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Get the Edge with Excellent Study Habits

To begin with, let us look at the Psychological definition of the Mind. The mind is the totality of conscious and unconscious mental processes and activities. The concept of the what we have heard, seen, felt and experienced between birth to 13 years old is said to make up our essence.

We are sum total of parents, teachers, friends, and media. We come into this world with an open mind and 5% of us naturally hardwired with essential functions of being human. All systems naturally grow as they should and function automatically.

All activities we do unconsciously once learned such as brushing teeth, dressing, tie shoelaces, speak the language or multiple languages, swimming, bike ride and more. Consider how many muscle groups are in your arm: just the act of taking a drink of water is monumental.

Get the Edge with Excellent Study Habits

If you had to think now I want water,  okay there is the glass on the table, fingers now place palm around the glass and hold, okay mind now lift the glass, forearm muscles lift, elbow bend, biceps, and triceps lift shoulder cooperate open mouth, lift glass slowly drink water and be done.

Doesn’t it feel too much just to read these few lines? Begin to appreciate this magnanimous ability to be human and all the strengths you possess. The body’s innate ability to heal a cut, a broken bone and more. All this is natural as well as learning. There is a lot to be said for being grateful for all that you have. Including a beautiful, strong and perceptive mind.

You ask how is all this relevant for studying? Because when you learn to use ninety percent of your mind (Subconscious) you will gain mastery of what you read, understand and produce in reality. There are many ways to gain concentration and focus of your mind.

First, it is necessary to have the mindset of an achiever. In order to have the proper thought processes to attain your goal of learning the material is essential. Do you believe in yourself? Is the feeling of I am the best and I can do great with anything I set my mind on within you? I can get A’s is necessary to have in your mind. That gives you the drive and motivation to do your best and be your best.

One other thing this is about you and the best you that you can be. Not someone else’s definition of the best. Do this for you so that you can support yourself in a strong career. It is something that will serve you for life and help you gain all that you need and want in life. With that said, let us get into the process of learning.

Four Learning States

These brain waves can be recorded by Electro Encephalo Graph (EEG). Beta state is a normal awake state. In this state, the cycles are 15 to 26 cycles per second. This is where we spend most of our time in a day. We do, however, go into the Alpha state which is just below the conscious level, where the brain waves are in 8 to 14 cycles per second. Experience of the subconscious realm happens best in Alpha.

Underneath alpha the Theta state begins at 4 to 7 cycles per second, which is like the falling asleep, shifting into an unconscious state. Just beneath the Theta, the Delta state, the dreamless sleep state happens between 0.5 to 3 cycles per second.

Alpha is the state we need to be in the efficient learning state. If you are familiar with meditation, this is the same state. In Hypnosis, for instance, it is known as Trance. Here we are conscious but just below the conscious level where we can remain focused on our creative mind to learn, design, script, and define our goals in all areas of life. This is our theater of the mind.

Get the Edge with Excellent Study Habits

The Learning State

Find a comfortable place to sit. Spine erect. Look ahead, find a point of focus in front of your normal line of vision about 20 degrees and narrow your gaze. From that point, keeping your gaze to expand your vision both sides slowly and continue to expand the vision both sides all the way as far as you can see. Pause a second then continue the expansion within your mind behind you as if your eyes can see behind your head. Keeping your gaze there take your awareness towards the ceiling than to the floor retaining that state brings your eyes to normal position then read what you have to. You should notice a significant amount of focused concentration within you. It might take a few rounds to notice in the beginning and you will get better with practice.

In yoga, this is part of Yoga Nidra.  I heard that Swami Niranjananda Saraswati used Advance Yoga Nidra to learn foreign languages. He simply got into the state and listened to the lessons, just to inspire you to look into it. You can consider learning Trataka (Yoga for Eyes) with creates laser focus and improves your eyesight as the bonus.

Study Techniques


Prepare by getting your materials out. Know your purpose, and setting a goal for reading.

Preview the book for three minutes. Look at the back of the book read the entire description. The table of contents, preface, introduction.

Turn your book to the starting page.

Drop into the learning state be fully relaxed. Starting at the top of the page looking into the center of the text glance effortlessly the whole page and turn the page and continue along this way for the entire book or chapter you are reading.

Then close the book and look at the front of the book and visualize integrating the entire material.

Then get into the focused learning state again.

Then with awareness move your eyes steadily from left to right little faster than normal use your finger or pen as a guide if you would like. Don’t stay stuck at any word you can pause when you go back to read the second time.

Then study the material thoroughly.

A small secret, all behavior, learning, and change happen unconsciously. Therefore, learn to give instructions to your other mind consciously. That’s right… you relax your body….even your mind…you begin to absorb information in front of you like a sponge absorbs water……you are learning to understand text like never before……as you know your mind thinks in pictures….the more creative you can make your text come alive in form of a story……that is creative, imaginative…..then again it is fun it is fun now isn’t it……learning that is…..because you are becoming more brilliant every minute….as if magically your frontal lobe is expanding like the most brilliant minds on the planet……the more you absorb the more you grow…..the more you grow the more you show, that you can make a difference in this world… fact you are an inspiration for others who wish to know your secret for being calm, cool and collected in the toughest of times…..but of course your are using more of your mind in a special manner….oh boy, watch out world… comes a magnificent one indeed!………proud are the parents, proud are the teachers, impressed are the friends……most of all you are proud of you for becoming the best you that you can be…

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