling teacher who reaches home, school, or any other location to support the children with their academic activities. Lessons can be conducted along with help with homework and also facilitate children for approaching examinations. Virtual tutoring may also happen when students necessitate it. The national average salary is $24.11 per hour.

14. Freelance Writer

Being a writer is a testing job indeed as they have to work hard by creating content for -digital and print media. Their major responsibilities include; performing research on creating assignments, developing articles founded upon the client’s style choices and formatting needs. They will have to deal with the editorial feedbacks and which should be analyzed used for filtering the content and proofreading the work. They get the opportunity to do other works as well as they are not fixed to any company. The national average salary is $23.86 per hour.

15. Virtual Assistant

The job can be taken up as a remote job which can be done from the comfort of our home. Their responsibilities include; answering calls and messages, retorting to e-mails, setting up meetings, assembling travel arrangements, and running social media accounts. Schedules are to be managed along with issuing invoices and receipts. The national average salary is $15.85 per hour.

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