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Foundation D’Entreprise Beneteau Competition “The Power Catamaran”

The Beneteau Foundation is offering a Student Design Competition for a power catamaran to promote and encourage innovation in the world of boating and housing, for the eighth consecutive year. The competition is open for students enrolled at a European school of architecture, engineering, design, art or attending a university course in a relevant area.

Who May Eligible:

To eligible, the candidates must be following all the eligibility criteria:

  • This competition is open to students who, as of 1 January 2018, are enrolled at an architecture, engineering, design or art school or attending a university course that is relevant to the stated objective (the registered office of which is in a Member State of the European Community)
  • Who are individuals aged sixteen (16) years or over (minors must provide evidence of permission from their legal guardian)

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

To participate, the applicants must complete the registration form and send it along with a copy of a valid student card by e-mail to


  • Only one entry per person (same name, same address) is permitted throughout the entire duration of the competition.
  • Candidates must provide a photocopy of their valid student card.
  • Any fraud or attempted fraud in this competition will lead to the participant being disqualified.
  • Students may enter individually or in teams.
  • If they enter as a team, they must appoint a team leader who will be the sole point of contact for Foundation d’entreprise Bénéteau.
  • The leader will be responsible for sending the registration forms and copies of student cards of all its team members.
  • The team name will be the name of the team leader.
  • In order to encourage creativity, the only limit is the size of the catamaran:
    • a maximum overall length of 36 feet (11m) and
    • a maximum overall width of 14 feet (4.30m)
  • A single PDF, in French or English, in A3 format, in the form of a booklet not exceeding 15 Mb containing at least:
    • a written presentation of the overall concept along with sketches
    • a description of the layout
    • a plan showing the layout of the deck to a scale of 1:50
    • a plan showing the layout of the saloon to a scale of 1:50
    • a plan showing the layout of the hulls to a scale of 1:50
    • a longitudinal section to a scale of 1:50
    • a cross-section to a scale of 1:50
    • Two perspective views.


  • The competition prizes are as follows:
    • First prize: a cheque for six thousand (6,000) Euros
    • Second prize: a cheque for four thousand (4,000) Euros
    • Third prize: a cheque for two thousand (2,000) Euros.
  • Winners will be invited to an award ceremony.

Application Deadline:

The registration form should be fulfilled and sent before October 14, 2018.

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Indu Singh

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