Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition at University of Pittsburgh, USA

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is delighted to announce the Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition to brightest students beginning their education in fall 2019. The scholarship is open to all the U.S. students who are going to admit as a full-time freshman to Pitt-Greensburg.

Qualified students are invited to apply and participate in the competition. They are committed to welcoming the excellent students to Pitt-Greensburg where they will grow both personally and professionally working alongside our award-winning faculty, caring staff and an enthusiastic student body.

Pitt-Greensburg is committed to providing an outstanding Pitt education at an affordable cost. Pitt-Greensburg will award 3 full-tuition scholarships that will cover tuition only (in-state rate) for up to 4 years if the student meets the renewal criteria of 3.5 GPA each academic year.

Who May Eligible:

In order to be eligible, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Admitted as a full-time freshman student to Pitt-Greensburg by January 15, 2019 (Direct applicants only; option students are not eligible to apply).
  • Achieved a cumulative high school GPA of 3.8 or higher (at time of application).
  • Scored a minimum of 1250 on SAT – or – 26 on the ACT.
  • The student must be a United States citizen.
  • If the student meets those criteria, he/she is eligible to compete for a Full-Tuition Scholarship.

How to Apply for the Scholarships:

To apply for the Full-Tuition Scholarship, students must mail your materials as specified in the instructions to- Joyce Eger, the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Rossetti House 103, 150 Finoli Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601

Mail an envelope containing the following four documents:

  • Contact Information: Student’s full name, Street Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, High School, and Academic Major.
  • Essay Response: Respond in 750 words, double-spaced to the following essay prompt. Your essay response will be read and scored by two professors of English.:
    • Essay Prompt: Describe your most meaningful academic experience or intellectual achievement and explain how it would contribute to your future studies and goals at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. You might talk about your work in a specific class that challenged you, an academic or learning project or activity you’re most proud of, etc. Be specific and give examples of your experience/achievement and how it will carry over into your liberal arts college career.
  • Resume: Includes a resume detailing any community involvement/extracurriculars that you would like the Admissions department to know about.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Include two letters of recommendation. Recommendations must come from adults who are not related to you and must address the questions listed below. Each letter of recommendation must be in a sealed envelope with a signature across the seal. Your references must provide the following in their letters of recommendation for you:
    • Contact Information: Full name, Scholarship applicant name, Relationship to the applicant, Title/Position, Phone number, Company/Affiliated Organization, Mailing Address, Is this academic or personal recommendation?
    • Reference Questions Letters of recommendation must address the following questions: – Why do you feel the applicant is deserving of a Full-Tuition Scholarship at Pitt-Greensburg? – How do you feel the applicant can contribute to the Pitt-Greensburg campus community?


  • Pitt-Greensburg will award 3 full-tuition scholarships to freshmen students beginning their education in fall 2019.
  • The award will cover tuition only (in-state rate) for up to 4 years if the student meets the renewal criteria of 3.5 GPA each academic year.
  • This prestigious scholarship has a value of over $50,000.

Application Deadline:

The envelope must be postmarked by 5 pm January 22, 2019, at the latest for your application to receive consideration.

  • Finalists will be selected based on the application and essay and invited to participate in an on-campus interview event on February 2, 2019.
  • Finalists must be physically present for the interview portion. Finalists will be notified no later than January 28, 2019.
  • Winners will be notified by the end of February 2019.

Apply Now

If you have any questions, contact Joyce Eger at 412-295-3930 or jfe99@pitt.edu