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Generation Google Scholarship

Google is pleased to announce the Generation Google Scholarship to help aspiring computer scientists excel in technology and become leaders in the field. The scholarship is open to the applicants who are currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at a university for the 2021-2022 academic years.

Selected students will receive 10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or 5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada) for the 2021-2022 school year will also be invited to attend the Google Scholars’ Retreat in the summer.

Brief Description

Quick information of the scholarship is given below:

Organization Google
Educational Level Undergraduate and graduate
Subjects All
Amount 10,000 USD
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City All
Nationality USA and Canada
Country USA
Application Deadline December 10, 2021
Application Fee N/A
Requirements N/A

Who is Eligible?

To eligible, the candidates must be following all the eligibility criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at a university for the 2018-19 academic year
  • Intend to be enrolled in or accepted as a full-time student at a university in the United States or Canada for the 2019-20 academic year
  • Maintain a strong academic performance
  • Be pursuing a degree in computer science, computer engineering or a degree in a closely related technical field
  • Exemplify leadership and demonstrate a passion for improving the representation of underrepresented groups in computer science and technology

How to Apply?

Interested candiates can apply for this program through the online portal of Google. If you are interested in being a part of this opportunity, then send your application as soon as possible. Late application will lead to disqualification.


You will be asked to complete an online application which includes:

  • General background information (e.g. contact information and details about your current and intended universities)
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic transcripts from your current and prior institutions (if you have earned a prior degree)
  • One letter of reference from a professor, instructor, adviser or supervisor: submit the letter in PDF format, and note that the max file size is 32 MB.
  • Responses to five short answer essay questions
  • The five short answer essay questions below are intended to assess your academic excellence, proven leadership abilities and passion for computer science.
    • Use one document to capture all five essay questions and upload to the online application in PDF format. Please note the max file size is 7MB.
    • Name your file “FirstName_LastName_essay” i.e. “Harry_Potter_essay”.
    • Copy and paste all essay questions and write your responses underneath the question.
    • Each response to the five questions below should be 300 words or less each.
  1. How did you become interested in computer science, and what are your goals or aspirations when you think about pursuing a degree in this field? In your answer, please describe how your experiences have influenced the goals you have for yourself.
  2. Describe the most significant computer science project or research you have worked on, how you approached key technical challenges, and what you gained from the experience. It might have been a class assignment, a research project or work as an intern. If the project was team-based, specify your individual role and contributions in the project.
  3. Give them one example of how you have exhibited leadership. Explain how you were influential, what you were trying to achieve and the impact you had as a result. These need not be demonstrated through formal or traditional leadership roles. Think broadly and examine the many ways you are having an effect on the members of your technical community, your university or your broader community.
  4. As a Generation Google Scholar, you will have the opportunity to have an impact on inspiring and supporting students from underrepresented groups in the field of technology. How do you view yourself as being able to contribute towards supporting students from underrepresented groups in tech, and what ideas do you have that the community of Generation Google Scholars could do to contribute? Keep in mind that impact can happen in many ways and at different scales.
  5. What impact would receive this scholarship have on your education? Describe any circumstances affecting your need for a scholarship and what educational goals this scholarship will enable you to accomplish.


  • Selected students will receive 10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or
  • 5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada)

Application Deadline

The Application deadline is December 10, 2021.

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